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BA-Baby Pool#2 Weight and Length Guess

12-Feb-12 16:29:53 Bookmark and Share

BA-Baby Pool#2 Weight and Length Guess

this thread is for your guess on how much baby will weigh and measure length...closest will guess per person please..winnner will win 500,000 points..good luck all (dont forget to put in your date guess) other thread

12-Feb-12 17:27:53 |

I guess 6lbs.7 ounces and measure 19 inches

posted by niner9r

12-Feb-12 19:01:16 |

i will say 8lb .3 oz and 22 1/2" long

posted by FourSeasonQueen

12-Feb-12 19:10:08 |

7LB 10Z AND 20" LONG

posted by queenpie

12-Feb-12 19:13:43 |


posted by queenpie

13-Feb-12 11:04:03 |

I guess 8lbs 3 ozs and 20" long


posted by mombug43

13-Feb-12 11:24:37 |

i think this should be flat mill too chief since it is 2 gueesses in 1

posted by FourSeasonQueen

13-Feb-12 11:39:41 |

7 1/2 lb and 21"long Smile

posted by jetta12

13-Feb-12 16:18:54 |

I guess 7 lbs, 3 1/2 oz. ...and 19 1/2 inches long

posted by xxhawkladyxx

13-Feb-12 19:00:45 |

im going to guess 11 lb 11 oz and 36 in tall<p>

no just kidding 7 lbs 14 oz and 20.5 long and thats my final answer

posted by dkmall

13-Feb-12 19:02:35 |

I guess 7 lbs 10 oz and 19 inches long

posted by billiee

13-Feb-12 22:23:50 |

I guess  8 pounds 12 ounces 22 inches long

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

13-Feb-12 23:00:10 |

7lbs 4 oz 21 inches long

posted by devilwoman1014

14-Feb-12 01:55:51 |

i say weight   7 lb  11oz        21 inches

posted by icanwin

14-Feb-12 07:36:14 |

million it is.  8 lbs 8 oz 21 inch

our first daughter was 7lb 4oz if i remember correctly.. 

posted by bingoadvantage

14-Feb-12 14:48:32 |

7lb 7 oz  20 in long

posted by gigs

15-Feb-12 00:20:35 |

i guess 7lb 9 oz 21 and a half inches

posted by lovestobingo

16-Feb-12 08:29:36 |

i guess 8lbs4oz and length 22 inches

posted by bingoflo

16-Feb-12 11:11:34 |

iguess 7lbs 61/2oz, 21 1/2 lenth

posted by norrol

16-Feb-12 19:45:08 |

I say 6lbs  8oz and 20  1/2 inches and as cute as can beWink

posted by chablis

16-Feb-12 21:19:24 |

isay 6lbs n 19 inches longmuffin43


posted by muffin43

18-Feb-12 13:25:51 |

so far queenpie and chanblis split the mil for the guess of weight now we just waiting on the length,,,,wtg winners

posted by FourSeasonQueen

18-Feb-12 17:31:16 |

Congrats on new baby  how much did she weigh??

posted by queenpie

18-Feb-12 17:39:12 |

Four, was the baby a boy or girl?  thanks

posted by chablis

18-Feb-12 17:41:16 |

Congratulations, Chris, to you and happy for you

posted by chablis

18-Feb-12 21:00:35 |

i opted to decide that since didnt say closest without going over that both closest on either end share the prize and that was chablis and queenpie they had a baby girl chab and nt sure of height yet

posted by FourSeasonQueen

19-Feb-12 00:41:50 |

Awww, so sweet, thanks for letting me know, Four, how are Karen and baby doing?  Imagine Chris is beside himself lol..............

posted by chablis

19-Feb-12 08:06:28 |

i havent spoken to him but once he sees this maybe he can answer lol..i suspect theya ll besides themselves minus the sleep lol

posted by FourSeasonQueen

19-Feb-12 13:57:48 |

hi there, just wondering something.   the rules were the closest to the weight  right?  did not say over or under     just the closest.  unless both said same weight, should only be one winner.  the closest one.        

just saying.

posted by icanwin

19-Feb-12 14:13:29 |

congratulations to you and karen chris


posted by gigs

20-Feb-12 05:16:31 |

just saying i thought i explained it but i guess chris can determine the winnner...i felt the closest was whoever had it closest without going over but since i didnt put that figured best to go with both one who was closer without going over and one who just went over,,let chris decide it ..wash my hands of it...if you decide closest wether over or not it would be queenpie chris...if you decided like i did it would be chablis for 6.8 and queen for 7.1....maybe i screwed up in how i determiend it but rest assured wont do it agn....just saying

posted by FourSeasonQueen

20-Feb-12 06:46:11 |

just cant change the rules of a game once its finished!! I couldn't care less about the points..........its the principal!!!

posted by queenpie

20-Feb-12 12:14:00 |

hi there. Four you didnot screw up, so please dont take it personal :) anyone who knows me on this site, knows that i am a stickler for rules. no matter what happens, it should always come back to rules, to be fair. i have nothing against chablis or queenpie. i dont care which one wins. i turned abellmins in to you last nite, cause she was playing in 2 rooms. i would do that  no matter who it was . i know its just a game , but every game has rules. xxx ican

posted by icanwin

20-Feb-12 12:26:09 |


posted by xxhawkladyxx

20-Feb-12 13:14:27 |

agn if you calculate queenpie went over so to me closest to the 6.15 was 6.8 personally i didnt change any rules dammit i just went by who was closest without going over .......didnt know it was set diff way...he can pay queenpie whole thing i am sure chablis dont mind....right chab? and this has nothing to do with abelmins...agn thank you for letting me know so i could go let them know ..and i  follow rules as well ....just saying

posted by FourSeasonQueen

20-Feb-12 13:33:05 |

omg Four.  geeeesh    i dint say you changed rules.  read my post again.  i like you  i like this site     forums is for comments , i just said my view.  quite trying to make so much out of it .  its just a game.  xx 

posted by icanwin

20-Feb-12 13:51:50 |

breathe ican like i said in room chris will award the points and move on so pleaase stop adding on

posted by FourSeasonQueen

20-Feb-12 13:59:23 |

and as i said in the room i was gonna post my follow  up to above stuff once the home page was uup which waas then so i am not keepin it going....

posted by FourSeasonQueen

20-Feb-12 14:10:57 |

im not upset lol   why breathe  .  just making a point. and please Four, dont tell me when i can and cant post on here.  you are taking this way to far.  ican

posted by icanwin

20-Feb-12 14:38:34 |

Can we just stop with the random posts please this was suppose to be a fun pool and a happy place for Chris and his family to read congrat's on the arrival of his new baby girl.

Ever since I have joined this site when some type of contest was ran it always went to the closest person. I get people have a right to say the opinion, but to keep going on this is now not right.

Four has done an amazing job with helping any one and everyone on this site and with contest and before this pool went up it was stated in the room whom ever was closest would get it and technically two of them were.
However it is awarded now will be up to Chris I am sure but again let's just please let it go.

I am hoping that this will be the end of this so that everyone can just have fun and play now

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

20-Feb-12 15:30:22 |

Hi everyone, I am a little late as typical.  Please clear out the cash games room so i can re-open it.  I'll be back in 15 minutes :)

posted by bingoadvantage

20-Feb-12 15:32:26 |

nevermind, the patterns room was empty so I made the patterns room the cash games room for tonight :D

posted by bingoadvantage

20-Feb-12 15:34:43 |

i agree totally sniffs.  remember when we were talking  in the room, i said i appreciate it big time, what Four has done,  as im sure everyone does .  ty for your fairness. xx ican 

posted by icanwin

21-Feb-12 19:29:31 |

Can someone tell me what the weight was?Everyone talking about it and I don't see it posted.

posted by jetta12

21-Feb-12 19:34:46 |

6 pounds 15 ounces

posted by FourSeasonQueen

23-Feb-12 06:54:58 |

congrats  karen and chris  always a blessing  for such good news .

posted by bingoflo

27-Feb-12 15:32:13 |

17.7 inches

posted by bingoadvantage

27-Feb-12 15:32:38 |

17.7 inches

posted by bingoadvantage

27-Feb-12 16:00:47 |

Congrats Chablis for getting the weight.  Everybody overshot the length as far as I can tell.

posted by bingoadvantage

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