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Inspirational Prayer for you Angel in your time of Need.

21-May-09 16:01:16 Bookmark and Share

Inspirational Prayer for you Angel in your time of Need.

I am so sorry for the loss of our mother-in-law today.  Stand by your man and hold him together and hold yourself together also.  The lord is your strength.

Oh Father of mercies, and God of all comfort,
Thou hast often invited us to thyself in kindness.
It manifests our depravity that we think of Thee so little
In our hour of ease and prosperity!
But we are now before Thee in affliction and distress.
Yet we rejoice to know that Thou art a very present and an
All-sufficient help in trouble.


Thou takest away, and who can hinder Thee, or say unto Thee
"What doest Thou?" Thou hast a right to do what Thou
wilt with Thine own.
Thou art a sovereign and the reasons of Thy conduct are often
far above, out of our sight. But Thy work is perfect, Thy
ways are judgment.
All Thy dispensations are wise, and righteous, and kind --
Even when they seem to be severe, as in this time of grief.

May we hear thy voice in Thy rod, as well as in Thy word;
And gathering from the corrections with which we are
Exercised the peaceable fruit of righteousness, be able to
Acknowledge, with all our suffering brethren before us.
Now in our grief, we are ever mindful of Thee, and we
Humbly request Thy blessing, not just for our brethren
Who have gone to Thy side, but for ourselves, that we
Need not suffer such loss to remain ever mindful of Thee!

my prayers are with you sweetie and your husband. 

Love Ally


posted by Ally56 in General

21-May-09 16:20:59 |

So sorry for your loss angel prayers with you in your time of need

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

21-May-09 16:23:08 |

Ally im so sorry for  your loss my prayers are with you and your family during this trying time. god bless   love bingoflo

posted by bingoflo

21-May-09 16:25:11 |

SS Angel my thoughts are with you.

posted by bingoadvantage

21-May-09 16:25:27 |

opps so sorry i meant angel forgive me  love bingoflo

posted by bingoflo

21-May-09 16:25:28 |

Bingoflo ty but it is for angel not me hun.

posted by Ally56

21-May-09 16:26:07 |

i know i corrected myself sorry

posted by bingoflo

21-May-09 16:27:18 |

not a problem hun

posted by Ally56

21-May-09 16:33:25 |

To you and you family Angel a warm hug." I understand".

God Bless

posted by hoofedarted

21-May-09 22:00:57 |

10:00 o4 room still open

posted by hoofedarted

22-May-09 07:20:39 |

my thoughts and prayers from my family to you & your hubbys. angel. may she have a quick passage over...

posted by FourSeasonQueen

22-May-09 08:57:51 |


posted by THOMAS1945

22-May-09 12:51:22 |

My thoughts and prayer are with you durbug this hard time. May God help you thought and bless you and your family.

posted by BethanyBrook

22-May-09 15:58:49 |

So sorry for your loss, prayers be with you & yours!

posted by beggin4bingo

23-May-09 02:43:28 |

im so sorry for your loss my husband just lost his grandmother on the 18th so i know what your going through condolences take care

posted by lovestobingo

23-May-09 23:43:51 |

A very big thank you to all for your care and concern during this trying time....funeral is tuesday at 10 AM hoping it goes smoother than the last few days......thanks again

posted by angel72653

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