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Spammer Robot Members

08-Jan-07 18:03:52 Bookmark and Share

Spammer Robot Members

I visited another bingo forum recently, and, quite by accident, found that their membership was full of spammer-robot members.

When I highlighted this matter to the admins at that forum, rather than taking my findings on board, they dismissed my concerns and ignored what I had found. They were so anti what I had uncovered that they blocked me from posting on their forum.

It seems that forums around the net, irrelevant of their area of interest, are being targeted by spammer-robots.

Some bingo forums are being vigilant and removing these spammer-robot members from their list. Others are seemingly unaware of the problem (The first site I mentioned are very aware but seemingly want to pump up their member list so they are ignoring the problem.)

I am posting this as a help to you as, looking at your member list, you seem to have been infested too.

The best way to find out whether a member is a spammer-robot is to search the username on Google. Lots of uses and registered at many different forums and on the same day? Almost certainly a Spammer-robot.

You can see more about my findings at

It seems that I started a bit of a discussion on this subject. There’s some interesting discussions about the topic here and here


posted by GlitzSnr in General

09-Jan-07 09:12:33 |

Not so.
My site isn't infested with spam bots it is very strong on the search engines. I'm proud that my hard work is starting to pay off. I now have over 6000 members - its probably less than a couple of dozen that might be "spam bots."

I was getting hit by the spammer bots for about a week then I changed the signup. You'll notice that the signup now forwards to a coldfusion page instead of the regular phpbb one. I disabled the phpbb one. That stopped the spammer bots cold. I also removed users that looked like spam bots (via referer, browser type and most of all having spammy viagra type websites in their profile.) That was almost a year ago.

I did have about 15 false signups lately from users trying to defraud my affiliate program - other than that they are completely natural.

I monitor all of my signups and store the referer and last action. I particularly pay attention to ones that signup and leave right away - which are rare and ussually associated with affiliate program signups. 75 - 85% of signups play in the free bingo tournament as you can see by the member list on the side or by checking out - I have a much more detailed version of who.cfm on the backend and other views where I can view my member list with referer and last actions.

For example here are some recent signup referers :
Unknown - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible MSIE 6.0 AOL 9.0 Windows NT 5.1 SV1 FunWebProducts .NET CLR 1.1.43

That is natural taffic and a few affiliate referers. I average about 20 signups / day and [u:8f0f5171fd]all of my traffic looks like this[/u:8f0f5171fd] with occasional spikes of affiliate traffic, advertisement traffic or forum traffic.


posted by bingoadvantage

04-May-07 04:47:14 |

I own a couple of forums, and it's common the web over, not just in Bingo forums. It's got to the point with my [url=]Bingo Forum[/url] that I run I manually approve every new member. This means I check their IP address, look at their email address (spammers like .info domains for starters) and have a big black list of emails. It's time consuming, but ultimately worth it. I don't actually mind spammers as long as they add their own content and something of value.

posted by DaveL

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