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What you do on the internet?

06-May-06 14:20:11 Bookmark and Share

What you do on the internet?
I like to play online games, such:
Bingo and casino games.
MMORPG's(Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games)
Web design and programming
Web hosting
Forum posting.
What doy ou do on the internet?

posted by Jacer17 in General

06-May-06 20:29:25 |

I usually talk to friends on aim, go on ebaumsworld and go on forums and stuff. Not a big gamer though, except bingo.

posted by Biggie

07-May-06 09:14:01 |

I play a lot of games, ranging from board games, to video games. I also am in school, so I do some of my school work on my computer.

posted by Duality

17-May-06 10:57:50 |

I used to do all sorts on the internet.

I used to make flash cartoons, I would chat with friends, play online games, etc etc...

Now as I work online all day anyway, I can't be bothered sitting in front of the computer screen when I get home anymore!

Now my favourites list composes of just (cos i work there), and and that's about it!


posted by FreeBingoUK

03-Jun-06 21:40:58 |

Hey FBU, we have something in common sort of. I watch internet cartoons lol. You have any links?

I do something different everytime I'm online -- mostly email, banking and games like bingo or tetris I guess.

posted by simpsonsrule

05-Jun-06 05:27:14 |

The website that I used to go to all the time was

Every day new people upload their flash animations, and you give them a vote. If they are crap they get kicked off the site, if they are good, they stay.

It was a long time ago for me, but my animations are still on their server. If you log on, you can search for animations by title or author.

If you type in 'proteinshake' under author, you will see my profile and my 3 animations I did. The A-team one was my very first, and the predator one was my best. Don't bother looking at the other one, unless you are a fan of Billy Connolly.

Let me know what you think! LOL

posted by FreeBingoUK

16-Jun-06 10:38:13 |

Wayne !!!! That's fantanstic work !!! You're quite talented ! :smt023

[color=blue:7e35039fa1] A-team[/color:7e35039fa1] was cool....shall I call you " hannibal " ? ROFLOLOLOL

[color=blue:7e35039fa1]Predator[/color:7e35039fa1]...well, it was great, very actually scared the shi* outta me !!! I almost cried for poor Alf though. :shock:

[color=blue:7e35039fa1]D-I-V-O-R-C-E[/color:7e35039fa1] was hilarious !!! :smt005 Happy I watched that last, LOL I dunno about a quarantine...I'm from the south, we are right good country folks...but i think we would have just got the the worm infested, biting ....QUEER MUTT !

You displayed great stuff, very imaginitative. The animations were very real. Thanks for sharing that with us !! Too Cool !

Byeeeeeee for now !!! :) ~Taylor~

posted by taylor4bingo

16-Jun-06 10:56:23 |

:lol: LOL - I'm pleased you liked them! To be honest, if I sat down to do an animation now I wouldn't know how! It's funny how you forget how to do some things if you don't keep up with it. It ain't like riding a bike!

Thanks Taylor! :D

posted by FreeBingoUK

21-Jun-06 10:32:49 |

I cant watch the movies -- popup blockers. Even when I told it to temporarily allow popups it still seems to block them. :?

posted by teacher99

21-Jun-06 11:27:21 |

Aww, you should just turn your pop-up blocker for a little while, they're worth a watch! :D

Hee hee, I'm well pleased you peeps want to see my little ol' animations!

I feel like doing some new ones now! LOL 8)

posted by FreeBingoUK

10-Jul-06 01:12:13 |

[i:e424739fa8]Hiya Wayne,
Well I say you should do some more animations for the world to enjoy...they were fantastic !!

I wanted to ask you...... are we US bingo peeps eligible for the prize drawings at FreeBingoUK now ? Hope so, cause I want me a T-shirt, LOL !!! :P
I've had some things going on lately, and all my online time is devoted to my job.
I checked in to play a few times late tonite, and the site is amazing, and it has grown by leaps and bounds...I have luuuuvvvvvv the USA room !!! Thank - you soooo much!!! :smt023

It's great , best wishes to ya.[/i:e424739fa8]

posted by taylor4bingo

10-Jul-06 05:30:48 |

At the moment, only UK-based players are eligible to win prizes, including the FreeBingo T-Shirts.

However, we are planning to launch an international version of the site where you would be eligible to win. This is part of the reason why we opened a USA 75 ball room so we can get a little practice of running this type of bingo game.

We don't have a specific date set for this new site, but you can pre-register your interest if you haven't already done so by visiting this webpage:

If you enter your name and email address, we will contact you nearer the official launch date. We may even invite you to help us test the new site before it goes live!

I'm pleased you like our new USA room, the site is growing and growing it is really great fun! Hope to see you online soon in one of our chat rooms.

posted by FreeBingoUK

17-Jul-06 19:33:20 |

On the internet I send emails, do buisness, post on forum and do a little bettting.
I also do a lot of searching.

posted by ebittner

15-Jun-07 12:37:02 |

Well I guess this has been a long time coming, but Taylor4Bingo I can finally reveal we NOW HAVE A FREEBINGO SITE FOR INTERNATIONAL PLAYERS!!

Woohooo!!!! LOL :-D :-D

After months of planning and preparation we are now very pleased to announce that as of 10.00am on Saturday 16th June the new will officially be live.

Amongst the excitement and entertainment, the new site will feature:

• Lines-and-Corners-only room
• Patterns Room
• 90 ball UK Bingo Room
• Theme rooms (to come)
• Monthly prize draw
• Chat Managers and chat room games

And all of it TOTALLY FREE !!!!

It's doubling my workload... I think I can manage it! Stress this way please! LOL.

Hope you like it!

Oh yes, the link is (i almost forgot LOL)

posted by FreeBingoUK

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