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Bingo Hall $5000 Free Roll

30-Mar-06 11:34:35 Bookmark and Share

Bingo Hall $5000 Free Roll
I know several of my players are Bingo Hall fans, so I want to bring this news to their attention. If you are a bingo hall player, don't miss this.

It isn't exclusive to Bingo Advantage players, but this is one of the best bingo promotions that I have seen in awhile.

Any player that deposits $50 on Bingo Hall in March is invited to a special VIP free roll stream on Bingo Hall in April.

Details here :
Free Bingo Events

Basically there is 2 hours of normal coverall games with prizes totalling $7000, then there is 30 minutes of free games punctuated with a giant $5000 free roll. The best thing about having such a huge prize in a free roll game is that everyone has the same chance to win.

click here for Bingo Hall

07-May-06 09:37:20 |

So the winner gets $5000? That is pretty cool! This must be a pretty big promotion to spend $5000 on it.

posted by Duality

07-May-06 12:25:23 |

Happened in April. Yeah that is one of the best promotions that I've seen seen on on a bingo site.

posted by bingoadvantage

08-May-06 07:58:54 |

Oh, it happened in April. I was actually going to try and enter in the Roll, to see if I could win. Aw well, next time.

posted by Duality

08-May-06 10:47:16 |

I always find them here


Most of them are sort of reward games for existing players, but I think Bingos has ones that are open to anyone. Nothing special happening right now, but sometimes there are some good ones.

posted by teacher99

08-May-06 10:52:34 |

Thanks Teacher =)

posted by bingoadvantage

17-Jul-06 19:27:47 |

That is a really good offer. I hope that it is still going or atleaset something is going on i am going to go and check it now.

posted by ebittner

04-Sep-06 13:15:42 |

Do you not think you were wrong?:X:X

posted by pump28

25-Jan-16 01:59:26 |

Thanks..good offer.

I feel lucky to catch this offer.



posted by Christin30

01-Nov-21 12:32:28 |


posted by lxbfYeaa

01-Nov-21 12:32:37 |


posted by lxbfYeaa

01-Nov-21 12:32:48 |

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posted by lxbfYeaa

01-Nov-21 12:32:58 |

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posted by lxbfYeaa

01-Nov-21 12:33:11 |

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posted by lxbfYeaa

01-Nov-21 12:35:02 |

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posted by lxbfYeaa

01-Nov-21 12:35:25 |

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posted by lxbfYeaa

01-Nov-21 12:38:10 |

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posted by lxbfYeaa

01-Nov-21 12:39:33 |

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posted by lxbfYeaa

01-Nov-21 12:40:00 |


posted by lxbfYeaa

01-Nov-21 12:40:31 |


posted by lxbfYeaa

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