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mistaken idenity

13-Sep-10 15:03:39 Bookmark and Share

mistaken idenity

I am being mistaken for tiny/Tammy just because I am using her computer. I am the lady that taught her to groom and I am taking care of her house and animals while she is in the hospital, she has suffered some major trauma recently and needed a break from reality, she will be in  hospital for sometime til she is better, so if everyone would please have some patience and understanding it would be greatly appreciated, THANK YOU


13-Sep-10 16:38:32 |

Tiny-Patience and understanding?????  Each time you came on here with different name we chatted with you and accepted you.  You were even accepted and treated respectful when you used your own name but then you turned around and started calling us all cheats, saying the game was a set up or fix or whatever.  Constantly being disrespectful to players and owners with all your accusations and continuously trying to be deceptive with new names.  I dont believe you are someone taking care of tiny's stuff, I believe you are tiny just being tiny. Your comment about a player being bitchy was a dead giveaway.  What you need to understand is that noone cares for you playing here and that noone is going to be disrespectful to you in any way.  We just ask that you come back under your true identity and quit trying to deceive us and treating us as tho we have done something wrong by winning a game. Apparently you want to play to play the game.  I have never seen someone who wants to play more, so just come back and be an adult and play the game and enjoy

posted by fjgtx

13-Sep-10 19:44:50 |


tiny/tammy had a nervous break down if u must know which would explain her apparent bitchy and unseemly behavior. when i first posted to her forum, i didnt see the need to go into details, however it seems as if i am not going to be allowed to play in peace.

for the record her best friend recently broke into her home while she was sleeping, how would you handle that??? as for thinking players were cheating maybe she thought someone was, i can't say as i wasnt here. also she in on the brink of losing her home that she has lived in for over 10 yrs, she can't get a break. the stress of it all finally broke down one of the sweetest, most peacable women i have ever known, has she ever told any of you the hell she went thru growing up??

if anyone needs a break, and understanding its her, This is the last time I will explain this as I am here to play and kill some time if that is ok with everyone. JUDY

posted by bingodiva331

13-Sep-10 20:01:50 |

whos got the pop-corn??????

posted by FourSeasonQueen

13-Sep-10 20:03:14 |

with or without extra butter???

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

13-Sep-10 20:05:58 |

extra butter of course.....will tkae a side of juicy fruit too please the man feature gonna start soon i can feel it

posted by FourSeasonQueen

13-Sep-10 20:06:22 |

judy, maybe you should have a talk with tammy and explain to her that this is just a bingo site not a therapy session. we have all had hardships in our lives but that doesn,t mean we have to come on here and lie and cause havoc like she has.if she thinks people are cheating she should find another site.

posted by andy1961

13-Sep-10 20:14:54 |

Tiny--first off your the one who brought attention to yourself yet again by stating that another player was bitchy!!  With all the names you have come here and played under noone NO ONE singled you out, you singled yourself out with your posts and your smart comments.  If you want to come here and kill some time and and play without everyone questioning you then perhaps you should not draw attention to yourself.  Personally I dont care if you are Tiny or Bingodiva I just trying to explain to you that you can come and play here under your own name and enjoy yourself without anyone saying anything out of the way to you.  No one here is stupid!  Come on  you speak about reality well here is reality for ya:

Your playing on tiny's computer

Come to the same exact site tiny played on

Make the exact same comments tiny makes 

Use the same exact (331) number's tiny used on one of the many aliasis she used

Yet your not tiny,  come on give me a break!!


You are very annoying with your pretenses and I was trying to be nice to you and let you know they were not necessary but I am done!!  I am sorry bout your friend breaking in on you like I told you the other times that you told the story but that gives you no right to come on here and harass people.  We all got sad stories we could tell but we dont use that as an excuse to act an ass!!  And actually I dont even know why I am wasting my time with you!!  I got no more niceness  ugghhh!!
posted by fjgtx

16-Sep-10 07:41:23 |

heres is 2 more names to addy to the tiny/tammy saga....keep eye for them




any more i will give you as i figure them, out..

posted by FourSeasonQueen

16-Sep-10 09:58:29 |

That's sad!!

posted by fjgtx

16-Sep-10 10:53:34 |

omg ive never seen such a drama queen on such a pity trip in all my life we are all here 4 a good time not listen to youre bs about cheaters and sorry judy but i think youre tammy playing yet another game

posted by devilwoman1014

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