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Free Bingo For Fun!

Bingo for charity and prestige.
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Free Bingo For Fun

Thank you to everyone who have fed me excellent feedback, bug reports and feature ideas. Now that I have created two bingo streams. There is still a big question of what to do with these points that you will be acquiring. Stay tuned. I am open to suggestions


June 22 2010:
Note that while the for fun bingo tournament has merged with the cash tournament - you can donate your winnings to charity and continue to play bingo for fun and prestige. After you win, go to the cash prize claims page and choose charity as your payout method.

March 11:
NOTE: Now that the two tournaments are merged you are required to play by the cash bingo tournament rules.
- DO NOT play in multiple rooms simultaneously
- DO NOT play in the same room with multiple browser windows
- DO NOT play with more than one account during the same cash tournament - HAVE FUN! Treat other players with the dignity that they deserve and you will always be welcome.

Octover 7:
The cash prize tournament is more popular and many players get confused by the two different tournaments. So the button will now link directly to the free bingo for cash tournament. If you don't want to recieve cash prizes, you can donate your winnings to charity on the prize claims page. Please let me know if you have any concerns or objections.

September 6:
Multiple window play is still allowed in the free bingo tournament.

August 7:
I'm aware that some accounts are unable to reset their points in the free bingo tournament. Feel free to email me if you run out of points and would like to have them reset.

July 20:
I have purchased a second license of the bing tournament so you now have the choice of playing in the cash tournament or the for fun stream for points and prestige. You are welcome to play in both, but please refrain from playing in both at the same time as it will likely cause confusion on the other networks. I am still investigating some glitches that have been reported. Please let me know if you are having problems with getting disconnected or winning a bingo without getting the points awarded to you.

Please feel free to send feedback to

There is no better site to play free bingo for fun.
Always free! No Popups! No Credit Card! No Spam!

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