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new look of site

30-Jan-13 08:30:58 Bookmark and Share

new look of site

i myself am not impressed with this new look...i do like the cards but even when buying them and hitting auto don't get cards for next game tho. as for the chat can't even see it as it is beyond small and for anyone with eye sight problem this is horrible. wondering if anyone else any issues with this new look? hope they can fine tune it as i know i will be looking for a different site that i can see.  riverwidow

posted by riverwidow in General

30-Jan-13 12:38:14 |

yea this will take time to get used to for with all new stuff comes with bugs for sure ...i have sent chris al the issues i have seen from others so far  like the auto not working ofr every game in every room although i do notice it stays on in the 5 number room so that is a plus can also buy up to 100 cards so that is also nice..costs more of course,,,,,this software change is from the justforfun people not chris he just leases the software..the chat is a nuisance for sure it is small and some of the colors are so light almost cant games with trivia might be hard at first but hope to get hang of it .....hope it doenst come to that riv.....not sure what if anything chris can do but i have sent all stuff to him since late last night when change went into effect... thanks for feeedback and issues you encounter....keep them coming so he knows what up....


posted by FourSeasonQueen

30-Jan-13 13:36:35 |

i agree with you riverwidow..on other sites, there is a button

to make the chat bigger...

why no notice for us, just change it and not say

a word...??   a post would be appreciated. for those of us

who didnt know about it.

oh river, when you click cards, right above where it

says, buy cards, is a box to check for auto buy..

can hardly see it tho

trivia will be impossible..cant see nothing 

there, thats my feedback, and will keep coming if

things dont change



posted by icanwin

30-Jan-13 19:13:06 |

i dont think the owners of the software program that runs on  this site thinks to give players head up when they gonna update or upgrade ....not sure what if anything chris can do about the chat window if anything but he has been alerted to put a ticket in to that company for the bugs we are encountering here happy bingo'in.....


posted by FourSeasonQueen

30-Jan-13 22:06:25 |

thank you four seasons and icanwin for your replies...greatly appreciated and hopefully bugs will be worked out soon...or my eyes suddenly go 20/20 lol

posted by riverwidow

31-Jan-13 15:06:12 |

hi there, i thought the software updates would be sent

to chris?? how could they tell us lolol, send us all an email Tongue Out

jk   cant wait till the bugs are out ...yvw river..anytime

posted by icanwin

31-Jan-13 20:46:25 |

not sure what you are asking ican....but this upgrade was the software company who owns the jsutfornfun bingo software not a chris update ....

posted by FourSeasonQueen

01-Feb-13 12:15:43 |

hi    i wasnt asking anything lol .  i said   "" i thought"

i didnt realize that chris had no control over it .

you said once that if he was to sell this site,

he would get a couple hundred thousand for it..

thats why i thought chris would know of any

changes ..

i dont understand this software

i just assumed.. no biggie..

posted by icanwin

01-Feb-13 17:41:19 |

anyone sellin a site in todays market would get at least that much yeah but he doesnt own the software program he leases it.........maybe they told him but either way a company doesnt owe us the courtesy of tellij us they gonna make changes for sure.....just the way it goes.... but we are all adjusting to the changes quite well now i would think hey?

posted by FourSeasonQueen

02-Feb-13 01:16:06 |

oh ok thanks Four

yes, i cant believe how well its going.

team work Cool

posted by icanwin

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