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quit harassing me in game

02-Jan-11 08:32:51 Bookmark and Share

quit harassing me in game
i,m  getting really tired of the remarks being made in the bingo every time my husband and i have to come back in to the rooms.i find this childish and thought we were all adults in here. especially from someone who is supposed to be the player rep.we have also e mailed chris concerning this and if he has a problem i,m sure he,ll get back to us. its 5 am here and this is getting real old fast.

02-Jan-11 08:47:30 |

how the heck am i harassing you i askin skidrock how they are and then when i seen adam came in (naturally i did say i am suprised adam wasnt here yet so what?)and poof in he came and i  said hi to adam and asked if no work today how does that make harassment? i find when you put them into the rooms none of them chat when we say hello or ask them a question over the period of time..which makes players wonder of course if they are indeed live or not since they dont speak and they enter with you and you stated you put them in ???? i am not only one at site who finds anyone who puts 2 extra players in the room all the time a little oddness....or if they at work or on the road they still in all cash games seems odd is all....

posted by FourSeasonQueen

02-Jan-11 08:51:40 |

I saw know one harassing you andy at all I was in the room you never seemed to have the problem with four until now because she asked how someone was it's not harrassing all he had to do was answer and when he did not know one continued anything the only problem I see now is that you don't like the fact they asked someone how they are and just like Friday when you said lay off because all that was asked was how they were and if they were working or not

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

02-Jan-11 08:54:00 |

try shutting just can,t help but keep grow the hell up. we have done all the commenting we are going to do in e mails to chris.mentioning all thats been said in chat.

posted by andy1961

02-Jan-11 08:56:31 |

i shouldn,t have to tell you my husbands work shedule or let you know if he is home or not.what business is it of yours.

posted by andy1961

02-Jan-11 08:56:53 |

agn not to mention you stated in live chat that you put them in the game rooms all the time yourself and each time you enter the room so dont they seems odd how all 3 of you jump in in succession if you all live at same time...and i feel if they feel bothered they should speak up for selves .chris has been told of the players concerns over this already and was overloaded with work since his dad and hasnt had time to adress it but was assured ti would be looked into...

posted by FourSeasonQueen

02-Jan-11 08:57:13 |

Andy their is know need for the swearing in forum at all you need to relax no one was brutal to you at all in any shape or form

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

02-Jan-11 09:02:56 |

cripes andy take a pill....jsut stating the obvious to anything said to be either here or in chat ...rebuting what you said about you and your hubby entering i dont need to know his schedule but i can ask him if i see him enter when i say hi i can say what no work or sumpin geesh is weird that you get so upset if someone asks him or adam a question lateley let them defend selves if you feel they need to which no one said they had to agn i didnt come in chat and state how i put them in the rooms all the time when they not home you did as player i should have right to say hi and se eif they live at any given time geesh

posted by FourSeasonQueen

02-Jan-11 09:13:36 |

i was just being honest,that when we get disconnected i put them back in.since then its just been steady harrassment.i don,t comment when you mention smoking dope in there or anything. as for my husband answering in chat he has answered to chris.there are a lot in here who never chat don,t see you bugging for swearing i don,t think the word hell counts i see you people type worse in open chat.

posted by andy1961

02-Jan-11 09:17:06 |

First of all I don't type worst in chat second of all second of all putting two other people in a room besides yourself should not be fair especially for cash games

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

02-Jan-11 09:19:19 |

you can comment all you want about dope in there or any site lol who gives two bleeps wether i smoke or not if you want to say your bad person four then go ahead and say it no worries there.. i have spoken to most players here at one time or another andy that isnt the issue and you knew were honest that day when you said you always putting them in room well y dont get disconnected for the cash games but yet in come all 3 of you one right after other seems odd to me and other players as you know most players here  find any oddity and check into it to keep thier place they play honest and decent place....

posted by FourSeasonQueen

02-Jan-11 09:55:36 |

i don,t put people in cash games.they are here when cash games for saying worse i,ve seen people telling people to f off and all in there.i just don,t think anyone should have to validate themselves to anyone in one knows who is real and who is for picture id on this site or any other would be nice but then what would stop identity theft.

posted by andy1961

02-Jan-11 10:41:54 |

the comment about my husband being dead was really uncalled for.the maturity level was just soring in there. as for the comment made to chris, we have e mailed him and told him to check it out as to what is being said in there. suck it up your only burying yourselves deeper.

posted by andy1961

02-Jan-11 10:53:40 |

go take a cold pill and get some rest andy we have all moved on and dk's comment was never geared at any one person i never seen a name said even with screen shot

posted by FourSeasonQueen

02-Jan-11 10:55:56 |

a "dead" person in bingo room can be refreed to a person who doenst talk and isnt live in room

posted by FourSeasonQueen

02-Jan-11 10:58:54 |

Guess I should express my opinion........I think,andy.adam and skidrock is same person using different user names...andy just said they put themselves in cash rooms.How is that possible if they are working all the time and not here like she said? ...Pretty convenient that they show up just in time for cash games......That's my opinion and everyone has a right to express what they think.

posted by niner9r

02-Jan-11 11:03:10 |

chris has been notified by my husband as for adam he is doing his own thing with his computer.if dk and four can have two computers why can,t we? my husband is on my facebook go look. why should i have to prove anything to you people. your nobody.

posted by andy1961

02-Jan-11 11:29:39 |

omg ive never seen so much whining coming from 1 person andy the only child here is you grow up its a game that the owner is gracious enough to give cash i feel the same as niner that you are all one person and i think to protect the site from fraudulent claims photo ID is very appropriate unless youve got something to hide that is

posted by devilwoman1014

02-Jan-11 11:32:59 |

this photo id stuff i tossed out as an idea hasnt even been presented to owner who is only person like facebook site who would have copies of them otherwise was just a verbal thought voiced in chat in room nothign that was even an option just and idea lol

posted by FourSeasonQueen

02-Jan-11 11:38:18 |

i never said photo id was bad idea just wondered about id theft.and i am not whining its all you who think its all me.its not me going on and on in the chat, its you guys.if chris wants verification as to who we are we have offered to send it to him, we have nothing to hide.and if i want to leave this site i will do it on my own not because others tell me to.

posted by andy1961

02-Jan-11 14:28:56 |

Idenentity Theft??  Can just picture Chris walking around pretending to be a little short fat woman from Texas!! LOL  That is what you are insuating is that Chris would steal someones idnetity?   Get real!! 

Andy, you are the one who told in live chat that Adam works pretty much 24-7 and that your hubby is a driver and that you put them into the games, including cash games. And that Adams computer is there and that you "babysit it" as well as your husbands.  You even stated that hubby is on a PC, so pretty hard for him to take with him when driving.

I like others believe the three of you are the one and same person. Adam and skid never even said Boo until you slipped up and said the accounts were ones that you "Babysit", now they are there for cash games and everytime there is a disconnection.  Give me a break!!

As for four and dk being there, I have never seen DK in the room that DK didnt speak.  Meaning that four does not connect DK to the games. And actually Dk misses alot of games because he is at work.  So I dont even know how you can claim what you are doing is the same as them.  

You are telling people to shut up and to act like adults, and to quit whining, etc.....yet every week there was a post from you whining about same winners every week. You whine as much as any and accuse more than most.  When you told that you were babysitting those two and started getting questions thrown at ya, you avoided some of them and started pointing a fingers elsewhereSuck it up buttercup!  It is what it is!

posted by fjgtx

02-Jan-11 16:16:47 |

if your going to accuse me of posting evry week then you should at least have your facts right. i posted on dec 15th about site down. the time before that was in august how is that every week.i,m not the one whining you guys are.i could care less if you think i,m ten people.

posted by andy1961

02-Jan-11 16:32:53 |

Then perhaps I should clarify............  BEFORE Adam and Skid joined the site you posted every week complaining about the same winners each week.......................  Surely you remember all those posts??

posted by fjgtx

02-Jan-11 16:59:49 |

Lol at fj about the little old fat lady from texs......would that be you my dear.....just

posted by niner9r

02-Jan-11 17:02:49 |

well said fj we agree on something lol and if dk is not here hes not in cash games either ive seen him miss plenty of fridays

posted by devilwoman1014

02-Jan-11 17:08:13 |

you guys just don,t stop do you.i don,t complain about same winners all the time all the newbies do.including one in there today.notice how you all got deffensive right away too.i,ve gone months on herewithout wins oh well. reason same winners there are only 30 people playing on whole site.

posted by andy1961

02-Jan-11 17:22:17 |

think what you all want,i know the truth.continuelly talking about it in open chat is just going to drive away the newbies that way you all get your way.

posted by andy1961

02-Jan-11 19:36:05 |

too many of same players winning all the time
numerous people are complaining about the same people winning all the time,i am on 24/7 and i have to say it sure seems like the same 5 or 6 are winning way more then others.i was wondering if maybe there are some bots on here,i,ve seen it done on  other sites?

just a thought
i don,t want to sound like a broken record on here,but i just have something for you to think about.when you have the same people winning top 5 every week or every other week it kinda brings everyone else on the site down like there is something we are not doing right. i suggest that you just think about maybe only allowing someone to win top 5 once every four weeks.i know if you win something from a radio station you can only win once every 30 to 60 days,this is just a thought to make it a little more fair to the rest of us who play here 24/7

 Guess I just imagined these posts then.

posted by fjgtx

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