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Thank You for Everyone's Thoughtfulness

01-Apr-09 14:41:53 Bookmark and Share

Thank You for Everyone's Thoughtfulness
 Hi, This is Badeggs65, aka, Cindy. I just want to say a heartfelt Thank You to everyone who stood by me on the previous post that caused such an uproar. That being said, I would also like to say Thank You very much for all your compassion, prayers, and genuine concern for me and my family in our time of grief. You will never know how much those comments meant to me, as my Mom's passing was very sudden and unexpeted. To the people that posted their thoughts, poems, prayers and condolences for us gives me hope that there are still caring and wonderful people among us, to show such concern for someone who you have never formally met.  I just wanted everyone to know how greatly appreciative I am for these things and how much that you have really helped me in my time of sorrow. I really don't have the right words to express what I feel and how you have made me feel. All I know is that the things you all posted seemed to be the things I needed to hear. So, again,  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and would like to ask that you continue to pray for my father who needs all the strength he can get to make it through his difficult loss.

posted by badeggs65 in General

02-Apr-09 14:03:45 |

LaughingHi Cindy,

Just know the thoughts and prayers will continue for you and your family as you said the unexpected is the one that hit's the hardest and when ever you need strength just remember it is always looking down on you grab and hold on to it because it is there even when you think it is not. For your Dad he will be ok in time I believe that I have been their done it I won't say everyday will be easy for him but he will be ok because he has the family whom will be their for him and I will keep the prayers going for all of you. You will be ok also like I said just remember that the true angels are watching over you and they will not let you down much blessings in your time of need future to come also.


posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

03-Apr-09 12:04:30 |

Thank you so very much girl, the things you write are very comforting to me. I don,t know what else to say, except thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the thoughts and prayers too. I know I will need them. Cindy

posted by badeggs65

09-Apr-09 16:30:40 |

Dear Cindy, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother.  My prayers are with you and your family.  It just takes time and sometimes a lot of time to be able to deal with it.  Take care my thoughts are with you...chablis

posted by chablis

09-Apr-09 18:41:47 |

thank you so very much, the shock is somewhat starting to wear off i think. but realization really sucks. i have had some really bad days which i guess is to be expected. but all your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. as i said earlier i am worried about my daddy, not only did i lose a mother, he lost a wife of 51 yrs. whom he devoted to and took care of her since her heart problems started. he is dealing ok so far as we can tell, he is a very strong and stoic who deals with things on his own terms. but i still worry. so once again i thank youso very much for your thoughts and prayewrs at this time and they do help me alot. much love. badeggs aka cindy

posted by badeggs65

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