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5-27-2013 midnight

28-May-13 00:01:41 Bookmark and Share

5-27-2013 midnight

5-27-2013 midnight


1.ginwin12                                               23962916


2.dkmall                                                  19119478


3.jetta12                                                 17698196


4.bingoflo                                               15911843


5.gigs                                                    15233939



there ya go chris don't forget too add trivia points and friday games

hope you have a great week


04-Jun-13 00:03:28 |


1.*FourSeasonQueen                           14495941


2.dkmall                                             12688651


3.bingoflo                                           12274952


4.jetta12                                            12240629


5.Ginwin12                                         12016098


please dont forget to add trivia points and friday game points


hope you have a great week Chris


posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

11-Jun-13 00:14:20 |

6-10-2013 midnight


1dkmall                                           12552184


2*Fourseasonqueen                          12336250


3 Ginwin12                                       10841091


4.bingoflo                                         10473642


5.jetta12                                         100408831


chris dont forget too add tues trivia points and friday games thanks have a great week


posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

11-Jun-13 17:49:15 |

Chris,could you reset points,please?


posted by niner9r

18-Jun-13 00:02:58 |

6-17-2013 midnight


1.ginwin12                             12798581


2.dkmall                                11790316


3.pickles                                11753379


4.niner9r                               10585652


5.bingokasey                         9885915



there ya go chris there was no trivia this week thank you for having games and adding points and was nice to see you around as well hope you have a great week


posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

18-Jun-13 17:11:22 |

is there a trivia game tonight

posted by bingoflo

18-Jun-13 17:11:23 |

is there a trivia game tonight

posted by bingoflo

25-Jun-13 00:03:45 |

6-24-2013 midnight


1. Ginwin12                          14585146


2.Bingoflo                             13880273


3.Gigs                                  12326618


4.dkmall                               12152223


5.jetta12                              11753089



There ya go Chris hope you have a great week



posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

25-Jun-13 23:09:30 |

hi chris, im still waiting to be paid out. please let me know

when this will be . thanks   corinne/ icanwin

posted by icanwin

26-Jun-13 01:38:10 |

He said,before July Icanwin.So I guess that it is this week.Kiss  Smile

posted by jetta12

26-Jun-13 14:19:40 |

He made an announcement Sunday in group it would be with in the next 5 days :)

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

28-Jun-13 14:49:36 |

hey chris you going to open room soon

posted by bingoflo

28-Jun-13 14:49:38 |

hey chris you going to open room soon

posted by bingoflo

28-Jun-13 14:55:36 |

chris open room

posted by bingoflo

02-Jul-13 00:02:25 |

7-1-2013 midnight


1.dkmall                                          13763151


2.norrol                                           13236865


3.jetta12                                         12424637


4.ginwin12                                      11883685


5.nine9r                                          11604126



chris if you didn't add friday game points please do thanks

have a great 4th and a safe one


posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

02-Jul-13 06:46:36 |

hi chris ty for doing paypal but i had 131 and only 25. 59 was deposited

posted by bingoflo

02-Jul-13 06:46:38 |

hi chris ty for doing paypal but i had 131 and only 25. 59 was deposited

posted by bingoflo

02-Jul-13 10:35:50 |

thats 125.59 was deposited into paypal

posted by bingoflo

02-Jul-13 10:40:57 |

paypal fees?


i didnt send 125.59 to anyone, i only deal with whole dollars

posted by bingoadvantage

02-Jul-13 11:34:07 |

ok did you send 131 chris  if so ill call paypal to see what happened thanks

posted by bingoflo

02-Jul-13 11:34:09 |

ok did you send 131 chris  if so ill call paypal to see what happened thanks

posted by bingoflo

09-Jul-13 00:01:58 |

7-8-2013 midnight


1.norrol                         12373108


2.dkmall                        11951712


3.*FourSeasonQueen      11870693


4.bingoflo                      11244941


5.Ginwin12                    11170979


Chris please add trivia and friday game points as well if you did not get the chance

Thanks have a great week


posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

09-Jul-13 06:15:47 |

sounds like flo's issue is fees..paypal takes a fee each time we recieve money

posted by FourSeasonQueen

09-Jul-13 09:17:16 |

yes but didnt realize it was that much four i called and told them its rediculous what they charge it cost over 6 buck when all was said and done lol

posted by bingoflo

09-Jul-13 13:19:16 |

CHRIS can you reset the game please tks

posted by bingoflo

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