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Prayers needed

10-Aug-10 02:21:50 Bookmark and Share

Prayers needed

Please pray for Norrol.  They have found an aneurism in her stomach and she goes the 25th of this month to have scans done then will have surgery soon after.



posted by fjgtx in General

10-Aug-10 08:59:47 |

prayers for your surgery and the best outcome possible!!!!!

posted by FourSeasonQueen

10-Aug-10 10:33:46 |

prayers going out to you Norrol I truly hope and pray all will go well for a great possible outcome for you

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

10-Aug-10 11:31:23 |

My prayers are with you and hope everything comes out for the best

posted by billiee

10-Aug-10 12:14:15 |

My thoughts are with you - best of luck norrol.  I'd say lady luck can't be too far - after today's impressive gaming session!

posted by bingoadvantage

10-Aug-10 12:34:33 |

Hope and pray everything goes well for you Norrol.

posted by niner9r

10-Aug-10 12:51:09 | sorry to hear about your upcoming thoughts and prayers are with you and will light a candle every day for you hon...God Bless....Zippit  xx

posted by zippit

11-Aug-10 18:15:14 |

Norrol... thoughts and prayers with you during this time, hope everything goes well.

posted by thibdon

12-Aug-10 07:18:35 |

   hope every thing goes well  take care  xxx

posted by henry123

23-Aug-10 11:06:02 |

my thoughts and prayers are with you norrol i know the feelings u are experiencing as my best friend had anureysms a few yrs ago. i stayed by her side threw it all but the actual surgery. if you would like to chat about it give me a buzz in one of the rms, god bless


posted by bingojunkee3345

26-Aug-10 23:38:43 |

Please continue to keep Norrol in your prayers as her scans are done and she is scheduled for surgery on October 15th!!

posted by fjgtx

27-Aug-10 06:40:15 |

i will prayer for ever night she is a nice lady from daffodilpat x

posted by daffodilpat

27-Aug-10 09:28:43 |

i was  so  sorry  to hear the news about norrol my  thoughts and prayers  are  with her

posted by bingoflo

28-Aug-10 02:07:15 |

Norrols surgery has been rescheduled for September the 10th!  Continue to pray for her!!

posted by fjgtx

11-Sep-10 15:15:57 |

Does anyone know how Norrol's sugery went and how she is doing???

posted by fjgtx

12-Sep-10 13:47:10 |

Have not heard anything at all yet fj if I do will let you know and you do the same please and ty of course

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

18-Sep-10 00:15:14 |

 Muffin spoke with Norrol's son and he said she is doing good but she is still in the hospital.  She has pneumonia and has been having problems with her blood pressure so please continue to keep her in your prayers!


posted by fjgtx

18-Sep-10 07:12:54 |

always in my prayers and am glad they were able to remove the annuerism...hurry back norrol am keepin ur seat warm!!!!

posted by FourSeasonQueen

18-Sep-10 14:59:51 |

hope you feel better soon.take care

posted by niner9r

18-Sep-10 15:45:46 |

Cry Hi Norrol, we are all sad here without you, please get well soon and hurry back to thoughts and prayers are with you always.....Your Friend...Hope  (Zippit).....xoxoxSmile

posted by zippit

18-Sep-10 17:17:51 |

Norrol still sending lots of prayers your way for a speedy recovery we miss you

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

19-Sep-10 14:19:14 |

update from muffin today sunday...norrol may be able to go home tomrorow but wil need to stay on oxygen for awhile...praise the lord he answered our prayers!!

posted by FourSeasonQueen

19-Sep-10 17:49:37 |

hi all.can u believe it, that i made it and am back home today.your prayers and thoughts were well recieved and worked wonders in my eyes.thanks to each and every one of u who sent get well messages and prayed for me. i wont take a whole lot of ur time just to say thanks to all my bingo family.will be back home as soon as i can thks again


posted by norrol

19-Sep-10 18:15:30 |

So glad to hear you came thru surgery well.  Take care and will look forward to playing with you soon

posted by billiee

19-Sep-10 20:38:30 |

WooHoo  Glad your doing well Norrol and glad you will be back with us soon.  Hope you have a speedy recovery and look forward to having you with us again soon!!

posted by fjgtx

19-Sep-10 23:16:52 |

welcome bk norrol glad everything is ok hope to see u soon

posted by devilwoman1014

20-Sep-10 13:40:49 |

Hi Norrol, omg such a good report and I am so happy for you hon. Please do what has been ordered for you at home and then it will be sooner that you can sit and play with us....we all miss you very much my friend wow such good news  weeeeeeeeee

Love you much...Zippit  xoxoxoLaughingTongue out

posted by zippit

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