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Bingo Winners

02-Apr-10 15:33:24 Bookmark and Share

Bingo Winners

It looks like I must have deleted the old bingo winners thread by accident?


So here is a new one.   Free Cash Bingo Winners will be posted here.

posted by bingoadvantage in News

02-Apr-10 15:33:39 |

150 000 points  bingoflo
150 000 points  Lizzzard  devilwoman1014
500 000 points  mysterious
$5 and 100 000 points  henry123
$5 and 100 000 points devilwoman1014
$10 and 250 000 points bingoflo
$10 and 150 000 points Pfarn
$20 and 500 000 points  devilwoman1014

50 000 points   [  guesses  ]  niner9r sniffsrip9-10-07  GINWIN12  devilwoman1014  niner9r  bingoflo  sniffsrip9-10-07  devilwoman1014(+50 special game guess)  mysterious (+50 special game guess)

posted by bingoadvantage

02-Apr-10 15:36:50 |

Chris I had two guesses JJ had three plus special games

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

02-Apr-10 18:04:37 |

ok chris we doubled checked everything again four was wonderful about it it is only me that you missed for a second guess sorry abotu that

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

02-Apr-10 20:48:34 |

Hi sniffs I see two guesses from you up there.  Did you get three?

posted by bingoadvantage

02-Apr-10 20:49:30 |

Here are the wins from the surprise guess

150 000 points  norrol  alicemae
150 000 points  sugarbaby5ft
450 000 points  bingoflo
$5 and 100 000 points  sugarbaby5ft
$5 and 100 000 points  badeggs65  sugarbaby5ft
$10 and 250 000 points  norrol
$5 and 100 000 points GINWIN12  norrol
$5 and 100 000 points GINWIN12
$5 and 100 000 points norrol

50 000 points  (guesses)  niner9r  fjgtx  mysterious norrol  captainmorgan fjgtx  norrol

posted by bingoadvantage

02-Apr-10 23:31:05 |

thanks chris I didnt see the second one sorry on that my screens are all messed up still even having the issue with the zoom for 100% being missing for the bingo room checked all my settings and did a full reboot any more ideas for me to try????? and hope you have a very happy easter

Thanks  sniffs

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

05-Apr-10 14:39:13 |

People are having alot of troubles with the software lately.  I wonder if Shockwave compatibility is becoming less of a priority to the browsers.

posted by bingoadvantage

05-Apr-10 15:09:34 |

People are having alot of troubles with the software lately.  I wonder if Shockwave compatibility is becoming less of a priority to the browsers.

posted by bingoadvantage

09-Apr-10 16:29:57 |

150 000 points  GINWIN12  joirfa
150 000 points  blackhand43
450 000 points  sugarbaby5ft
$5 and 100 000 points blackhand43
$5 and 100 000 points daffodilpat
$10 and 250 000 points lindad0999
$10 and 100 000 points bingoflo  lindad0999
$5 and 100 000 points helenaugusta4
$5 and 100 000 points jetta12
$5 and 100 000 points devilwoman1014  bingoflo
$5 and 100 000 points fjgtx
$5 and 100 000 points bingobag2007

50 000 points  [ guesses ]  devilwoman014  bingobag2007  sugarbaby5ft  bingoflo  sniffsrip9-10-07  lovestobingo  fjgtx  bingobag2007  bingoflo sugarbaby5ft xxhawkladyxx fjgtx

posted by bingoadvantage

01-Jun-10 12:05:42 |

The original bingo winners thread surfaced.  Apparently it was accidentally de-indexed but was re-indexed as soon as I posted in it.

posted by bingoadvantage

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