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Prayers for Sniffs and her family

10-Jan-11 12:49:24 Bookmark and Share

Prayers for Sniffs and her family

Please pray for sniffs and her family, as her mother passed away this morning.


I am so sorry for your loss sniffs and pray that God give you strength during this difficult time.  Be strong and take comfort in the fact that she is at peace and no longer suffering!  I am here if you need to talk.

posted by fjgtx in General

10-Jan-11 13:03:18 |

Sorry to hear about the loss of your mom.My prayers and good thoughts go out to you and your family.Take care of your self sniffs.            Love Tibby


posted by thibdon

10-Jan-11 13:16:02 |

ss sniffs my prayers to you and youre family

posted by devilwoman1014

10-Jan-11 13:17:46 |

sorry chicky!!! exactl what fj said take comfort in the knowledge that she is no longer suffering and will never suffer agn!! she will look forward to being with you agn someday! hugs hun let  me know if need anything!

posted by FourSeasonQueen

10-Jan-11 13:33:44 |

so sorry to hear of your loss.will be thinking of you and your family.

posted by niner9r

10-Jan-11 13:46:04 |

no words can take the place of a loved one, believe me i know. our prayers are with you and your family during this trying time. god be with you and yours in this time of loss.

posted by dkmall

10-Jan-11 20:00:24 |

I am so sorry for your loss My prayers are with you and your family peace be with you

posted by billiee

12-Jan-11 10:24:15 |

here is link for anyone who wants to sign sniffles guest book who dont have facebook...

posted by FourSeasonQueen

12-Jan-11 13:23:58 |

Sniffs,sorry to hear about the lost of your mother.God knows just how much you can bear and will not put no more you than you can stand.So put your hands into his powerful hands and He will care you and your family though.

posted by jetta12

12-Jan-11 17:40:24 |

You have my deepest sympathies for the loss of your Mom.

posted by acer47

12-Jan-11 21:43:37 |

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your support and prayers threw all of this I can nto find the words to tell you what it means to me

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

13-Jan-11 19:10:33 |

sorry to hear about the loss of your mom.i know it is a difficult time right now but it WILLGET BETTER.MAY GOD BE WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND PEACE BE WITH YOU



posted by norrol

14-Jan-11 06:27:07 | very sorry to hear the sad news of the lose of your Mother. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Join hands with us all from all over the world to make a circle of love that surrounds you in this time of need. Take good care of yourself my friend, time heals all wounds and know that She is in a better place without and pain. Love you much....Zippit xoxo

posted by zippit

14-Jan-11 09:46:37 |

oh my dear friend i am truely so sorry  for  your loss. may God watch over her. My prayers are with you and  your family during this  sad time. love  your friend bingoflo XXX

posted by bingoflo

14-Jan-11 13:17:38 |

so sorry for your loss will keep you and your family in my prayers

posted by bchick63

14-Jan-11 14:35:36 |

so sorry to hear about your Mom sniffs, my thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult times.

posted by punky

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