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just a thought

08-Apr-10 20:48:00 Bookmark and Share

just a thought
i don,t want to sound like a broken record on here,but i just have something for you to think about.when you have the same people winning top 5 every week or every other week it kinda brings everyone else on the site down like there is something we are not doing right. i suggest that you just think about maybe only allowing someone to win top 5 once every four weeks.i know if you win something from a radio station you can only win once every 30 to 60 days,this is just a thought to make it a little more fair to the rest of us who play here 24/7

09-Apr-10 08:41:21 |

hmmm im sure if it was you winning all the time you wouldnt say that and im sure it will happen i sat here for months not winning anything then i started hopping like the rest of them n i dont mean 1 or 2 hours then sit all night in the lowest paying room n expect to win so quit complaining n hop n quit making people feel bad for winning this is a free site that pays so if you wanna win work for it like everyone else

posted by devilwoman1014

09-Apr-10 09:03:55 |

diplomacy goes a long way here...seems alot of players who dont win complain in rooms about same winners..etc..right down to you dw when you werent winning....glad you winnnin now lol...but andy to degree she is correct appears in order to make self in any runnin for cash you must work at it you cant exspect to win if you dont make any effort to accure points by hoppin or whatever it takes...i can agree also that you dont officially need to hop to win but as you can see with the hoppers it sure helps to bring up thier scores...if you dont want to hop then i am afraid you will have to accept points as they come or not.....i am sure owner will respond to this today as i have emailed and asked him to respond agn as he has to posts like this many times..he could just copy and paste his response every time and save the hassle of typing it all out agn for millionth time...any game you have to work at it to win and if balls dont fall where we want we just keep on pluggin where else can you go and enjoy self and possibly win cold cash and not have to put out any of own money to play...enjoy and gl!

posted by FourSeasonQueen

09-Apr-10 09:42:29 |

I don't know what more I can say - have you read my responses to your other posts?  To sum it up - I've done what I can with the software that is available to me including the free cash games, large jackpots room and consolation prize to help spread out the winnings.  There isn't much more that can be reasonably done to spread the winning with this particular software.  As you know - if you read the responses - which I'm starting to doubt - I am both working on my own bingo software (I am a software developer at my day job) and I am also speaking with some of the commercial bingo software companies about potentially leasing their software.  Whichever it ends up being, I should have much more control at that point, however I will say that I envision the new system also putting the advantage in the court of players that work harder and play smarter, but that it will be more transparent.

posted by bingoadvantage

09-Apr-10 11:42:00 |

i am sick and tired of every time i type something in here i get shot down and lipped off by the same be precise the bingo police on here. the first one to report if they see someone in two rooms. nothing better to do with your time, take up knitting or something leave us who play a hell of a lot of hours and hop and try our hardest to win alone.

posted by andy1961

09-Apr-10 12:21:51 |

Hi andy this is not about being bingo police this is about everyone following the rules and I have seen Chris try his hardest to be fair to each and everyone on this site and go beyond that as well you have won cash games it's not like you have not won anything at all I have seen people going weeks with out winning and me being one of them but we just keep trying this is what makes it all the more fun.

I am sorry to see you don't think your ideas are not getting threw to Chris but they are but he can only do so much and again he is doing a wonderful job.

Just keep trying andy you will get their.

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

09-Apr-10 13:14:46 |

I feel that Chris has done a wonderful job and done just about everything in his power to spread the love.

1. He has allowed us to play for free

2. He allows you to hop

3. He has surprise cash games and scheduled cash games

4. He has extra games that his sponsors DO NOT pay for,  that he pays out of his own pocket

5. He has created a 4th place position

6. He has added points to room total prize amount per win

7. He leaves that room open for longer length of time

8. He offers contest for points (such as room closure contest and riddles)

9. If there is ever any question of a winner he awards both persons involved

10. He has someone here to monitor and make sure no one is cheating you out of your bingos by playing in more than one room at a time


 While ya can't please all the people all the time, he has gone the extra mile!

Thanks Chris!





posted by fjgtx

09-Apr-10 13:16:09 |

Hi Andy know how you feel.  Not much you can do.  I have not been winning much.  I do not room hop.  So I cannot complain.  I would like a room where you could not room hop and see what happens

posted by billiee

09-Apr-10 14:39:25 |

chris i have read all your responses back to me but it still doesn,t figure out unless you are programing software for certain people to doesn,t have anything to do with hopping either some that win every week are not hopping but sitting in one room. once you open high points room they sit. they win 6 times more than all other players.i would rather we all won 5 dollars then have some go months with nothing.if they say they play for fun then they aint human less face it we all would like to win something.

posted by andy1961

09-Apr-10 16:58:04 |

I'd disable room hopping if it were possible billiee.  It's just not an option with pluginbingo

andy1961  - I'm starting to wonder what your real motivation here is?

posted by bingoadvantage

09-Apr-10 17:15:33 |

as am i chris.......there is nothign you can do my friend...there is one or more in every crowd....

posted by FourSeasonQueen

09-Apr-10 17:52:11 |

Sorry Chris I did not mean that you were not fair or their was cheating.  But I do understand.  I was just stating my feelings.  If we do not like it we can choose not to play.  I dont play as much but Im outside.  I thank you do a very good job.  I dont doubt its a hard job to please everyone.

posted by billiee

09-Apr-10 18:35:48 |

my motivation was to play at a bingo site win a little cash not be slammed when i make a for kicking me off site yes i saw dw comments in cash games, if you deem i have done anything wrong go right ahead.i have no idea what that other player was doing or getting at,i,ve never spoke to them.i guess your players feedback means nothing on here.

posted by andy1961

09-Apr-10 19:41:32 |

the kicking off was for that joira guy that told e1 to f u maybe you should read the whole story before you go shooting youre mouth off you seem to have targeted me why i dont know maybe cause i win i dont care but if u think im gonna sit bk when youre directing comments towards me youre wrong i wont stand 4 it

posted by devilwoman1014

09-Apr-10 20:20:48 |

i don,t want to argue and fight in here the reason you  were zeroed out was because everytime i write something in here you come back with some snide remark go back and read what you wrote to me how am i supposed to take that gees .as for having me booted the person had long left  before you started spouting off after what was said in here sorry thought you meant me.

posted by andy1961

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