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Can someone help me please?

21-Aug-09 11:07:09 Bookmark and Share

Can someone help me please?

I've gotta ask....  Although I have enjoyed playing bingo here.  I'm starting to think this is some kind of scam.  The same players win the weekly tournaments all the time.  Yesterday Thurs, Aug 20th I could not get the website to load up All Day!.  About tuesday morning I had started off in 7th place and sunk on the ratings list slowly but surely while everyone else rose to the top of the list.  I have sent out a invitation to my sister to join and it wasn't received.  What's up????? This has been a test in frustration.

posted by Izzyhere in General

21-Aug-09 17:34:54 |

First of all I'm glad to hear that you have enjoyed playing here and thanks for referring your sister. Sorry that your sister did not get the email. It was probably filtered by her junk mail filter.  Emails sent by software are especially prone to that. 

The application server crashed some time on Thursday.  I fixed it this morning.  These things always seem to happen when I am not around.

Being in top position on Tuesday and losing that position is not remarkable since the points are reset at midnight Monday night - so you are not likely to secure that much of a lead in less than a day.

The tournament is competitive - so it is hard to win.  The same players win, I assume, because they put in the extra time to room hop and optimize their chanaces. We have caught people breaking the rules before, but the community does a pretty good job of helping me to police the tournament.  Nobody likes a cheater.

The cash games are another shot at cash prizes and I have a consolation prize every week to make sure that everyone gets a shot at winning if they play regularly - even if they don't participate in the cash games.   I pay out more in the cash games than I do in the weekly tournament anyway.  I know from the payouts that all the regular players get a peice of the action - which is great.

It's hard for me to understand the accusation that the bingo games are a scam considering that there is no popups, I don't sell the email list and I accept no payments from players - meanwhile I give away money to help make the games more exciting.  This site generates its profit completely independantly from the free games.  The tournaments and cash games are my way of giving back to the bingo community and I haven't generated any revenue from the free games in over 6 years of running this site.

posted by bingoadvantage

21-Aug-09 17:38:22 |

I just rememembered something that might be relevant to your confusion.  I forgot to reset the points on Monday night.  I remembered to assign the winners - but forgot to reset the points.  At some point on Tuesday (I forget the exact time), one of the players was kind enough to remind me.  So that may be why you might have lost your 7th place position.


posted by bingoadvantage

21-Aug-09 17:59:26 |

Thank you for your quick response.  I will keep playing and hope that the players that are not playing fairly will take into consideration those who do play by the rules.  It is a bit frustrating and I would not like to have the friends I refer have  encounter the same experience I have.  I have witnessed players that have policed the games and appreciate those who do as they have been playing alot longer than I have and know what is cool and what isn't.  Thanks again and sorry if I offended you by using the word "scam".

posted by Izzyhere

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