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16-Dec-11 19:12:23 Bookmark and Share


I just don't understand why I keep getting disconnected and then can't get back into any room??
posted by chablis in Complaints

16-Dec-11 19:39:13 |

he wrote in community news earlier today after cash game that site experiencing problems with server and that it might continue to happen til server fixes it hun

posted by FourSeasonQueen

16-Dec-11 20:03:51 |

When will that be?

posted by chablis

16-Dec-11 20:06:09 |

Am I the only one having this problem??

posted by chablis

16-Dec-11 20:10:24 |

no, im dissconnected to


posted by modoc44

16-Dec-11 20:12:53 |

I am too for about the 8th time

posted by fjgtx

16-Dec-11 20:15:11 |

yep me too cant get on messanger to

posted by modoc44

16-Dec-11 20:16:17 |

yep me too cant get on messanger to

posted by modoc44

16-Dec-11 20:17:26 |

cant spell too lol

posted by modoc44

16-Dec-11 20:40:40 |

not sure how long it gonna take...only server techies know that one lol gives us all time to stretch our legs lol

posted by FourSeasonQueen

16-Dec-11 20:41:18 |

moddie remove me from msn and reinvite me

posted by FourSeasonQueen

17-Dec-11 05:07:03 |

Don't we just love these disconnects? Any time frame yet on when the server will be fixed? Anybody?


posted by thedubrat

17-Dec-11 06:22:19 |

everyone is dced n cant get bk in its a server problem n not chris,s fault so be patient just like everyone else were all having withdrawl lol



posted by devilwoman1014

17-Dec-11 07:14:43 |

besides that who are any of us to complain when we,ve got a free site that actually pays and is not a scam like most if the server is having problems theres nothing chris or any of us can do we,ve just gotta suck it up n be patient just keep trying eventually we,ll get in when server is fixed

posted by devilwoman1014

17-Dec-11 07:36:13 |

not complaining,just commenting. Sorry if you took it that way. Please don't assume I mean anything ugly, just asking a question. I love this site, otherwise I would not play it. And yes, having withdrawals! LOL Cry


posted by thedubrat

17-Dec-11 07:58:56 |

wasnt directed at anyone ss if you took it that way just trying to make it easier for chris who,s probably stressed to the max right now n on over load with christmas all most here a full time job other then the site then the site to operate christ id be stressed too n try to find time with all that on his plate to christmas shop for his family lol i think i would of went crazy with all that

posted by devilwoman1014

17-Dec-11 08:22:14 |

the pluginbingo is the server and chris still hasnt heard from them yet....he will check back in an hour after he takes his daughter to swim lessons to see if plugin got back to him....least we know owner is doing best he to shop myself soon and finish up when think is done SHABLAM! more to get lol

posted by FourSeasonQueen

17-Dec-11 08:25:50 |

lol i wont be done till the 24th so much to do not enough time got over 20 people coming for christmas dinner gotta pick 2 of them up from outta town on different days got packages to pick up in between lol the list goes on

posted by devilwoman1014

17-Dec-11 08:58:38 |

i only need 3 things 2 of which are visa prepaid(then they can spend on what want) for my daughter and her hubby and other gift is for granddaughter in florida..otherwise doing food shoppin for house and coming straight back oh yeah after i get iced cofffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yaye!!!!!!!.......

posted by FourSeasonQueen

17-Dec-11 10:17:35 |

lol im driving the kids to work n getting timmys lol

posted by devilwoman1014

17-Dec-11 10:52:36 |

hi when will site be up and running ,going crazy lol thanks

posted by zdreamangelz

17-Dec-11 11:21:29 | least one good thing came out of site being down......I got some much needed cleaning,but now I really need my bingo

posted by niner9r

17-Dec-11 13:55:17 |

thought you was gonna say you got some sleep!! either most got some much needed sleep or insomnia big time lol

posted by FourSeasonQueen

17-Dec-11 16:16:50 |

ok this is to funny were all finding thing's to do Chris not for anything if you wanted to torture us did you have to resort us to shopping or cleaning could of choosen some other way hehe just kidding Chris thank you for staying on top of this night mare you did not need added to your events of thing's to do

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

17-Dec-11 16:56:52 |

sniffsrip ,you must read my mind i got some xmas shopping done and cleaned house too lol.didnt know what else to do with myself,we all like bees on the move lol,ss chris .

posted by zdreamangelz

17-Dec-11 20:57:16 |

I don't see anyone complaining....I don't see anyone blaming chris...just nice people who are asking questions about what is wrong.  I mean like you never ask questions or make comments about being disconnected, etc  There isn't a player here who does not appreciate this free site, but that doesn't mean they can't ask questions when something is wrong or they have a question.  None of us have done anything wrong.

posted by chablis

17-Dec-11 21:12:35 |

Four i can not get messanger to load up. does the same thing that bingo advantage site does. I know its gota be something i is doing wrong (again) lol.dumb,dumb, dumb. CHRIS< > BINGO WITHDRAWLLS  lollollol I hate house work!

posted by modoc44

17-Dec-11 21:42:54 |

bummer middie hope it all gets fixed soon is this your pc you got back you on?


posted by FourSeasonQueen

17-Dec-11 22:21:39 |

If you go to the Bingo Advantage facebook page, you will see the following:  "ok its bk up now but still cant get in the rooms keep getting the dced from server message"  "holy still cant get in whats up with plugin"  "sites down again chris" "hey chris rooms page n rooms are out help pleaselol" all by Deborah Reaume (devilwoman)  I guess it is ok for you to make complaints oops I mean comments like this, but not ok for other players.  Good grief give everyone a break.

posted by chablis

17-Dec-11 22:35:01 |

they arent complaints those are messages to chris to let him know sites down so he can work on getting it up n running again n to let him know whats going on

posted by devilwoman1014

17-Dec-11 22:35:26 |

keep iy light hearted guys is no one to fight will be back@!!!!!!faith.

posted by FourSeasonQueen

18-Dec-11 07:59:18 |

I haven't heard from pluginbingo.  I looked up their address and it's a residential address  - otherwise I was going to drop by their offices today.

posted by bingoadvantage

18-Dec-11 08:20:38 |

Oh Chris, you poor thing, pluginbingo must be a small company with a residential address, yikes! What can you do, interrupt their Christmas like they have yours? Hmmmm, we may just have to stand the withdrawals,, it is Christmas after all and I know you have things to do and places to go just like anyone else. So I for one say, go do Christmas with your family, keep checking the site and calling or whatever but I think there is a major problem they are not willing to deal with at this point. So sorry your Christmas has been interrupted by this, we love the site and will be here when you get it back up,, but for me, don't interrupt your Christmas, you have a beautiful little girl there expecting Santa and family I'm sure expecting you. So, Merry Christmas Chris to your family and you. I hope you enjoy it and then afterwards go pay whomever a visit and see what's up. May have to find you another server, Bless Your Heart. My Prayers are with you for a Merry Christmas. Huggs from the dubrat and her family.

Rebecca DuPerry

Rheumatoid Arthritis Fighter

Osteoarthritis & Fibromyagia Fighter

Disabled & Searching for a Cure...


Please light a candle in memory of my grandson Devan DuPerry by visiting

posted by thedubrat

18-Dec-11 08:53:56 |

if anyone in this community has leadeboard up and runnin still on thier end please take screen shot and send it to me @

posted by FourSeasonQueen

18-Dec-11 13:29:51 |

i can't seem to get into the it down

posted by nola0346

18-Dec-11 13:48:01 |

is everyone still disconnected

posted by nichol541

18-Dec-11 13:50:52 |

im still disconnected



posted by nichol541

18-Dec-11 13:57:26 |

yes..everyone is,as far as I know

posted by niner9r

18-Dec-11 14:37:17 |

no 1 can get on at all cause plugin is not there as of yet so all scores will be the same as when boot happened

posted by devilwoman1014

18-Dec-11 15:18:19 |

hi.   ss chablis  i know what you happens alot....but anyways   if you or anyone want to join   its different  major prizes, one was 2000.      yes a free site   its keeping away my withdrawls..  thanks

posted by icanwin

18-Dec-11 16:21:16 |

I am not trying to fight with anyone.  Just don't like to be called on the carpet for not doing anything wrong by someone who does the same thing all the time.  Call it what you will...letting chris know, whatever.  You made dubrat feel so bad she said she said ss....shame on you.  If I am ever out of line, it is Four's place as the player rep or Chris' place to let me know not you.  As we can all see from the numerous comments above, all nice people just wondering what is going on and not mad or complaining to anyone.

posted by chablis

18-Dec-11 16:40:46 |

sorry guys   the only way you can win on internet bingo is to deposit into sister site , (your points)  and buy things       its still taking away my            

ss thbrat 

posted by icanwin

18-Dec-11 16:49:43 |

wow I never knew I would miss playing bingo so much.  I hopw we are up and running soon. 

posted by billiee

18-Dec-11 17:05:50 |

the few sites i use to get thru my own missing this place is pogo...gamesville....gsn....and many webcams all over world......lookin forward to site coming back up as well!

posted by FourSeasonQueen

18-Dec-11 21:03:26 |

i miss all u guys and chatting iam going crazy ,i miss playing i hope it gets up and running soon ,happy holidays all .

posted by zdreamangelz

19-Dec-11 07:33:13 |

thankfully home page still up and runnin so we can least chat and catch up thru here...hope everyone is surviviNg the glitch lol.....if i dont see any of you before the weekend MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!

posted by FourSeasonQueen

19-Dec-11 08:44:43 |

thank you four.merry  christmas to you too .thank god for home page still ,glitch begone lol


posted by zdreamangelz

19-Dec-11 12:37:27 |

Here is a wicked cute link for anyone with little ones.....check it out!

posted by FourSeasonQueen

20-Dec-11 00:24:28 |

Can we collectively figure out the top four before the tournament went down on Friday?

The last successfuly system download shows

devilwoman1014 4880222
fjgtx 4440024
xxhawkladyxx 4095057
modoc44 3991139
mombug43 3935477

Is that accurate at all?  The scores seem too low for Friday.

Thanks, Chris

posted by bingoadvantage

20-Dec-11 00:41:22 |

NO, that is no where near accurate as I and others had dropped from that.  Actually most of these are not even in top 5, I dont think.

posted by fjgtx

20-Dec-11 00:46:41 |

Chablis, Norrol, and dw were the top three but cant remember beyond that.  Sorry.

posted by fjgtx

20-Dec-11 01:27:10 |

i didnt think i'd miss it so much either!

Bingo Bonus

posted by Play4Bingo

20-Dec-11 06:57:06 |

Chris I believe it was Chabs dw norrol  mombug and can not remember 5th I know 6 and 7th last I had checked before d/c was four then me not sure if that helps or not I don't know how your going to be able to determine a weekly list out of this night mare at this point but god bless you for trying

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

20-Dec-11 07:05:32 |

dkmall was in that list as 2nd i pretty sure or 3rd..

posted by FourSeasonQueen

20-Dec-11 07:06:25 |

dk says he was in 2nd at time os friday tour afternoon

posted by FourSeasonQueen

20-Dec-11 07:25:02 |

yes i was in second and chabs was in 1st

posted by dkmall

20-Dec-11 07:32:09 |

norrol was in 3rd place as well, not sure after that


posted by dkmall

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