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Just a couple of suggestions

25-May-09 11:21:00 Bookmark and Share

Just a couple of suggestions

To the owner of this site.....

While you have a room that is slow call blackout/coverall (whatever you want to call it)....and you create a room for fast call blackout/coverall when there are special games.  Why don't you create an all the time room that is fast call blackout?  You can still have your special games/cash games from time to time, but have an additional room that is all the time fast call.

Another suggestion is to decrease the amount of intermission time.  That's what causes a lot of the room hopping is the amount of time waiting for another game in your choice of rooms to start.  Everyone here pretty much is on auto anyway and you can buy cards up until the last number called, so a decrease in intermission time wouldn't kill anything as far as I can tell. 


posted by outlawgirl3464 in General

25-May-09 11:48:38 |

Thank you for the suggestions outlawgirl.  I really do appreciate the feedback.  User feedback has and will continue to be the largest factor in shaping the games.

Both reducing intermission time and increasing calling speed tend to lead to more complaints of the software autobingo missing a bingo or not giving them a prize share.  I might actually be wrong - but I feel like those problems lead to more disatisfaction than the room hopping.

posted by bingoadvantage

26-May-09 08:23:43 |

very good points outlawgirl...I agree...doesnt have to be turbo speed but just a little faster...actually would be nice to have it a little faster in all the rooms and less time for intermission in all the rooms too...maybe try it for a trial period and see what all the players think

posted by chablis

26-May-09 15:00:13 |

Well turbo is 1 second and the rooms are already set to 2 seconds.  There isn't anything in between.  The software actualy defaults to 8 seconds believe it or not.


I could try shorter intermissions for the weekend I suppose.

posted by bingoadvantage

26-May-09 19:36:11 |

How about getting it to where you have to wait for the current game to be over before you can get in.

posted by josiestar

26-May-09 22:18:41 |

josiestar that is great idea but will never happen.

posted by HBW

27-May-09 08:51:44 |

chris, I had no idea that the games were set that fast...maybe then to make them move faster have quicker intermissions in all the games all the time...whatever you think and the other players want...I would play in the other rooms more if they moved along quicker lolWink

posted by chablis

27-May-09 09:26:33 |

We'll try shorter intermissions with a slighlt longer bingo call pause for a few days.  Let me know how this effects your playing experience.

posted by bingoadvantage

27-May-09 09:56:00 |

I like josiestar idea the best, it seems you almost always lose to players coming in at last second, after all thats why it was stopped during cash games right??

posted by angel72653

27-May-09 10:04:08 |

There just is not any facilities with this software to lock out or force players to wait until the game ends to purchase cards.

posted by bingoadvantage

28-May-09 09:44:17 |

thank you chris for shorter intermissions, I will play in the other two rooms today and try it out and thank you for always answering our questions and helping us outSmile

posted by chablis

02-Jul-09 13:59:29 |

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