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September 26, 2021
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Cowboy Slots by CherryCasino [zoom]
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Haawrr!! Play Cowboy Slots for Free!
Warning : This particular free game does come with an infrequent nag screen that asks you if you would like to play for cash at Cherry Casino.
- click on "SINGLE LINE" to select lines, rapidly for multiple
- or click on "ALL LINES" to select all, each time you click "ALL LINES" you increase your bet
- then click "Spin"
- or click "Max Bet" to make the maximum bet of 90 credits (divided by the number of lines) and spin
- click "Clear Bets" if you wish to change your lines and bets
item2 in row345
Cash Piles5x100x500x10 000x
Coins-50x250x2 500x
Horse Shoes-20x50x250x
Sherrif Badges-10x50x250x
Pistols3 Pistols In Bet Earn A Shootout! *further notes below
Shootout : When you get a shootout you will see a gang of baddies. One of them is the boss (the rest are worth up to 2000 credits.) If you hit the boss the gang will run and you can loot the hideout, but you only have time to loot one treasure before the rest of the baddies catch up. Pick carefully, you can win up to 50 0000 credits here.
Your virtual cash balance is in the "Cash: " box. If you are above $5k you are ahead congratulations.
The amount won on the last spin is indicated in the "Win: " box.

This is a play for fun Cowboy slot machine. You can play this and other slots games with real cash at CherryCasino.

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