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Bingo Winners 2013

18-Jul-13 09:42:33 Bookmark and Share

Bingo Winners 2013

This will be the new Bingo Winners Thread as of July 18 2013.

posted by bingoadvantage in News

18-Jul-13 14:11:11 |

ty for doing this chris will make it much easier for us to report winnners etc from a fresh link..


posted by FourSeasonQueen

18-Jul-13 14:11:16 |

ty for doing this chris will make it much easier for us to report winnners etc from a fresh link..


posted by FourSeasonQueen

20-Jul-13 14:15:46 |

friday july 19 2013


350,000 points:  niner9r

450,000 points:  ginwin12

550,000 points:  ginwin12

750,000 points:  busser

750,000 points:  nitida

$5 and 250,000 points:  leilamae

$5 and 250,000 points:  fourseasonqueen

$10 and 500,000 points:  dkmall

$5 and 500,000 points:  nitida

guessers:  niner9r..darcy66..leilamae..fourseasonqueen..leilamae..sniffsrip9-10-07


trivia winners:  ginwin12,,gigs,,gigs,,sniffsrip9-10-07,,niner9r,,ginwin12,,ginwin12,,ginwin12,,gigs


thanks guys remember it isnt truly a game without us the players!!! happy to host these for yah

posted by FourSeasonQueen

24-Jul-13 08:00:24 |

tuesday trivia madness july 23 2013


350,000 points:  ginwin12

450,000 points:  gigs..ginwin12

350,000 points:  ginwin12

450,000 points:  dkmall..leilamae

750,000 points:  mistyrose

350,000 points:  ginwin12..mistyrose..mombug43

550,000 points:  mistyrose

450,000 points:  ginwin12

750,000 points:  ginqin12

guessers:  ginwin12,,dkmall,,leilamae..mistyrose..ginwin12,,mistyrose..mombug,,ginwin12,,ginwin12


trivia winners:  mombug43,,ginwin12,,mombug43,,dkmall,,dkmall,,gigs,,mombug43,,mistyrose,,mombug43

thanks guys great way to beat the heat!

posted by FourSeasonQueen

28-Jul-13 20:10:58 |

winners for friday 7-28-2013



350,000 points           bingoflo


450,000 points           Ginwin12 & Queenpie


550,000 points           Ginwin12


750,000 points           bingoflo


750,000 points           Darcy66


$5 & 250,000 points   Ginwin12


$5 & 250,000 points   Nitida


$10 & 500,000 points   bingoflo


$5 & 250,000   points    bingoflo



guessers           queenpie,queenpie,darcy66,ginwin12,sniffsrip9-10-07,bingoflo



trivia game



posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

28-Jul-13 20:14:34 |

ty sooo much sniff i swear i hit send and it said go back lol so i copied in case and then when went back hit submit and thought went thru you saved my butt chicklet ty will never throw list away ttoo early agn lol.....

posted by FourSeasonQueen

29-Jul-13 23:34:59 |

No worries chicklet I keep them all until the end of the year even the screen ones so you know got you covered anytime :)

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

30-Jul-13 19:52:39 |

tuesday trivia madness july 30 2013

350,000 points:  xxhawkladyxx

450,000 points:  fourseasonqueen,,xxhawkladyxx,,gigs

350,000 points:  xxhawkladyxx