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New Bingo Sites For 2005

Bingo Cabin

When : December 2005
Software: LeapFrog (3D)
Promotion: $5 Free
Officially released in 2004, is hardly new but I think it will be new to many Bingo Advantage users. This site has picked up a lot of interest in recent months because of ongoing improvement to the promotions offered to players.
The Leapfrog interface will be familiar to Ladies Bingo, Bingo Liner and Geisha Bingo players. One of the popular features of these sites is the ability to meet friends on the site and sit at a table together and have a localized chat session. These are the types of elements that the 3D interface affords.
Click Here to Try Bingo Cabin With $5 Free

Bingo Suite

When : January 2006
Software: Bingo Room Network
Promotion: $10 Free
Bingo Suite is one of the newest bingo sites on the Bingo Room network platform (like Bingo Room and Big Betty Bingo.) Because of the energetic chat, I think that the playing atmosphere is among the best on these sites. Unlike many other sites, the chat isn't dominated by chat games, rather it is full of the hilarious antics of certain zany BRN regulars.
You get $10 free credit which you can play in the general play room. The cheap cards and $1 card streams are off limits until you deposit which helps to keep the the winnings from getting watered down -- which is what you want when you are paying for your cards.
When it comes to BRN.. you are playing on the same network with most of these sites -- however, I happen to like purple, so this is the BRN site for me.
Click Here to Try Bingo Suite With $10 Free Credit

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