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29-May-09 20:13:30 Bookmark and Share

what is the rule of thumb about telling others about a site/tv network station that pays you to watch tv and pays you to listen to radio on line? do not want to break rule not trying to get referrals as this site does not have referral incentives but thought i would be nice and let others from both canada and the united states know where to go to win some easy $$$$

posted by carlton123 in Hot Tips

29-May-09 21:49:49 |

I received a email today where you can go to a web site and by clicking on the page sponsors will make donations to charities. Charities consist of issues of breast cancer,hunger,literacy to animal rescue. Im sure one of these charities holds a special place for you and our your families.I have made it a point to save the site to my favorites and click on the page daily. The site is

Knowing some of you generously donate your winnings to charity.Thought I'd share this info.

thanks for your time

posted by hoofedarted

30-May-09 00:46:04 |

Carlton123 what is the name of that site your talking about please.

posted by HBW

30-May-09 11:52:48 |

dont want to name a site until i find out from chris if it is ok or not

posted by carlton123

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