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Taking points

07-Oct-09 11:31:38 Bookmark and Share

Taking points
Now if you could stop the same people from going to room to room and taking points off of players who stay in room would be fine,they're always the same winners,always in the lead.Do anyone else ever get the leaD?

posted by jetta12 in General

08-Oct-09 00:44:09 |

im with u on that one jetts12 ,i've always said that if  a person joins the room half way through a game they should not be able to buy cards till the next game starts.

posted by gottcha

08-Oct-09 01:42:11 |

Being new to this site I must agree.  I usually play in one room where i have noticed that one player tends to win the bulk of the bingos.  One has won 5 out of the last 6 games and others are lucky to win one in 20.  Is it that they are members or just the luckiest people on the site?  I have noticed 2 players that win more and consectivly over anyone else.  What is up with this?  Is this really a fair site?

posted by ruboni

08-Oct-09 07:12:50 |

yes this is a fair hopping is perfectly legal though not well liked lol....but the ones who hop and seem up on leaderboard alot more is the fact that they do jump and work hard at what they trying to accomplish which is to be one of the top 4 to win what is advertised,,,,, as it may not be well liked the hopping that is it is perfectly legal and accepted .......good luck to all if your cards stink then change all about luck there is no skill involved...

posted by FourSeasonQueen

08-Oct-09 13:28:50 |

     [ -*-*- U R L : Free Bingo Games -*-*- ]

There isn't an option with this software to stop room hoping.  I could change the points system so that it wouldn't make as much sense to room hop - but im not sure that is the best option.

I could also outlaw room hopping but then it's very difficult to enforce that since the software won't do it.   Wining 5 out of 6 games is incredibly lucky though - is that common?  I haven't heard that before. 

posted by bingoadvantage

08-Oct-09 13:29:37 |

I mean room hopping.  I don't think anyone has an issue with hoping.

posted by bingoadvantage

08-Oct-09 17:56:11 |

You won't qualify for the cash prize if you:
- play in multiple rooms simultaneously
- play in the same room multiple times
- play with more than one account
during the same cash tournament


 So.. I'm thinking we all quit complaining & just have fun while Chris is offering us the free cash games! For those complaining about the room hopping & feel its not right you sit in 1 room while one person hops back & forth winning the pots, you are actually playing in the same room multiple times! 


posted by beggin4bingo

19-Oct-09 18:51:24 |

If you sit in one room where points are low all the time,how can you expect to be up on leaderboard?.If you want to win play in room where points are higher .

posted by niner9r

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