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Ruby Bingo $5 Pre Deposit Bonus for Members

07-Jan-06 14:10:32 Bookmark and Share

Ruby Bingo $5 Pre Deposit Bonus for Members
I've negotiated an experimental limited time $5 bonus incentive on Ruby Bingo.

To claim your $5 simply

1 signup with this link signup here

2. post a reply to this message with your Ruby Bingo userid.

If you are not a member of Bingo Advantage you can sign up here
egister at Bingo advantage
Registration is free and we do not share or abuse your email address.

Use the same username and password for the forum as you do for any other section of the Bingo Advantage web site.

I encourage you to take advantage of this offer. If it is succesful I will bring you more offers that you can't find anywhere else.

Bingo Advantage

10-Jan-06 01:55:39 |

:-D signed up with Ruby Bingo..user ID is RBR52919262

posted by Lynzy

11-Jan-06 14:36:51 |

I'm told that you have recieved your $5 free bonus. Enjoy! :smt048

posted by bingoadvantage

11-Jan-06 16:04:40 |

RE: Ruby Bingo
I run extensive virus and security programs on my computer to keep it safe and I am sad to say that Ruby Bingo's download has a hijacker attached to it.

posted by Lynzy

11-Jan-06 16:40:10 |

Scary! Can you tell me what virus program you detected it with?

posted by bingoadvantage

11-Jan-06 16:46:43 |

that one was actually detected by AOL's security and privacy program which contains McAffee's virus and other spyware programs

posted by Lynzy

11-Jan-06 22:07:00 |

Thanks Lynzy. I'm investigating.

posted by bingoadvantage

13-Jan-06 23:18:24 |

Let me know what you find out...I'd like to try it but at the moment I deleted

posted by Lynzy

14-Jan-06 09:49:22 |

Ok =)
So far I havent turned up anything.

I'm trying to enlist some more help too. I wan't to do my due diligence before I continue offering this and other offers from Ruby Bingo.

Thanks again,

posted by bingoadvantage

16-Jan-06 13:16:11 |

Hi Lynzy
I've tried everything I could get my hands on -- and I'm not coming up with a virus. Can you run your test again and maybe do a screencapture if it finds anything?

To do a screen capture just hit the PrtScn button on your keyboard.

If you use outlook you can hit ctrl-v into the message and email it to


If you use another program like gmail, aol, yahoo or hotmail you can
paste the screen into microsoft paint (under programs / accessories,) save it
email it to or upload it through this link
Ruby Bingo Screenshots

I'd love to get this resolved. If there is indeed malicious code -- I'm more than happy to expose it, but if it is just affiliate tracking code I'd hate to tarnish the reputation of one of the better sites.

posted by bingoadvantage

07-May-06 09:35:46 |

Does it accept PayPal? Also, would I need to give any payment information for the 5$ deposit to work?

posted by Duality

08-May-06 11:09:00 |

Actually that used to be a Bingo Advantage exclusive promotion, but now they have made the deal easier to obtain.

Ruby Bingo

You will get the $5 free instantly when you sign up. You just need to use a valid email. You don't need to make a deposit. If you actually win, you will need to make a deposit and play a certain amount before you can withdraw. Basically if you win more than $50, you can come out with free cash. I've had players win big on their pre-deposit bonuses on Mapau Bingo, Ruby Bingo, Bingo Hall and Ladies Bingo. They managed to walk away ahead of the game after making the minimum deposit requirements.

They do this to encourage players to try the site, as a well run bingo site can be quite addictive -- especially when you are winning. I do have some players that win alot.

Don't try to open multiple accounts - they have fraud detection software and tracking.

I don't think any bingo sites accept paypal, as paypal does not allow any gambling type activities including backgammon, lotto and bingo.

There are a few different options, but the most popular is neteller. I haven't heard any complaints about neteller from players or webmasters -- they have even been known to go to bat for players against seedy websites.

posted by bingoadvantage

17-Jul-06 19:28:31 |

Awsome offer I am going tosign up really soon and post my id. Thanks for this great offer.

posted by ebittner

17-Jul-06 22:30:20 |

Hi Ebittner,

It is no longer necc. to post your ID. There will be instructions when you enter the site.

At that time the $5 free offer was exclusive to Bingo Advantage but now they offer it through all partners.

posted by bingoadvantage

09-Oct-15 03:14:11 |

I would like to try it but at this moment I feel quite scary aboout investing money into this.

What say guys??

posted by Danield1

18-Dec-15 06:29:06 |

Thanks. I am glad to invest here.

posted by Christin30

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