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06-May-06 14:15:57 Bookmark and Share

Some of my hobbies I like to do are:
[*:fd32f27b6d]Web Design
I like to make web sites and work on them
I like to program various programs for various duties
[*:fd32f27b6d]GFX Design
I like to make graphics in photoshop and edit pictures
[*:fd32f27b6d]Computer hardware
I liket o play around inside computer towers and custom make computers

What are some things you do for hobbies?

posted by Jacer17 in General

06-May-06 20:30:28 |

I like playing poker basketball and of course listen to music. Is listening to music a hobby though, i sure do it a lot.

posted by Biggie

07-May-06 09:28:37 |

My hobbies include posting on forums, building computers, excercising, playing games, and more.

posted by Duality

08-May-06 12:10:54 |

Besides bingo, I'm kind of getting into yoga. :D

Don't knock it until you try it! :smt051

posted by teacher99

17-May-06 11:02:56 |

I love playing 5 a side football (soccer)
I love watching documentaries like an old man, LOL, such as...American Chopper, Anything with David Attenborough in, the Apprentice, etc...
I love sleeping. I used to hate it, but I get tired now sat in front of PC all day.Mmmm, got a lovely new king size bed this week too...sleeping is a good hobby to have.

I'm kind of fleeting when it comes to hobbies, I lose interest quickly. I once taught myself how to do flash animations, made a few, then stopped completely as I moved onto something else! Only permanent hobbies are football and going down the pub. lol

posted by FreeBingoUK

03-Jun-06 21:36:37 |

What kind of Yoga?

posted by simpsonsrule

10-Jun-06 01:03:38 |

Bingo is # 1 hobby of course, love chatting to my online friends, on yahoo messenger, I take my youngest to the park and feed the ducks 2 times a is soooooo relaxing.

I love to garden, but I'm in Georgia, it's so Hot right now.


I would love to see yall at the bingohall...check out my " about me" page.


posted by taylor4bingo

11-Jun-06 15:25:43 |

Nice looking page Taylor4Bingo. How often do you play? I just play the big jackpots sometimes.

posted by simpsonsrule

11-Jun-06 15:51:07 |

You name it I love it lol
You name it I love it lol
Hey Taylor your a cuttie lol I'm a Big Flirt too
Hey check me out in Yahoo it's All Me


posted by BingoT

11-Jun-06 19:58:23 |

Hi & Thanks everyone for warm welcome !! I stay busy most days, I'm a Bingo Chat Host at a major pay site. I absolutely love my job !!

Oh wow...did i say thanks for the compliments on my webpage ? I did that all in about 3 hours !! :shock: I couldn't believe it myself, I work many hours as a host, it is my passion. I have made soooo many friends from all over the globe.

I am really liking this forum at Bingo Advantage.
( call me a newbie in the affiliate world )...I have just begun.
But I can chat a whole LOT ! ROFL !!! :smt005

Hi Simpsonsrule ! Great to meet you, As for Bingo...I play TOO MUCH !!! I am always playing some form of Bingo everyday. If I'm broke, I play the free sites. ( BingoAdvantage tourney is cool) and FreeBingoUK is fun if you enjoy 90 ball.
If I got the money....I play on 2 major pay sites.

Now...I cheer on the crowd, and the roomies, and I am happy when they are winning, cuz it's not always about the money....know what i mean ?

Awwww...ty for sweet compliment BingoT, nice to meet you too,

May add you to messenger soon, rofl....still debating.

P.S. My roomies call me " Tay " , it's much shorter, and I'm sorry this post was soooo Long.

:smt024 Back to work....speak soon .

posted by taylor4bingo

11-Jun-06 20:08:13 |

Hi there Wayne, at FreeBingoUK !! I been playing there since the site opened ! It's great, ( high ) scores unfortunately never got me a winner in the monthly draw, ...cause I buy the whole lot of tickets...ROFL (typical gambler ) then it's gone.

but I ain't givin up!! I want a FreeBingoUK T-shirt !! :smt023

Love the site, Love the 90 ball, and Love the players.
( I think I already posted on the forum there.) " HeartofGold" is my alias there.

Love the rooms !!! WTG England Cup room !! awesome !!!

Take care now, and cya soon :)

posted by taylor4bingo

12-Jun-06 05:40:36 |

Hey Taylor - I just checked your FreeBingo profile!

You really have been playing with us from the very beginning!! Nice one!

Hey, as you are over in the US of A, you may be interested to know that in a few months we will be launching an international version of the site.

This would mean you are eligible to win the prizes in our Monthly Prize Draw.

You can pre-register your interest by visiting [url=][/url] and we will contact you close to the official launch date!


posted by FreeBingoUK

12-Jun-06 09:44:18 |

Okay !! All set, I have pre-registered with the international site. Thanks Wayne, look forward to the launch later on.

Thanks for the info, and reply. :) ( I didn't even realize I wasn't eligible for prize drawings. ) OOOOPS !!

Best wishes.

~ taylor ~

posted by taylor4bingo

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