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Main Page featuring the condensed version of our bingo site comparison chart, online member summary, horoscopes and bingo news.

Free Bingo For Cash
Free daily bingo tournament against players from other Bingo sites for cash prizes. No Popups!

Free Bingo For Fun
Free ongoing bingo tournament for fun and points. No Popups!

Cash Prize Instructions
Instructions for setting your contact information to insure that you will recieve any cash prizes that you qualify for.

Cash Prize Claims<
Logged in players can claim their free cash bingo prizes. Skill testing question is required.

Compare Bingo Sites
Bingo sites ranked by rating, bingo bonus, game type, currency, popularity, language, reviews, comments and more.

Bingo Buddy Management
Manage your bingo friend list.
Bingo Friends Online
Your online bingo buddies and what they are doing.
Bingo Friends Offline
Your offline bingo buddies.
All Bingo Friends
All of your bingo friends.
Invite Bingo Friends
Invite your friends to join you at Bingo Advantage so that you can meet here and coordinate where you play.
Bingo Player Directory
This is like the white pages of bingo players. Track down your favourite bingo roomies or list yourself so that others can find you.
Edit Player Profile
Here you can change your profile details including sponsoring your favourite sites, uploading your user photo, sharing general information and contact details with your friends.

Bingo Articles
Informative bingo articles and news feeds.
5 Things You Should Know About Bingo Bonuses
Bingo bonuses are a scam with positive side effects. Read this week's feature article to find out 5 things everyone should know about bingo bonuses. This article includes a calculator that allows you to calculate the actual benefit that you gain from your bingo bonus.
Bingo Chat Acronyms
Definitive list of common bingo acronyms.
Bingo History
Short article summarizing the history of Bingo.
Bingo Glossary
Dictionary of common bingo terms.

Bingo Forum
Bingo Advantage message board.


General Discussion
Anything goes. Does not have to be about bingo. No spam.
You need to see this!
If it is startling, wierd, important or just plain hilarious this is the place to post it.
Introduce yourself to the forum.

Bingo / Bingo Sites

Bingo Bonus
Special promotions bingo, and non-bingo for Advantage members.
Hot Tips
Share your strategies to maximize your bingo dollars. No Spam or Links please.
Bingo Site Discussion
Discussion of various bingo sites on Bingo Advantage. No Ads or Affiliate links please.
Here is your chance to expose bingo sites that behave badly. (spam, deception, difficult payouts)

Bingo Advantage

Bingo Advantage news and announcements.
Requests and Questions
Post your questions, comments or suggestions for bingoadvantage here.

Bingo Guide
Categorized guidebook resource to online bingo sites.

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New Bingo Sites
Description of the latest bingo sites.

Bingo "Free Rolls"
Description of free promotional bingo games - sometimes with jackpots worth $1000s of dollars.

Bingo Tools and Fun
Online Bingo Caller Run your own bingo game and let our free online random bingo caller call the balls for you.
Free Online Games


Bubble Trouble | Cosmic Defender | Flash Man | Ice Breakout | Arkanoid | Smashing | Pong | Battleships


Arcade Lines | Blooming Gardens | Rainbow Web | Crash Down | Cube Buster | Da'Numba | Topsy Turvey


Twiddle Stix | Zed | Blob Farm | Freaky Fun | Pharaohs Tomb | Roman Rumble


Gaming Club Slots | Lucky Nugget Slots | River Belle Slots | Super 7 Slots | Cowboy Slots

Word Games

Wordo | Letters


White House Joust | Presidential Boxing | Bush Shootout | Dancing Bush | Dancing Kerry | Dancing Hillary
Bingo Blog
Bingo Advantage news and announcements journal.

External Links
Other bingo or related sites you might want to check out.

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Popular Bingo Site Comparisons
Bingo Rating
(Default) Bingo sites organized by player rating.
Free Trial
Popular! Ordered by player rating, but only displays sites that offer a free pre-deposit bonus.
Most Visited
Bingo sites organized by how many of our visitors have clicked visited the site. This favors sites who have been listed longer over newer sites.
High Deposit Ratio
Bingo sites ordered by player rating, but only lists sites with a high deposit ratio.
Large Deposit Bonuses
Bingo sites ordered by player rating, but only lists sites with large deposit bonuses for all deposits.
Espa´┐Żol (Spanish) Bingo Sites
Bingo sites with spanish language option.
Bingo Tournaments
Sites featuring daily bingo tournaments.
British Sterling
Bingo sites with GBP funding option.
Canadian Currency
Bingo sites with Canadian funding option.
Other Options
US Currency | Sites with slots | Frequent jackpots over 10k | New Sites | Unrated Sites | 1 Cent Cards | 5 Cent Cards | 10 Cent Cards | $10+ Cards | 3D Environments | 2D Environments

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