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February 18, 2019
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snowqueen Bingo Player Profile

no image Username: snowqueen send private message
Interests: Life, My Family, Music, Computer Games, Cars, Bikes, Boys, Sex, and FOOD.
Location: Georgetown, Guyana
About: I like to party, chill and meet new ppl. I'm not perfect, I'm not pure but I'm for real. I'm always up for a challenge. Most 'o ma friends says I'm a selfish lil bitch, which is totally not true. I'm mostly myself most 'o the times and when I'm not myself, I'm usually someone else ...It's like I can be more than one person at the same time, but jus' love being myself, well I would be honest I do think I'm kinda crazy, but who Isn't. Well i guess u will have to judge for urself.
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January 01 1970

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