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fair for all

12-Mar-09 17:17:13 Bookmark and Share

fair for all



i am sort of new to the site even tho i have been a member for a long time. i have surfed the net for the past few years playing on different sites and those that i liked i placed in a folder to someday revisit. first let me say wtg to the admins of the site. i have seen many setups of bingo sites both free and paid. i like the ideal of free play and ct rooms. one problem i have seen on a lot of the sites i fisited is the inability of members to follow simple rules like play in 1 room at a time. i sat here today in the cash tourney and watched certain names enter 2-3 times in a 10 minute period. now i am all for changing cards when permitted however there is a rule that pops up every few minutes that states that this is prohibited. therefore i thought perhaps i would make a sugestion perhaps admin could institute a timeout for each room. ie if a member enters the same room more than 3 times in any 10 minute time frame they are prohibited from playing in that room for 2 hours. this would both allow those that are having computer problems still play at the site and will hopefully stop those that insist on room hopping. you could also make it where if a person is banned from more than 3 rooms in any given day that they be disqualified from winning any form of tourney.


this is just a suggestion and not in any way intended as anything else. i really enjoy playing here and i do think that the setup is one of the best i have seen. i believe that if the small problem with rule violators was squashed this could be the top free bingo site online.

13-Mar-09 11:50:02 |

     [ -*-*- U R L : -*-*- ]

Hi Carlton123 and thanks for the compliments.

Having a timeout is an excellent idea which has been brought up before.  Unfortunately the game is leased and we don't have that much control over the way the software behaves.  

Room hopping is allowed except for during the cash games.  I accidently left the cash game notice up in the cash room since yesterday.  That room was supposed to be closed at 4:30 est thursday afternoon, but I was busy and to be honest I would forget my own name if my wife didn't write it on my shirt tags - Hanes.

I have considered banning room hopping - but it would be too difficult to police with this particular software.  Playing in two rooms simultaneously is not allowed and I think that the players do a pretty good job of determining who breaks that rule.

posted by bingoadvantage

13-Mar-09 12:38:18 |


 ty for quick reply chris oops i mean hanes

i can totaly understand about the leasing.

posted by carlton123

02-Jul-10 04:15:01 |

Thanks for the suggestion. It's pretty cool.

posted by bsang27

02-Jul-10 04:15:34 |

Thanks for the suggestion. It's pretty cool.

posted by bsang27

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