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Another Christmas Riddle

25-Dec-08 02:46:29      [ -*-*- U R L : Bingo Mania Reviews -*-*- ] Bookmark and Share

Another Christmas Riddle
150 000 points for the first person to answer this one and it goes up 50 000 points each day it goes unanswered (max 350 000.)

What describes the following : Christmas, presents, ornaments, December, eggnog

but not :  carols, yuletide,  candelabras

25-Dec-08 08:39:00 |

a bingoadvantage christmas

posted by angel72653

25-Dec-08 08:46:55 |

A christmas tree

posted by angel72653

25-Dec-08 08:57:09 |

Christmas Day

posted by angel72653

25-Dec-08 09:08:47 |

commercialism in the world or the birth of christ

posted by FourSeasonQueen

25-Dec-08 10:07:40 |

decorating the christmas tree

posted by angel72653

25-Dec-08 11:10:23 |

a very merry christmas

posted by angel72653

25-Dec-08 12:02:51 |

an old fashioned family christmas

posted by norrol

25-Dec-08 13:22:39 |

a headache lol

posted by acer47

25-Dec-08 22:56:04 |

Up to 200 000 points now.

Stay tuned for a special cash games.

posted by bingoadvantage

26-Dec-08 08:41:51 |

decorated sugar cookies

posted by angel72653

26-Dec-08 08:42:16 |

pretty paper napkins

posted by angel72653

26-Dec-08 10:34:43 |

sounds like an atheist christmas to me

posted by angel72653

26-Dec-08 10:35:36 |

merry christmas and happy new year

posted by angel72653

26-Dec-08 10:48:41 |

a family get together and spending time with loved ones

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

26-Dec-08 15:06:00 |

Family & Friends

posted by alicemae

26-Dec-08 15:32:02 |

seasons greetings


posted by angel72653

27-Dec-08 09:27:34 |

up to 250 000 points lol

posted by bingoadvantage

27-Dec-08 11:26:06 |

Christmas dinner

posted by angel72653

27-Dec-08 11:34:01 |

christmas decoratons

posted by angel72653

27-Dec-08 11:39:05 |

santa claus christmas

posted by angel72653

27-Dec-08 12:13:04 |

a visit from santa

posted by angel72653

27-Dec-08 13:35:36 |

everything combined into the winter season

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

27-Dec-08 14:01:19 |

It describes how alot of us got through the holiday season; if you take first letter from each word.  C=christmas, O=ornaments, P=presents, E=eggnog, D=december.  We COPED!!!

posted by fjgtx

28-Dec-08 12:52:18 |

hanging stockings


posted by angel72653

29-Dec-08 18:20:25 |


posted by gigs

29-Dec-08 20:08:41 |

350 000 pts now... ill post the answer if nobody gets it in the next couple of days.

posted by bingoadvantage

30-Dec-08 09:12:31 |

is it christmas shopping?

posted by angel72653

30-Dec-08 11:43:52 |

"Twas the night before Christmas"

posted by angel72653

30-Dec-08 16:30:07 |

merry X-Mas!

posted by peggyjean

30-Dec-08 16:36:35 |


posted by peggyjean

30-Dec-08 16:51:23 |

the Birth of Christ

posted by peggyjean

30-Dec-08 19:15:03 |

a party

posted by peggyjean

30-Dec-08 19:15:33 |

christmas eve

posted by peggyjean

30-Dec-08 20:12:13 |

the first five words only use the vowels a,e,i, and o. The last three words use all 5 vowels.

posted by peggyjean

30-Dec-08 20:41:06 |

Raspberry Pie filling

posted by peggyjean

30-Dec-08 20:42:30 |

How about Candy

posted by peggyjean

31-Dec-08 07:30:51 |

Five words that are not in "The Christmas Song"

posted by peggyjean

31-Dec-08 17:14:58 |

happy holidays or December 25th

posted by angel72653

31-Dec-08 20:47:28 |

A new year!

posted by peggyjean

01-Jan-09 16:18:28 |

a time to teach loved ones the meaning of christmas

posted by sniffsrip9-10-07

02-Jan-09 12:53:16 |

A commerical for alka-seltzer or pepto bismol....

posted by FourSeasonQueen

02-Jan-09 14:17:50 |

the grinch who stole christmas

posted by angel72653

02-Jan-09 14:19:42 |

scrooge " A Christmas carol"

posted by angel72653

02-Jan-09 14:49:23 |

     [ -*-*- U R L : uk bingo -*-*- ]

Wow, this one was harder than I thought.

It's actually the same answer as last weeks.   No L.

Thanks for all the great guesses!

posted by bingoadvantage

02-Jan-09 14:53:03 |

wow that was truly a brain -teaser


posted by FourSeasonQueen

02-Jun-09 08:24:26 |

     [ -*-*- U R L : 25 -*-*- ]

posted by roke222

03-Jun-09 04:01:43 |

posted by Gord88

12-Apr-10 10:02:28 |

Decorating a Christmas Tree?

posted by k88lvin

12-Apr-10 12:44:31 |

reminds me of Christmas eve

posted by billiee

12-Apr-10 16:03:32 |

christs birthday celebration

posted by devilwoman1014

26-Nov-16 12:03:59 |

Christmas Eve


posted by thedubrat

21-Sep-17 09:24:54 |

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posted by Schweik222

03-Nov-17 16:31:26 |

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