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Insider View - Sites that pay.

10-Mar-06 11:25:56 Bookmark and Share

Insider View - Sites that pay.
As an affiliate partner to the sites that are listed I can tell you that I have players that are getting consistant wins on Mapau and getminted.

The traffic through Bingo Advantage has only picked up in the last few months -- so I just don't have enough data on most of the sites. I will update this post as I build up more players on the various bingo sites / bingo networks.

Please feel free to share the sites that you feel pay well - from your personal experiences.

Current List:
Mapau Bingo
Get Minted Bingo
Ladies Bingo

posted by bingoadvantage in Hot Tips

07-May-06 09:30:19 |

I have a question about these, does it cost money to get into or is it a free membership?

posted by Duality

07-May-06 12:27:46 |

Those are pay sites. The average pay site pays out about 70-75%, but a frugal player can increase their odds if they want to.

The bingo advantage tournament is a free to play, but hard to win because there are alot of players.

posted by bingoadvantage

03-Jun-06 21:52:26 |

I think Bingo Hall is okay, but its hard to say since I'm a small money player. I saw some complaints on another forum, but I like it.

posted by simpsonsrule

19-Jun-06 10:33:42 |

I agree, Get Minted pays well, Bingo Ballroom, and Foxy Bingo have fast payouts too.

Ohhhhh..King Solomon's Bingo as well.

It doesn't take a tremendous deposit to win a good amount of money.

If you get the 50& bonus, and you can win atleast your money back initially it out.......then use the remaining to have fun, and win[i:d02fcec8c4] MORE [/i:d02fcec8c4]money !

It's not strategy, it's common sense, and when you're playing it's all luck of the draw :D Have fun, Happy Bingoing

I do have 1 tip....smaller rooms with smaller pots ~ these are better as far as odds of probability, than the BIG rooms, with Massive pots. Think about it guys .


posted by taylor4bingo

17-Jul-06 19:25:56 |

That seems like it is a pretty good offer and idea I am going to ahve to look into that a bit more.

posted by ebittner

18-Jul-06 09:04:15 |

Hi ebittner, nice to meet you :D

If you haven't visited my site...I want to say " Foxy Bingo " is really great too !! They have free cards sign up, 100% match, and thier promos are cool.
I haven't heard alot of mention here on that particular site, but it's terrific, and it is UK based. Pays in dollars, pounds, euros.

[i:4087eca591] Happy Bingo~ing !! and Happy surfing !! Good Luck !![/i:4087eca591]


posted by taylor4bingo

04-May-07 05:10:14 |

I had a lot of wins at Blackpool Bingo - however, they were small £5 houses so I didn't retire. I like smaller pots and less players personally. :)

posted by DaveL

04-May-07 05:12:21 |

Oh, hang on, do you mean affiliate sites with good returns for affiliates rather than a players point of view? If that's the case, the UK's high street chains do well for me (Gala and Mecca) as they're brand is familiar to anyone in the UK.

posted by DaveL

04-May-07 18:15:58 |

I meant for the players but from my point of view - since we get a feel for how frequently players are cashing out large wins from within the affiliate panels.

posted by bingoadvantage

08-May-07 06:14:26 |

Ok, with you now - in that case, Littlewoods and Castle Bingo are two that I see a lot of players cash-out through. :)

posted by DaveL

08-Mar-10 02:43:38 |

@duality: most bingo sites that give away big prizes are usually pay sites :)

Bingotime is one of the UK bingo sites that I'm certain that pays good as well as on time. you can also see the proof of winners on their winner page, quite a long list. 




posted by desogw

08-Mar-10 03:11:26 |






well, that's my list :D 


posted by desogw

26-Apr-10 03:16:02 |

Try Bingo Time, it's a good game for bingo, good bonuses, I tried a few other sites like 888. Bingo Time also offers good promotions, loyalty points, bonus cards and freebies when you register. Brings you exciting games to play and great competitions. good luck!

posted by k88lvin

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