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i asked 4 help

28-Feb-11 19:38:53 Bookmark and Share

i asked 4 help

 i asked for help to cancel my other names but no response, however when i replied to andies msg, there were several responses to that.

i want and honest to goodness answer and can't get it.i like the site and would greatly appreciate it if i could get help in my previous question as to how to delete my names that i had in the past. i want to be fair and play fair in spite of what some others say r think. i want to play and to be left alone, our screennames arent who " WE " r but just our chosen name for the site we r on.

just for the record, the tiny thing isnt me never has been never will be it was just the most accepted name i had used on this site!!!

has n e 1 talked 2 rocky r cuggs lately or lizzard??? they r here as well !!

and if n e of u throw a flaming comment my way so be it, now that i know, its ok to change my name and be legal i will. i just want to be fair and play and b treated with the same respect and dignity as every1 else. Tammy

p.s, yes i am signed in here as tinty however i am not playing in the rms except as my other alias and i wont

posted by tinysangel1780 in General

28-Feb-11 20:55:53 |

  I would say that Chris would be the only one to help you do this.

posted by chablis

28-Feb-11 21:05:01 |

ty 4 the reply. i am sure u r right, ty again and gl2u and much winning and happiness

posted by tinysangel1780

28-Feb-11 21:11:03 |

i wonder if i were complaing about something if that would get e response?? that always worked b4. now when i express an legitimate concern i get nothing!!!

bet if i bad mouthed somebody that would get a response, but i wont do that

posted by tinysangel1780

28-Feb-11 22:03:00 |

Tiny I am making a notation at the end of the night's list for Chris to answer this question for you as most of us don't know how to remove the accounts

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

28-Feb-11 23:39:43 |

Which account do you want to stick with?  I can disable the other accounts if you want.  I think it will be helpful if you stick to one.  I don't think it matters which one, or whether the other accounts have been disabled or not.

posted by bingoadvantage

28-Feb-11 23:46:46 |

i havent yet decided on a permanet name can we do this via email so that when i do decide i can play anonymously and play in peace cause i know my behavior the past yr is horrible 2 say the least but i like this site and wanna play and play right, but i know i wont b able to do that under this name. i am not trying to cheat i just wanna play in peace

posted by tinysangel1780

28-Feb-11 23:48:40 |

p.s ty for replying and i apologise for the pushy way i was in forums

posted by tinysangel1780

01-Mar-11 07:31:31 |

ps my opinion is it wont matter what name you use........

posted by FourSeasonQueen

01-Mar-11 08:18:20 |

if it doesnt matter then let me play in peace, i will mind my own business if you and e1 else leave me alone.

posted by tinysangel1780

01-Mar-11 08:18:44 |

these are the names i have over time figured out to be tiny.....










we might as well all get to notice them so we can keep tabs so we not decieved day in and day out....posted other names while back when this saga drama started i will go back and if i notice any others i willl gladly post so you not got  pulled wool over your eyes (these are the ones over time that i have figured out by her own admission to most that she was indeed tiny.....lets see if we can figure out who they will be this week....or next...or week after that.....i think the good players of this site need to be fitted with knowledge......all these alias have over time been posted in forum as players just like me over time have figured or been told of these names....

posted by FourSeasonQueen

01-Mar-11 08:21:48 |

if i am not bothering n e 1 then why not just leave me alone,

posted by tinysangel1780

01-Mar-11 08:39:32 |

obvious it bothers alot of the players here and they have voiced it to you.....the bother in general is that you felt need to decieve the room full of people that you were many different players over span of a year...all cuz you knew folks didnt like the original person cuz they drama queen and liar to the room or whoever they met in the room....most sites on-line dont allow players to change names more than they change drawers in course of week....and all so the can add deception to yet another name and upset the structure of the game as upsets most people who try to play here under normal know that they were trying to befreind new person who turns out to be drama queen in disguise...hope owners come to the same realization as the players and that this isnt  good business sense to allow one person to change name on whim....AND YES YOU DID PLAY AS TINY AND RONNIESANGEL AT SAME TIME AND THERE IS SCREENSHOT OF IT IF OWNERS REQUIRE AS PROOF THAT YOU DID PLAY UNDER 2 NAMES SAME TIME..AND THAT IS CHEATING TO HAVE 2 NAMES FROM SAME PC IN SAME DAY OR GIVEN WEEK...SHOULD OF BEEN GONE BACK THEN BUT IF I RECALL OWNER HAD MANY ISSUES ON HIS PRIVATE PLATE AT TIME......

posted by FourSeasonQueen

01-Mar-11 08:49:23 |

leave the past in the past then will ya. i havent said 1 word 2 a single player since point reset last night and thats the wy it will stay if i am left alone, u dont have to like me i couldnt care less whether u do or not, your opinion of me makes no difference whatsoever, i apologised to you and others for my behaviour if you choose not to accept it so be it but thats on you, and i mispoke but yes i do recall 2 names being on leaderboard at the same time, however thats not the case now and since i am not doing anything wrong and chris has said i could change my name then why not just back off and leave things be unless i am doing something i shouldnt be

posted by tinysangel1780

01-Mar-11 08:58:25 |

regardless wether case now or not silly you were in as 2 players at same time that in itself should be banned for and there has to be loophole in this so called i can change my name thing cuz you have abused that in more than one case..and dont threaten how it will stay that way you will be nice if you left alone lolyou too funny.then what you will get all pissy like you do in there to players? cuz they are mad at all the ability to change name for decption to players on the site?

posted by FourSeasonQueen

01-Mar-11 08:59:35 |

I think I have been quiet more then long enough on this whole situation!!!!! I want to know how it is fear for you to sign in forum under one name play under another in the rooms, as well you kept saying we were using daragatory name calling against you last night know one never got to the point of that it was stressed yes that they are tired of all the different names coming in and out of the room and personally I don't see the need to go via email when Chris is giving you the option to change it and you don't want anyone to know who you are after all that said I know after several attemps of trying to help I am to a point this has to be resolved because if other players can not use one two three names ect... then you should not be able to play on one and sign in forum to answer under another.

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

01-Mar-11 11:16:06 |

You were called deragatory names??  You were told by myself that you had some nerve coming in this forum and leaving 3 posts demanding that someone answer your question and give you help.  And I posted a notice that I will post in forums that I wish to and help those that I want and will not waste my time addressing your questions.  I quoted your posts and said what a joke.  Especially the one that said I will not leave until I get some help and an answer.  Said, what a joke and how it was better than a night at the improv.  Then others told you they were tired of your lies and said why dont you just leave.

You have some nerve coming in here and saying you just want to be left alone and to play in peace.  As, we do not single you out!  You single yourself out when you open your mouth and start trouble.  How else are all of your aliases discovered???  Generally we are very friendly to newbies, try to make them feel welcome at the site, help them out if they have any questions, and try to get to know them.  Each name you have used you have received this same treatment as a newbie then you open your mouth and start trouble and the cycle has been repeated numerous times. You say you will keep your mouth shut and not say anything, yet the list contains 9 names, add rainman1973 and that is 10 chances you have had to keep your mouth shut and not start troubles. And that is only the names that you were identified as having, god knows how many more there are.   So you go ahead and email Chris with yet another name and within a month the new name that you create will be listed in this same forum with the same BS .  But in the meantime DO NOT GO AND LIE AND SAY YOU WERE CALLED DERAGATORY NAMES because that is all that is another of your flat out lies.

Lying in one breath and in the other stating I just want to be left alone and play fair.  Quite a contradictory, in not only my opinion but in the opinion of many.
posted by fjgtx

01-Mar-11 13:16:49 |

how many chances does 1 person get with that many names its obvious that rules dont appy as she was told when she had the 1st 3 names 1 acct only n a repeat offender should be gone so they dont do it again n again once maybe twice but 10 times theres a serious problem there

posted by devilwoman1014

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