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too many of same players winning all the time

23-Feb-10 15:36:38 Bookmark and Share

too many of same players winning all the time
numerous people are complaining about the same people winning all the time,i am on 24/7 and i have to say it sure seems like the same 5 or 6 are winning way more then others.i was wondering if maybe there are some bots on here,i,ve seen it done on  other sites?

23-Feb-10 16:00:38 |

yes and it me icant win to get my ponits

posted by daffodilpat

23-Feb-10 16:09:45 |

You know I have to totally agree with Andy here, I have my computer running 24/7 as well.  I have mentioned it, and funny enough got a lashing from one of the top 5 or 6 players saying it was just is my problem with that.  Say you have 100 people is MATHMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for the same 5 or 6 people to win all the time.  That is like saying only those 5 or 6 people have the special 'luck' required to win.  I hate to complain, because after all it IS a free site, and Chris is gracious enough to host these tournaments, but it goes without saying that something just doesn't equate here.  IF it were just dumb luck then SOONER or LATER someone else would be lucky enough to have some of that luck.  I am not implying that you are cheating Chris, but have to wonder if maybe it's on the other end? (the players) I hate to call anyone a cheater, but if you do the math yourself, and really think about this, you would probably come to the same conclusion that sooner or later those players 'luck' would have to change.  I am sorry, but something just isn't right.  I am thinking after this week I am just going to play Friday tournaments, because leaving my comp running 24/7 is just a plain waste of time and energy.  I will say a couple of weeks ago I WAS actually stunned that I was in first place for a  couple of days, but as soon as you had that tournament and left the large jackpot room open, my short lived reign was over....and it was right back to the usual winners.  If anyone wants to dispute this, go have a look for yourself at the recent winners list. It goes back quite a way and you will see what a lot of other people are seeing (but a lot of people are afraid to actually say anything)  I will probably get flamed for even mentioning any of this (as will Andy) but you have to understand that it DOES get tiring of watching the same people win week after week and it just doesn't make mathmatical sense when you think about all the other players who are playing 24/7 as well.

Chris, please consider doing something, ANYTHING to make it more fair for ALL the players involved.  I know some of them will come in bitching but you gotta know that something just doesn't add up here.

Thanks for listening to us vent (there are more players talking about this, but who knows if they will step forward)


posted by captainmorgan420

23-Feb-10 16:28:49 |

just another question....? How come I cannot see my reply or read other replies?

posted by captainmorgan420

23-Feb-10 16:32:03 |

i dont think any of them are bots......i have talked with all of the top 5 on numerous times and gigs even gave birth to me lol so i dont think they are bots.....some spend alot more time hopping etc than most so that helps thier overall point tally if they lucky enough to win in rooms they enter...i have seen couple of complaints but havent seen numerous??i have actually chatted with most of folks in the top 50 but a few newbies i havent had the pleasure yet....

posted by FourSeasonQueen

23-Feb-10 16:32:49 |

omg capt!!!! i cant see or respond to you either!

posted by FourSeasonQueen

23-Feb-10 17:00:54 |

you know Andy I hate to say it, we can complain all we want, but I don't believe anything will be done about it. I complained some last year and nothing was done. I was just told that people were 'lucky'... but you know if you give it some thought, the SAME people cannot be that lucky over and over and over.  That is why I left for a long time. I came back and see it is STILL the same winners it was then.  What does that tell you?? that nothing is going to change and we might as well give up.  I would recommend the site to more friends, but kinda hard to recommend a site when you wonder what is really going on behind the scenes, right?  It didn't change in the year I was gone and it probably won't change now.  Sad, because I really enjoy the bingo here, just wish it was A LOT more fair the rest of the players.  (hell even put a limit on how many times a person can win in a row/month, so SOMEONE else could actually have a chance)  now theres an idea and no one should have a problem with that solution right??? (of course the answer will be WRONG) ugh

posted by captainmorgan420

23-Feb-10 18:21:40 |

     [ -*-*- U R L : Play Bingo -*-*- ]

Sorry about the invisible replies.  I messed up the forum today when I was working on some improvements.

I'm surprised to hear this from you captainmorgan420.  I know that you have promoted this site in the past and for that I thank you. 

I probably post a dozen times a year that winning the bingo tournament is hard work and has little to do with luck.  It is competitive so if you want to win the tournament you have to room hop and it helps to partake in the special games and any other chances for extra points.  The same players win all the time because they work their butts off.  Is that how I intended it?  No.  Is that how the software is designed? Yes.

It would be a full time job to police room hopping so I made it legal so anyone can profit from it, rather than just sneaky players that know it is difficult to police with this software.  

In light of the limitations of the leased bingo software I have done the following to make it more fair

  • added the consolation prize for the highest scoring player that has not one in at least 2 months
  • added the special cash games through which I payout almost double what is available to be won in the tournament anyway
  • added the opportunity to score large jackpots during the cash games and afterward
  • added a fourth place to help spread the love 

There is only so much I can do and I don't believe that disallowing a player to win for more than one week in a row is fair.

I am working on my own bingo software, but I have to balance that with maintaining this site and others, my day job, and being a parent.  It takes time.

Some people win more than others at any given time - that is natural.  If everyone won evenly (short term) that would be highly unnatural.  If certain players are consistantly winning more games its possible it is worth investigating - but I would need reports with names from experienced players that understand the room hopping and card changing tactics versus someone potentially logged in with multiple instances.   You can't expect me to take you serious if allege bots.  Go to the pluginbingo site and see if player bots is one of the options for the software.

ps. This isn't addressed to you captainmorgan420 - I welcome your questions, but if players feel it neccessary to be uncivil to other players on the site just because they disagree with them - they will be banned.

posted by bingoadvantage

23-Feb-10 18:45:24 |

As far a I know,I am not a,however do like to room hop and if I win,that's good,but if I don't that's ok too....I just like to play......and the one thing I have never done since i have been playing here is cheat.anyway.good luck to everyone......hope you win


posted by niner9r

23-Feb-10 19:19:12 |

Yes chris I have promoted your website in the past. I didn't reply to andys post to offend anyone. I room hop quite frequently and  leave my comp on 24/7.  All I ask is that you consider the facts.  The people who I have spoken with also room hop and leave their comp on all night.  So wouldn't it seem that sooner or later someone else would actually experience some of that luck you speak of? I work my butt off by room hopping too and taking advantage of the other games so now what? Just give up and keep wondering?  You have to understand how it looks.  I don't see why you think it is unfair to make it so that someone cannot win 2 or 3 weeks in a row...on the contrary, I would think you would want different winners so that new people could actually have hope of winning too.  I know that if I were a newbie and saw the same winners 2 and 3 weeks in a row, I would probably give up. I do know that once you leave that large jackpot room open it doesn't really help because it seems that the people who do all the winning to begin with are the same ones who are doing all the winning in that room too.  Case in point....I was in large jp room last week and got 1 bingo in four hours. While other players (won't mention names but you get the idea) were getting 3 and 4 bingos in a row, or several bingos an hour.  So I guess your trying to tell me I am just unlucky and they are lucky, all the while I am doing the same as them.  All I am saying is with as many players as you have, someone else has to win sooner or later, it just never seems to work out that way.

Again, I am sorry if my normal wondering has offended anyone.

posted by captainmorgan420

23-Feb-10 19:23:31 |

I guess maybe I just need to give up trying.

posted by captainmorgan420

23-Feb-10 20:06:00 |

Hi there. just wondering what will happen to my balance if i logged out, does it earn continuously or it will refresh back to 20000. can you help me

posted by macris2010

23-Feb-10 20:16:50 |

your balance should remain to whatever it was when you logged doesnt do continually...

posted by FourSeasonQueen

23-Feb-10 21:44:12 |

macris2010 - If your balance drops below 20 000 it will refresh to 20 000 overnight - otherwise it will remain until the bingo tournament resets on monday nights.

posted by bingoadvantage

23-Feb-10 21:48:33 |

If anyone truly believes that some players are in fact cheating - they should inform me or if they are more comfortable they can talk about it to the offical player representative FourSeasonQueen.  The more facts the better.  A screenshot of something suspicious like a player splitting a pot with themselves.

The only ways that I can think of for people to improve their chances of winning in a single room like that are

- change your cards frequently in the later stages of the match   (just a theory - does this work?)

- log into the same room multiple times   ( the software is set to disallow this )   - can anyone verify if this is possible to do?

It's not healthy for players to be suspicious of each other and this site has come too far to be derided that way.  If the players are just working harder and playing smarter then - I'd like to clear their name (it shouldnt fall on anyone to have to defend themselves.)  If anyone is cheating they get the boot - its happened before and it will happen again

Andy, what are these bots that you speak of?  Do you have a link with some info?  I thought you meant house - bots which is to say it plainly insulting.

posted by bingoadvantage

23-Feb-10 21:49:44 |

I meant to say A screenshot of something suspicious like a player splitting a pot with themselves is useful.

posted by bingoadvantage

23-Feb-10 22:23:07 |

sorry chris i didn,t mean to imply that you have bots on here but i have played on other sites where if there are under a certain number of players they put in bots to play aka bingo night in canada.and have heard that some hackers can get bots to run on sites as well.

posted by andy1961

25-Feb-10 15:25:55 |

   What I don't understand is why I get disconnected so much?  Surely, I am not the only one who this happens to.  I can count on it always happening when the cash room is opened or closed, but it happens a lot other times too.  And like many of the other players I do have the game up 24/.  thank you

posted by chablis

25-Feb-10 15:59:27 |

Oops meant to say 24/7 in previous post...and I do agree with captainmorgan...could not have said it better.  But this deal with the bots is impossible at this site.  I have played here for many, many years and you could not ask for a more honest owner than chris.  That is why it really is so puzzling to everyone that the same players do win all the time.  If it really is all luck, then how can a player play harder and smarter than the others?  

posted by chablis

25-Feb-10 19:19:01 |

correct me if i am wrong but when i typed into forum i did not use the word cheaters anywhere. i did not say anyone was cheating i did not say that chris somehow was cheating and i don,t like people implying that i did. i simply stated that OTHER players have mentioned to me about the same people winning all the for the bots which seems to have got everyones tether in a knot i just mentioned another site that puts in bots when not enough cards being played,DID,NT SAY IT WAS THIS SITE.

posted by andy1961

26-Feb-10 18:45:13 |

If the d/c ar emore frequent during the cash tournament it might have something to do with the 100 player cap on the platinum software lease.  I have no idea how they enforce that - I'll have to ask.

posted by bingoadvantage

26-Feb-10 21:38:07 |

  Chris it is definitely possible for a player to log into the same room more than has happened to me on accident, and as soon as i caught onto the fact (which was only a minute or so, bc there were two windows open) i closed one reallly quick. I am very very careful whenever i have to log in to a rm bc i am not sure how my comp does it, but i have indeed been logged into a rm more than once. It hasnt happened in a pretty good while now, but i pay very close attention now, bc i don't want pppl to think that i cheat. If i can figure out how it happens i will def let you know though.

posted by badeggs65

26-Feb-10 23:05:19 |

ive had a lucky 3 or 4 weeks so what i sat here over 2 months not winning and was here about 20 hrs a day as i dont sleep much i dont cheat but do rm hop i dont win all the time just had a few lucky weeks is all, i hate cheaters and am 1 of the 1st ones to catch them. dont worry people my winning wont last long never does ill probably sit here another 2 or 3 months with nothing. and chris you are the most honest host on the bingo sites ive ever seen so keep doing what youre doing keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

posted by devilwoman1014

27-Feb-10 09:48:57 |

Queston,what can you do about a person playing in 3 rooms at one time?  I just saw that this morning.

posted by jetta12

27-Feb-10 17:33:51 |

report it to four or chris there points will be deleted

posted by devilwoman1014

01-Mar-10 09:06:50 |

It seems they were a new player and stopped once informed.  They still are not eligible for a cash placement naturally.

posted by bingoadvantage

01-Mar-10 09:09:14 |

It seems they were a new player and stopped once informed.  They still are not eligible for a cash placement naturally.


Thanks for the info badeggs!   If it happens again, check if you can get multiple sets of cards.

posted by bingoadvantage

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