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grrrr cannot get back on bingoadvantage :(

19-Feb-11 23:44:49 Bookmark and Share

grrrr cannot get back on bingoadvantage :(



My comp was booted while I was away ..I have tried everything to get back on but I just can get the home page.. at the bottom it says error on page and the rooms page just won't come back.. anyone else having this problem????

posted by zippit in General

19-Feb-11 23:56:31 |

Looks like several have been booted.  But some are still here playing.  Sorry hope you can get back in soon.

posted by fjgtx

20-Feb-11 03:13:25 |

Your account is in order.  Let me know if you are still having difficulty.

posted by bingoadvantage

20-Feb-11 09:39:36 |

Chris, I still cannot get back in  :(

posted by zippit

20-Feb-11 10:12:24 |

Hey zip check adobe I had this problem last week when the newest update tried to go in it crashed me right out then had to remove it and reinstall it then it was ok I don't know why adobe is doing this but it did but only thing I can think of that it might be doing the same to you good luck

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

20-Feb-11 11:09:44 |

will try that hon tyty :)

posted by zippit

20-Feb-11 11:11:49 |

your welcome let me know how you make out with it will try to think of something else in the mean time :)

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

20-Feb-11 11:15:08 |

booooooooooo it didn't work for me  :(

posted by zippit

20-Feb-11 11:26:24 |

try coming in threw your history page see if that works

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

20-Feb-11 14:35:20 |

Hi , I have tried everything  :( this site doesn't wike me anymore  :(  and I miss everyone  :(

posted by zippit

20-Feb-11 16:22:24 |

the last thing I can suggest to try is clean your cookies and history sometimes that will help if that don't work we will YELL CHRIS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

20-Feb-11 17:28:12 |

try removing adobe flashplayer n re install it had same problem last week n it worked 4 me gl

posted by devilwoman1014

20-Feb-11 22:33:17 |

well ladies have done everything humanly possible and nothing wants to work...I get the homepage alright but when I click onto play now I get the page but it stays white and at the bottom it says done  grrrrrrr  CCCHHRRRRISSSSSSSSSSSSS  HHHEEEELLLLPPPPPPPP lol


posted by zippit

21-Feb-11 07:13:45 |

I give up ! :( :( :( :(

posted by zippit

21-Feb-11 09:15:21 |

ss zippit keep trying hope u come bk

posted by devilwoman1014

21-Feb-11 09:18:01 |

Don't give up zip as you said Chris Help!!!!!!!!!!!!! were out of ideas for zip to get back in bingo

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

21-Feb-11 10:12:19 |

yea dont give up i put email out to chris

posted by FourSeasonQueen

21-Feb-11 10:30:17 |

ty ladies very much, I appreciate your help xxx

posted by zippit

21-Feb-11 10:37:21 |

maybe chris can figure it out ss hb

posted by devilwoman1014

21-Feb-11 11:01:34 |

Thank you so much DW, I know I dont say much unless I get my tinsel in a tangle but I do miss you and the crew

posted by zippit

21-Feb-11 14:27:42 |

we miss u too hb

posted by devilwoman1014

21-Feb-11 21:20:09 |

nothing  yet so I guess its bedtime for me :(

posted by zippit

21-Feb-11 22:57:31 |

Did you try it with a different browser?  Like google chrome or firefox?  Have you installed any new software or changed your security settings recently?

posted by bingoadvantage

22-Feb-11 00:35:58 |

Hi, yes have tried everything including changing from my desktop to my laptop...still says error on page

posted by zippit

22-Feb-11 00:41:07 |

try youre security settings maybe when u got booted it reset them gl hb

posted by devilwoman1014

22-Feb-11 13:48:12 |

well I went out and bought a new laptop and I still cannot get on so I really dont know what else I can do :(

posted by zippit

22-Feb-11 16:29:59 |

ss zippit hope u figure it out soon we miss u here

posted by devilwoman1014

23-Feb-11 10:17:46 |

well another day has gone by, after buying a new computer and trying the other two and still cannot get on I am thinking I am banned from bingoadvantage.

posted by zippit

23-Feb-11 10:28:38 |

why would you think that zippy????? i dont understand why you cant get back in..and chris hasnt seen any issues on his side either....

posted by FourSeasonQueen

23-Feb-11 10:38:36 |

well I have exhausted all my avenues hon and I don't know what else to do :(  here is what it says on the top in the url line when I click on the room page...maybe Chris knows what it is and can help that way...


posted by zippit

28-Feb-11 10:58:00 |

I promise you are not banned from Bingo Advantage.

posted by bingoadvantage

28-Feb-11 17:57:19 |

zippit i see a comma in that url could that be it???


posted by FourSeasonQueen

28-Feb-11 18:57:51 |

I am not very educated as far as pc's, but I typed in what you said (the and it took me to a bingoadvantage page that is only for fun.  There was no choice where the big blue button is.  This probably doesn't help, but I tried.  Maybe the word "fun" is what takes you to this page.  I always just use the and it takes me to the home page...good luck zip.  I hope this didn't sound too stupid.

posted by chablis

28-Feb-11 21:42:27 |

Hi FSQ just thought I would let ya know that was one of my stupid typos lol...I did type it in though and it took me to bingo advantage , shows me who is playing right now and also what has been posted in the forum.. I click on the room button and all I get is a grey box  :(  Please someone help asap , the bingo withdrawls are getting intense here  lmaooooo  love you guys and miss yaas much xxx......Zippit

And  BTW, thank you Chris and everyone who has tried to help me tyty.....

posted by zippit

28-Feb-11 22:02:06 |

Zip I had this same issue believe it or not you may have to call your internet provider because it may not be recogonizing the ip connection when you got the new lap top call them ask them to trouble shoot the interner and walk you threw and see if you have any luck with that end

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

01-Mar-11 22:56:53 |

Hey Sniff hon, ty for the information but I really don' t think it has anything to do with my laptop. I only went out and bought one when I couldn't get on the site with my origianl desktop and my original laptop. So it can't be the computers. Thx anyway sweety, will keep trying...miss you guyettes much :( xxx

posted by zippit

01-Mar-11 23:08:07 |

your welcome I am trying anything I can think of zip I will rack my brain some more miss you too xxx

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

01-Mar-11 23:18:20 |

I have had a lot of problems getting on site too.  For about three weeks could not get anything but error at bottom of page I thought I had been banned or something.  I tried everything and than it just started up again I reinstalled new virus software thanking my old was not letting me on.  I called my internet provider to see if they had changed my service.  It just started working again some times its slow coming onto games but home page comes right up again canit tell you the answer but hop it is fixed soon.

posted by billiee

01-Mar-11 23:18:35 |

zippit, did the new laptop come with any anti-virus software ? if so there could be a firewall turned on that is blocking the needed port to play, not sure what port needs to be freed but chris probably does. also there is a windows firewall that is turned on by default that could be causing an issue. what about a pop-up blocker in internet explorer ? just some thoughts. if you have msn messenger i could try to connect remotely sometime and look around a bit and see if anything sticks out...

posted by dkmall

02-Mar-11 10:00:55 |

Hi DK, thank you for this reply but I am on my regular desktop where I mostly play bingoadvantage. I only tried the new laptop twice and give up on that. I also tried my old laptop that I travel with and it does the same thing...error on the bottom of the page now. So it really has nothing to do with the new laptop hon  :(  Thanks so much DK  ...

posted by zippit

04-Mar-11 16:12:07 |

This is just an idea & not sure if it would work, buttttt I had an issue where I couldn't load the game room. I would just get an error. What I had to do was go into Internet Explorer options & put it back to original settings. I did this by Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, Reset @ the bottom of the tab. I don't know what browser or version you are using, but this is my 2 cents. Good Luck!

posted by beggin4bingo

06-Mar-11 13:03:35 |

Just wondering if you've tried any other ideas zippit?

posted by beggin4bingo

06-Mar-11 20:35:16 |

Hi beggin, thank you very much for your idea, I did try it but it failed as well....I am so at a lose here  :(   Anyway, hi to everyone and I miss you much xxx...zippit

posted by zippit

07-Mar-11 06:13:29 |

the only thing left i can suggest is take it to a comp shop n have them do it just explain that theres a site you cant get into let them figure it out take a coffee with ya lol hope to see u soon

posted by devilwoman1014

07-Mar-11 23:47:21 |

OK-- Sry hon. Just wanted to offer what I'd done in hopes it would help you. What is the error you mentioned on the bottom of the page when you are trying to load?

posted by beggin4bingo

11-Mar-11 20:58:00 |

Well everyone as you can see I am still not able to get into the cardroom...:( I have tried everything to solve this to no avail.If there is anyone out there with any, I mean any ideas please let me know ..thank you....Zippit......Imiss you :(  xxx

posted by zippit

12-Mar-11 09:00:21 |

I've been waiting on an update from you, Zip. I was wondering what error you are getting when tryin to load the room?

posted by beggin4bingo

12-Mar-11 21:58:39 |

Hi beggin, well I get the homepage but on the bottom left it says error on page...then I try to open the room page and it says internet explorer cannot display this page...don't know what else to say hon , thank you...zippit

posted by zippit

15-Mar-11 12:31:56 |

Hi everyone still blocked out boooooooooooo I miss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu xxx

posted by zippit

15-Mar-11 22:10:24 |

Hi everyone..........ok here goes..I went to another town with my laptop and conected to the internet with a broadband to go, which is an internet stick...I conected easily to bingoadvantage and pulled up the room page  yeehaaaaawwwww

Ok I am back home with the same laptop but cannot bring up the homepage on any of the other computers in my house. I had forgotten that I purchased a new router this past month. Does anyone know if this could hinder my connection to this site for bringing up the room page? I can vring up the front page still though. Please help meeeeeeeeeeeeee  lol am going nuts without my bingooooooo and my friendssssssssssssssssss  :(

posted by zippit

16-Mar-11 08:07:51 |

listen up there zippster..why not make new name and see if it works that way if it does then just come in and i will alert chris to what you needed to do to get back on....

posted by FourSeasonQueen

16-Mar-11 08:21:42 |

if you had msn messenger add me and then invite me to remote assit you and i can look around pc to see if i find anything outta place......



posted by FourSeasonQueen

16-Mar-11 16:07:19 |

Hi FSQ...I just tried to make a new shows me playing lol  zipp_this........anyway, I cannot get a room page grrrrrrr

I have added you on msn but it seems I have msn live ffs  grrrrrrrrr

posted by zippit

16-Mar-11 18:29:19 |

zippy go into the facebook then logo into the bingo you will get on go into facebook frist ok

posted by plymscot

16-Mar-11 18:34:02 |

I'm sorry I don't have facebook

posted by zippit

17-Mar-11 10:10:33 |

Do you recall if you've been able to play bingo since the router? Or if the problem happened prior to installing it? Have you tried to restore you computer to an earlier time? It seems as tho some settings have gotten changed. When you were able to open the room page, were you also able to open a room during your visit to the other town?

posted by beggin4bingo

17-Mar-11 22:31:17 |

Hi beggin, no this has only happened since the new router. And yes I could open the room in another town  :(

posted by zippit

18-Mar-11 07:29:44 |

Hey Zippy-- now you are getting somewhere. It is obviously your router or settings! Unfortunately, I am no good helping with that stuff- I can only do it. Perhaps another player can help you. Have you tried tech support thru your provider? Timewarner has no problem helping me with my router when I have issues I can't figure out. It might help looking up info on your router online.

I, myself, would disconnect & uninstall the router to see if I can access bingo from home without it. Then I'd hook it back up & try again. I haven't had any issues using my router while playing bingo--even when it was brand new to my network. Either way, I wish you lots of luck.

posted by beggin4bingo

21-Mar-11 10:25:37 |

ss u still cant get on hope to c u soon

posted by devilwoman1014

29-Mar-11 15:06:30 |

I am sooooo confused over this is breaking my heart not to see you ladies n gents  :(

posted by zippit

30-Mar-11 11:58:38 |

Try using a different browser. If you normally use internet explorer, try using foxfire and see if you can get in that way. You will have to download it if you don't already have it on the computer.

posted by mombug43

31-Mar-11 07:20:07 |

hi everyone i have aproblem i have a new laptop and for some reason i dont get sound only on this site. does anyone know how i can fix it

posted by bingoflo

26-Apr-11 19:34:36 |

Sorry Flo, I am just seeing your post. I have no quick fixes or ideas for you tho. Did you ever resolve the issue? If so, what was the problem?

posted by beggin4bingo

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