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12-Oct-08 09:40:17 Bookmark and Share

Chris, is jan your mother?  LOL  Never seen anyone win so much over a three month period of time as she has....just wondered if it was in the family lol.

posted by chablis in General

12-Oct-08 11:57:11 |

the only way you see Janylnnv winning all the time is because I seen her name in both blackout rooms and yet in patterns yet I can only enter one room at a time how does she do it? That's very unfair to other players yet other players do it to and they know who they are

posted by Nascar24

12-Oct-08 13:09:42 |

U can play more than one room but You can only play one at a time and if you have seen her in more than on room you are moving around too. You are just upset that luck is not on your side. Maybe starting drama like this is why luck is not with u. She is doing nothing wrong !!!!!!

posted by BethanyBrook

12-Oct-08 13:19:07 |

For The Record....once person leaves room they in, to others who stay will show them still in til you yourself leave room and refresh it couple of times..hopefully chris will expalin it better after the holiday weekend..cuz sometimes it appears folks in 2 rooms when they really arent but we havent refreshed the room to see that they actually did leave..he needs to find something to say like when we come in, that we have left the building lol....sometimes if are actually cheating name will stay in both rooms for more than 2 possible that they came back in in that time frame too so hard to tell. maybe he needs to go back to just 1 room so isnt jumpin cept for free rooms who knows is just a thought..

posted by FourSeasonQueen

12-Oct-08 13:19:10 |

dear players , some time ago I was accused of the same thing, cheating, I wasn't and it hurt very much to have people think that. I ask Chris to monitor my play so I would feel better about what players were saying. At least he new i wasn't cheating. In fact the same circumstances, not always would the game delete my name when I left it. Chris watched and confirmed it. Please , remember what u say hurts peoples. This is a game.Chris has said , he can handle watching for cheaters, I have played with Jan every time she has moved, and truthfully I don't see her cheating, unless u think being lucky is cheating.To many really great people at this site playing, its silly for this kind of stuff. Thanks for reading my thoughts , what little of them, lol Modoc44

posted by modoc44

12-Oct-08 13:21:00 |

You know something was said this morning that really ticked me off.  And i will quote what was said in a minute.  But if you are not refreshing all the time you will see the names in a couple of rooms.  For one I am sick of all this crap about cheating.  Chris said he has room watchers and they can tell if you are cheating or not.  and to call someone a cheater basically is what dk did to Jan this morning by saying and I quote because chab won he said"Finally someone won besides Jan" and then followed it with "just wondering how someone who is always accusing peeps of cheating is the one who is always winning lmao"  Now if that is not calling someone a cheater i don't know what is.  and then turned it right around to fit his own needs.  Chris you really need to stop this.  Jan and I and anyone else who has high scores does it by hopping around from room to room.  So that isn't wrong.

posted by Ally56

12-Oct-08 13:37:43 |

Just for the record I have not accused jan of cheating....just made a humorous statement


posted by chablis

12-Oct-08 14:34:14 |

Don't know why you had to start it in the first place Chab.  You know darn well Jan isn't Chris's mom so why say something if you know it isn't true.  Thats how crap starts.  Must have a guilty consionces. (sp)

posted by Ally56

12-Oct-08 14:43:50 |

chablis this is all your fault for telling lies about jan and myself we never said 4 and dk had a cheat programme you were the one who called them cheats and told us that!! please stop these lies we dont find it amusing in the slightest!! we certainly dont know why you had to bring it up again!!  please do us the curtosity of admitting what YOU said not us!!

posted by queenpie

12-Oct-08 15:11:40 |

Oh and if Chris takes us down to where we can only be in one room and can't room hop you can take the blame all on your own for starting this!!!!!!!

posted by Ally56

12-Oct-08 21:41:16 |

My take on all this is that a few people here found a way to beat the game and others don't like it. In the long run they are lucky to make 25 cents an hour to do it. To me it isn't worth the time or the hassle. If it bothers you that much move on and find something better or waste your time being a room jumper.Tongue out There is a lot more out there in the world.

Don't worry be happy.....  Tongue outWink

posted by clc

12-Oct-08 21:41:45 |

In my opinion ... This is BINGO and not a game called room hopping. Shows who's really into the games or who's into just trying to get a small buck. And it does get annoying seeing room hoppers! PeggyJean

posted by peggyjean

13-Oct-08 00:38:00 |

Hopping from room to room is aloud acording to Chris, it improves your chances of winning, if thats your choice. Its not long as u are in 1 room at a time. Like Four Season Queen explained, not always does the game work the way it should.Chris has worked hard to improve it. May sites have shut down, over stuff just like this.People what if it was you someone was saying stuff about. It hurts to think your going to sit down and take a few minutes out of your day to enjoy bingo and visit with your friends, and see a bunch of garbage instead.their are some really great people on here,,, stop it,,, be respectful and enjoy the site, keep it up and will lose this one 2.     Modoc44

posted by modoc44

13-Oct-08 08:25:51 |

modoc44 Said " sit down and take a few minutes out of your day to enjoy bingo and visit with your friends"

That's just my point. when I see someone join, I may say hello and start a conversation with someone but they are not there so when they join again I have to retype everything I had already typed. I do not believe there are cheaters here, like I said before it just gets annoying.

Fourseasonqueen said " maybe he needs to go back to just 1 room so isnt jumpin cept for free rooms who knows is just a thought.."

I Agree!!!

modoc44 Said "be respectful and enjoy the site"



posted by peggyjean

13-Oct-08 09:14:00 |

This is all Pety Sh_t.  It all started with one person saying something that she knew was not true in the forum and another person basically calling someone a cheater and turning it around to fit their own needs and then laughing about it.  People have feelings and it hurts one people don't respect other peoples feelings.  If you can see by the room hoppers that we have a great time doing it.  And who are you people to say that we are just money hunting people.  And not in it for the sport of the game.  That's Bull!  Because we decide to compete with each other what is wrong with that.  I think this is just a way to get back at certain people and thats not right.  People shouldn't say things that is not true.  And i am one that does not hold anything back and will step on the toes that step on me.  And i will STAND UP for anyone that is right.

posted by Ally56

14-Oct-08 11:30:41 |

     [ -*-*- U R L : Free Bingo -*-*- ]

I think that all of the turmoil here is the result of accusations past and present - which just furthers my belief that it is not okay to accuse players publicly.  I don't expect everyone to get along - but on the other hand I have witnessed all of you getting along and you have to admit that it makes the environment more enjoyable.

There are many valid points here and I understand where everyone is coming from.   There is a good way to determine whether players are room hopping or playing in multiple rooms.  I'll set up a system where volunteers can monitor and clear players names.  I'll post a news item soon with more details.  Until then, players should be given the benefit of the doubt and any accusations should be passed on to me and left at that.

Room hopping does offer a significant advantage to the players that do it.  I'm amazed that there are players willing to commit the time - but some people are competitive and I can't fault them for that.  I still welcome your feedback and will continue to evolve the game toward what I think is in the best interest of the community on the whole.

posted by bingoadvantage

27-Oct-08 18:18:25 |

I think you should allow everyone to play in all the rooms at one time. Most are already doing that by jumping around any way.  If all could play in all rooms at once it would cut down on this.

posted by mombug43

28-Oct-08 08:33:37 |

I used to let players play in multiple rooms.  The primary problem was that I received many complaints from players with systems that could not handle it.

posted by bingoadvantage

19-Nov-08 10:03:17 |

I dont really want to start anything, I am only stating my opinion that it is not really fair to those of us who can not room hop all the time (day and/or night) we obviously don't stand a chance of winning. It seems as though we are wasting our time. This is not aimed at any one person , like I said I'm only stating my opinion.

posted by angel72653

19-Nov-08 13:26:52 |

Yes, I think that room hopping offers too large of an advantage.  I have a few options at my disposal to try to balance the tournament - but none are perfect.  At the moment, I don't consider banning room hopping to be a viable option since, with this software, it is too difficult to enforce.  I acknowledge that it is in the best interest of the majority of players that I address this problem - but I have not decided on a solution.  This is a busy time of year for me, so I'd like to do something by December - but i might not be able to fully address this until January depending on how complicated the best solution is.

posted by bingoadvantage

19-Nov-08 16:17:15 |

So the room hoppers should become like the majority of the players who come here set auto, come back for cash games and never actually play on the site????  Not much fun in my opinion!!


posted by fjgtx

19-Nov-08 17:58:43 |

Just because we are not hopping all the time does not mean we are not here. Some of us think it is unfair to do this. Especially entering the same game over and over until you get the cards you want.

posted by mombug43

20-Nov-08 02:17:32 |

Just because we are hopping does not mean that we are getting new cards each time we enter the room.  I may hop into a room see that it is only on the 10th call hop up to fast five lines for a quick game then come back into the room and obtain my cards for that game.  So I believe there is a difference in someone hopping and someone who continues to change cards til they get the winning ones and therefore a whole new topic. Smile 

posted by fjgtx

20-Nov-08 07:50:33 |

mombug and angel have a high point.  Because.  it isn't fair. If you look at the winners list for the last 2 months the room hoppers are 96% of the winners. It doesn't give us a chance of winning. So like CLC did last week. Run to the game for the first 2 days if all the room hoppers are at the top of the list again. Then there's no chance of winning. But still I will be on the active players list. So I am just shutting it down until the cash games and maybe I can at least win some cash because they cannot jump in the cash games. I really think that once more become aware of why the same winners are winner over and over, they also may feel whats the since of staying hooked everyday all day. Just come back on Thursday and Fridays for cash games. I am sorry bingoadvantage but I really hope you do come up with a solution soon. Because again it is not FAIR! 

posted by peggyjean

20-Nov-08 08:44:32 |

i think all this is a lot of fuss about nothing i think if people want to spend there time hopping thats there choice!! i have seen people hopping who are doing the complaining! its not like were playing for a fortune! its supposed to be fun but its nothing but complaints now all the time!! why cant people just play there own games how they want to play!!

posted by queenpie

20-Nov-08 09:34:07 |

I think all of this has gotten way out of hand I was only stating an opinion,after all thats what being an american is all about, our freedoms,freedom to be able to give an opinion,that statement was not aimed at any one person or group of people it was just an opinion.Yes I have been guilty of hopping also but without the time to do it continuously it was in vain so i gave up, also about being there and not saying anything it is very hard to have a conversation with people who r not there long enuf to respond,either way.When I first came here it was to play a little bingo and make new friends after all thats what i was led to believe that this site is all about,it wasn't supposed to be about winning or losing it was a place to escape whatever life handed to us that day,My wish for all of us is that we can move past ALL of this and get back to what it was meant to be.

posted by angel72653

20-Nov-08 19:26:34 |

Hello.... Peggy and I tried the room hopping thing. It really requires a lot of time we don't have. Its up to Bingo advantage to allow it or not... You do your hopping and I'll do my hoping and if that doesn't work I'll watch for a cash game to hop into it and hope for a win.. Tongue out... Hope U Have a great day/night Chris... WinkSmile

posted by clc

14-Jan-09 17:57:30 |

Again someone speaks their oppion and it gets blown out of hand.  What the hell is the forum for if you can't speak your oppion.  I don't always have time to room hop either but it gets boring staying in the same room with the same winners on the other hand.  Come on peeps let the hoppers hop and let the people who stay in one room and say nothing when someone says wtg stay in the room.  I have gotten so i don't even say wtg hardly unless it is in the tourneys cause i usually know they are their.  Since they signed themselves in.  But everytime something is said it gets blown out of proportion.  Chris said before that he glad he had players that took the time to hop and play and it is a form of competitive competition.  That's just my feeling on it.  Too much Drama.

posted by Ally56

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