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Easter Riddle For Points

31-Mar-10 14:34:31 Bookmark and Share

Easter Riddle For Points

Here is an Easter riddle for points :

What happens when you get a notice of a pending tax audit just in time for Easter?

First to correctly answer this easter riddle gets 100 000 bonus points.

Good luck. 

31-Mar-10 14:46:54 |

you look 4 a rabbits foot lol

posted by devilwoman1014

31-Mar-10 15:23:58 |

don't put all your eggs in one basket.

posted by alicemae

31-Mar-10 18:32:39 |

Pull a rabbit out cha Hat

posted by fjgtx

31-Mar-10 18:56:13 |

you passover.............

posted by FourSeasonQueen

31-Mar-10 22:48:39 |

better get cracking

posted by billiee

01-Apr-10 00:28:00 |

I Should give you guys all bonus points for coming up with better answers than the original!

200 000 points now  (and ill we'll have a vote for best alternate answer afterward)

posted by bingoadvantage

01-Apr-10 00:35:32 |

you hop down the bunny trail


posted by fjgtx

01-Apr-10 00:37:05 |

You start the hunt!

posted by fjgtx

01-Apr-10 10:40:14 |

You hope it is a 'Good Friday'.

posted by mombug43

01-Apr-10 11:13:32 |

you put it in an egg and hide it????

posted by FourSeasonQueen

01-Apr-10 11:14:27 |

you hopped down the bunny trail to the tax fairy?

posted by FourSeasonQueen

01-Apr-10 12:48:44 |

 make sure ur eggs are all sorted and find some extra bingo money in caseu need it


posted by norrol

01-Apr-10 12:58:20 |

hide yourself instead of the eggs

posted by angel72653

01-Apr-10 12:58:59 |

make sure all your eggs are in one basket

posted by angel72653

01-Apr-10 13:55:32 |

make rabbit tracks

posted by billiee

01-Apr-10 15:24:14 |

hop and make lots o  little bunny babies to help wit deductions?

posted by FourSeasonQueen

01-Apr-10 16:04:20 |

pray 4 a golden egg lol

posted by devilwoman1014

01-Apr-10 16:10:58 |

paint it like an egg lol

posted by devilwoman1014

01-Apr-10 16:19:46 |

tell the auditor the rabbit ate you reciepts???????

posted by FourSeasonQueen

01-Apr-10 16:21:04 |

yor wife shredded the reciepts for the bottom of rabbit cage??


posted by FourSeasonQueen

01-Apr-10 23:43:08 |

Its hare raising

posted by acer47

02-Apr-10 09:03:32 |

you count how many eggs are in  your basket

posted by bingoflo

03-Apr-10 22:59:37 |

You hire a tax lawyer with egg-sperience.

posted by acer47

04-Apr-10 00:42:01 |

you go hunting for easter egg hoping to find money to pay your taxes

posted by mysterious

05-Apr-10 15:25:00 |

So the official answer is you become an Easter Basket-Case.

 Please vote for the best un-official answer from the following :

  1.  look 4 a rabbits foot
  2. don't put all your eggs in one basket
  3. Pull a rabbit out of your hat
  4. passover
  5. get cracking
  6. start the hunt
  7. hope its good friday
  8. make sure your eggs are all sorted out
  9. make sure all your eggs are in one basket
  10. make rabbit tracks
  11. pray for a golden egg
  12. its hair raising
  13. tell the auditor the rabbit ate your receipts
  14. count how many eggs are in your basket
  15. get an egg-perienced accountant / lawyer


posted by bingoadvantage

05-Apr-10 15:41:17 |

i vote for number 13 of course lol love acers too though...

posted by FourSeasonQueen

05-Apr-10 23:02:19 |


posted by fjgtx

05-Apr-10 23:31:24 |

i vote for number 7

posted by billiee

05-Apr-10 23:38:32 |

i vote for number 2

posted by devilwoman1014

07-Apr-10 22:06:13 |

Voting closes at 3 pm on Friday.

posted by bingoadvantage

08-Apr-10 12:07:35 |

I vote for 15 lol

posted by acer47

08-Apr-10 16:31:20 |

I am saying number 4

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

13-Apr-10 12:31:23 |

 what was the answer to the riddle or did I miss it

posted by billiee

23-Apr-10 15:43:55 |

The official answer was  you become an Easter Basket-Case.


acer won the vote for best answer. 

posted by bingoadvantage

26-Apr-10 04:18:45 |


posted by tinysangel1780

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