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New Riddle

16-Dec-08 00:02:53      [ -*-*- U R L : US Bingo -*-*- ] Bookmark and Share

New Riddle

I decided to move this to a different section so that I don't spam the general chat section.

 For 100k points.

 If I manage to stand directly on the North pole.. than it follows that I can face any direction and I am facing the left pole.  If I stick my left arm out to the side and am pointing east, what's on my right hand

16-Dec-08 00:09:40 |

hopefully a glove or ur hand will be cold

posted by angel72653

16-Dec-08 00:30:23 |

lol I like your answer angel. I say north?

posted by acer47

16-Dec-08 00:33:32 |

The right pole  lol

posted by fjgtx

16-Dec-08 00:36:01 |

North Pole

posted by fjgtx

16-Dec-08 00:45:37 |

If your one of those men who won't ask for directions on your right is probably the path you have found yourself traveling on over and over, lost as a goose.

posted by fjgtx

16-Dec-08 01:10:49 |

your fingers!

posted by fjgtx

16-Dec-08 07:48:45 |

The pole

posted by BethanyBrook

16-Dec-08 07:49:43 |

A shadow

posted by BethanyBrook

16-Dec-08 08:09:45 |

if left is east, right is west?? either way u still need a glove("ON your right")

posted by angel72653

16-Dec-08 08:51:00 |

or maybe the south??? but ya still need a glove.........

posted by angel72653

16-Dec-08 08:57:06 |

Maybe snow :)


posted by BethanyBrook

17-Dec-08 14:19:27 |

lol great answers guys.  fjgtx has but ill take angel72653's answer as well

posted by bingoadvantage

18-Dec-08 00:12:42 |

you are pointing west and hopeful wearing a glove.

posted by angeltiffydamien

18-Dec-08 00:26:25 |

hopefully a fur lined glove


posted by norrol

18-Dec-08 07:36:17 |

russia? and frost in on your fingers


posted by FourSeasonQueen

18-Dec-08 16:03:11 |



posted by Zzmonster48

03-May-10 06:57:31 |

I think its south pole!

posted by k88lvin

21-Jan-16 06:53:36 |

I think its a North Pole!!

posted by Christin30

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