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hello! to everyone, glad to meet you all!

30-Mar-06 20:05:36 Bookmark and Share

hello! to everyone, glad to meet you all!
hello everybody!

it take me time to read all the topics, well english is not my first langage, better the third!!

:oops: :oops:

So please, help me understand the all thing about bingo advantage! :roll: :wink: :wink:

thank you all and forgive me my faults (? :roll: ) in english!
As we say here, " I am only a human being" (je ne suis qu'un être humain)

frency hello!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

posted by mouche in Introductions

30-Mar-06 22:52:16 |

Bonjour Mouche,

Your english is not bad considering that you are only human. :)

Welcome to Bingo Advantage -- glad to have you on board!

I'm trying to make bingo advantage have a little something for everyone with any kind of interest in Bingo.

But bingo isn't everything, so you can post about anything on the forums.

Is bingo popular in France?

posted by bingoadvantage

31-Mar-06 15:54:06 |

Thenk you for your welcome!! :oops: :D

Well, in France we have a game, similar to bingo, named "loto", based on the same system, but the cards are differents. 15 numbers on each card , 5 per line.

the winner is the one who have one line, two lines or three,(depend the challenge). But the winner have things, not money (rarely). you can win fridge, wine, also, things to eat, things for the garden, .....well you see, it's a bit different! :wink: :D :D

posted by mouche

08-May-06 11:13:13 |

sounds fun :D

posted by teacher99

03-Jun-06 21:49:18 |

Welcome aboard mouche. Dare I ask what your name means?

posted by simpsonsrule

04-Jun-06 05:22:41 |

Hello simpson!! :D :D
thank you for warm welcome! :wink:

Mouche means a fly, in french!!
A little name I have since I was 5 years old!!

Does homer have arule for that? :lol: :lol:

Good to be here, thank you again! :wink: ;-)

posted by mouche

09-Jun-06 16:16:36 |

Hi mouche, nice to meet you, I have just joined also far not made many posts, or friends yet :( I am just learning , but it's nice to have a warm welcome.

I hope to very soon, have a great day .


posted by taylor4bingo

11-Jun-06 15:36:49 |

LOLZZ!! :smt040 You must have been very active to earn that nickname.

posted by simpsonsrule

11-Jun-06 16:07:37 |

Hello Mouche (Salut)
Hello Mouche (Salut)
And Ca va?

posted by BingoT

13-Jun-06 07:48:00 |

Salut Tom (hello)!!

oui, ça va, merci! :D :D
don't have many friends either, but I don't dispair!!
not winning much but, it's just for fun, no? :lol: :lol:

I "win" my nickname by teasing a lot when I was a little kid! So it stucks at me like glu :lol: :lol:

hello Taylor , nice to meet you!!


posted by mouche

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