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Bingo Advantage Tournament Prizes

05-Jul-07 10:58:43 Bookmark and Share

Bingo Advantage Tournament Prizes
I haven't decided on a prize format for the new bingo tourament.

Here are some options that I have been thinking of.

[color=blue:dcdd965596][b:dcdd965596]1. Flat Daily Cash Prize For The Highest Daily Score[/b:dcdd965596][/color:dcdd965596]


[b:dcdd965596][color=blue:dcdd965596]2. Much Larger Weekly Cash Prize for the the Highest Weekly Score[/color:dcdd965596][/b:dcdd965596]


[color=blue:dcdd965596][b:dcdd965596]3. Proportional Daily or Weekly Cash Prize[/b:dcdd965596][/color:dcdd965596]
- the cash prize would depend on the number of players, so Sundays prize would probably be larger than Tuesday's prize. As Bingo Advantage grows (and we have been growing - so too will the prize.)

So, I can give away more money with option 2 than 1 (I can offer 10x as much for a weekly prize than a daily prize,) but with option 1 your individual chance of winning is higher. Option 3 will probably result in the largest overall payouts, but prizes will fluctuate - I can offer more because i can draw from my marketing budget.

The payments will be made monthly - so you can get multiple wins with one payment.

[b:dcdd965596]I'm looking for feedback - let me know your preferences. I'm also open to suggestions.[/b:dcdd965596]

ps. Your chances of winning under this new tournament should be 20 to 30 times higher than winning under the old tournament.

Chris McCowan

posted by bingoadvantage in News

10-Jul-07 05:20:05 |

I'm looking forward to the new bingo game as well. I also think it might not be a bad idea to run advertising in the intermission or on the main page to non-bingo sites. Its a common, 100% legal way of enabling paying out higher prizes in free games like this, and could add some revenue.
Also, I think even a few dollars a day paying 3 places would be good; because its not really the amount, its more the opprotunity to win something at realistic odds. Also, maybe the 1st place winner each day, could get a ticket to a tournament of champions each week, where any extra money could be paid out, with rotating days and times.
One other option is to add a membership plan, where you can play for free or a member. I've seen it done on a few websites with very small prizes, and I think its legal as long as it pays points, and not cash.
Anyways, I'm looking forward to everything, and thanks for having it there.

ps. also as one last note, I'd like to see a more random set of balls, I don't think the old one was bias to any one player, but it'd call an inordinate number before it gave anyone a bingo! I'm sure theres better software out there.

posted by adamschf

10-Jul-07 09:38:57 |

Gread Ideas
Thanks for the great ideas!!

I don't think that I will go the paid membership route - but I like the tournament of champions idea.

Have you tried the new shockwave bingo game?

posted by bingoadvantage

18-Apr-08 00:20:35 |

Update: Right now the weekly cash tournament is $10 first place, $5 second place and $5 consolation prize to the highest scoring player that has not won in the last 2 months.

The friday cash games are generally $5, $5, $10, one sponsored game for $10 (and sometimes I throw in a couple of extra games - especially if there hasn't been a surprise game during the week.)    The surprise, unannounced cash games are normally for $5 and $10.

posted by bingoadvantage

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