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Bingo Winners

24-Mar-09 13:41:04      [ -*-*- U R L : Free Bingo For Cash Prizes -*-*- ] Bookmark and Share

Bingo Winners
Memesue sent me an email with a great idea to publish the cash game winners on the forum.  I intend to do this from now on after each cash game.  This should help curtail any confusion between cash and pt games and also give an idea to new players of what the site offers aside from the weekly cash games.

posted by bingoadvantage in News

24-Mar-09 13:48:22 |

I didnt record the dates, but here are some of the recent cash and pt game winners from the last couple of weeks.

100k pts ricki47
100k pts marrty
250k pts sprinter niner9r nicki_68

$5 /100k pts crizzos sprinter mombug43
$5 / 100k pts Ricki47
$10 / 250k pts Ally56
$10 / 100k pts chester
$5 / 100k pts Heaven227 spider67
$5 / 100k pts bingobag2007

50k pts    janlynnv bingoflo marrty ally56 chester Heaven227 lovestobingolol


100k pts lovestobingo crizzos
100k pts chablis Precious627
250k pts bingobag2007

$5 / 100k pts carlton123  modoc44
$5 / 100k pts fjgtx
$10 / 250k pts modoc44
$5 / 100k pts lovestobingo

50k pts  crizzos  GINWIN12 Precious627  carlton123 MemaSue  badeggs65 chester


100k pts spider67
100k pts MemaSue
250k pts modoc44 malabo2009

$5 / 100k pts MemaSue
$5 / 100k pts josiestar
$10 / 250k pts Heaven227
$10 / 100k pts nicki_68
$5 / 100k pts spider67  modoc44  Precious627
$5 / 100k pts busser

50k pts Precious627  Ally56 modoc44


100k pts crizzos
100k pts janlynnv
250k pts niner9r
$5 / 100k pts lillian43
$5 / 100k pts janlynnv
$10 / 250k pts alicemae  niner9r
$5 / 100k pts gigs

50k pts crizzos badeggs65 ginwin12 ginwin12(100) niner9r gigs ginwin12


100k pts hoofedarted
100k pts queenpie
250k pts Ally56

$5 / 100k pts janlynnv
$5 / 100k pts acer47
$10 / 250k pts Bethanybrook
$10 / 100k pts Heaven227 derektate  hoofedarted
$5 / 100k pts  nicki_68     x 2 if posted in forum

50k pts  GINWIN12 Memasue Bethanybrook bingobag2007  heaven227  sniffsrip91007  heaven227


100k pts Precious627
100k pts marrty
250k pts janlynnv
$5 / 100k pts GINWIN12
$5 / 100k pts niner9r
$10 / 250k pts crizzos
$5 / 100k pts sniffsrip91007   x2 if posted in forum
$5 / 100k pts nicki_68

50k pts queenpie  sniffsrip91007 crizos

posted by bingoadvantage

25-Mar-09 00:20:28 |

hey chris! what do you mean by getting double if you post on thr forum does this mean post anything or is it something specific ty?


posted by lovestobingo

25-Mar-09 10:56:29 |

Occasionally I will specify that the game is for $5 /100k pts  x 2 if that particular player has posted on the forum in the last 2 months.  So if you win such a game in the next two months you would get $10 / 200k pts :)

posted by bingoadvantage

25-Mar-09 14:56:26 |

Today's cash winners

posted by bingoadvantage

25-Mar-09 14:57:27 |

Let me try that again.
Today's surprise games point and cash winners :
100k pts modoc44   MemaSue
100k pts chablis aggie500
250k pts busser
$5 / 100k pts gigs
$5 / 100k pts SooZQ   gigs
$10 / 250k pts derektate
$5 / 100k pts GINWIN12

50k pts (guesses)  spider67  niner9r  MemaSue janlynnv

posted by bingoadvantage

26-Mar-09 00:19:20 |

congrats to all winners :)

posted by acer47

27-Mar-09 13:29:31 |

Today's cash and point winners were
100k pts FourSeasonQueen
100k pts Sprinter FourSeasonQueen
250k pts FourSeasonQueen
$5 100k pts Ricki47
$5 100k pts modoc44
$10 250k pts modoc44
$10 100k pts mombug43
$5 100k pts GINWIN12
$5 100k pts sniffsrip9-10-07

50k pts [guesses] gigs  FourSeasonQueen MemaSue  queenpie

posted by bingoadvantage

03-Apr-09 15:46:29 |

100k pts punky
100k pts aggie500  lovestobingo
250k pts lovestobingo acer47

$5 and 100k pts alicemae
$5 and 100k pts aggie500
$10 and 250k pts acer47
$10 and 100k pts punky
$5 and 100k pts ally56
$5 and 100k pts aggie500 lovestobingo
$5 and 100k pts FourSeasonQueen

50k pts [guesses]   lizzzzzzzz7  bingoadvantage  acer47  lizzzzzz7[100l]  FourSeasonQueen MemaSue

posted by bingoadvantage

10-Apr-09 18:11:45 |

100k points angel72653
100k points gigs
250k points gigs
500k points dkmall
$5 and 100k points  dkmall  niner9r  fjgtx  bingoflo  nicki_68
$5 and 100k points bingobag2007
$10 and 250k points alarose
$10 and 100k pts dkmall
$100 private designers gc and 250k pts angel72653
$50 ebay gc and 250k pts acer47  hoofedarted

50k pts guesses  fourseasonqueen, acer47, dkmall, sniffsrip9-10-07  bingoadvantage, fjgtx,  jan, niner9r,  fourseasonqueen, angel726453  fjgtx

posted by bingoadvantage

10-Apr-09 21:44:09 |


Hey Chris

I won 100 K points and $5. so how come I'm not listed on the winners for todays cash games


posted by bingobag2007

11-Apr-09 00:13:52 |

hey bingobag just so you know i checked the list sweety you are in it so you know wtg again

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

16-Apr-09 12:53:47 |

100k pts angel72653
100k pts angel72653
250k pts Ricki47
$5 100k pts niner9r
$5 100k pts  Ricki47
$10 250k pts  sniffsrip9-10-07
$5 100k pts moneymistress  bingobag2007

50k pts [guesses]  -  sniffsrip9-10-07  MemaSue  janlynnv angel72653  FourSeasonQueen  bingoadvantage

posted by bingoadvantage

17-Apr-09 15:53:08 |

100k points alicemae  acer47  derektate
$5 100k points niner9r
250k points Ricki47
100k points  stella ? orlofi
$5 and 100k points sniffsrip9-10-07
$10 and 250k points hbw
$10 and 100k points Ricki47
$5 and 100k points crizzos  (x2 if posted on forum)

50 points [guesses] niner9r  moneymistress  nicki_68  hoofedarted  sniffsrip9-10-07  Ricki47  jopsiestar  sniffsrip9-10-07&nbs