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Biggest Crooks of the Year

28-Sep-06 17:51:27 Bookmark and Share

Biggest Crooks of the Year
Biggest Crooks of the Year


Gambling Software Systems

World Gaming plc & Starnet Communications International


Not Recommended

Black List

Signing up as a Cryptologic licensee is the biggest mistake you can possibly make in business.
January 16, 2006

New Cryptologic protest site!The material published on this new site has been supplied by a Cryptologic licensee. He knows these crooks well, very well, too well. They completely destroyed his good business in order to steal all his clients and divert them to their own online casinos. They also did these massive frauds to better cook their books and try not to get caught by the SEC and the stock market regulators. This Cryptologic licensee will publish the facts and the real stories, and the truth, and nothing else but the truth. It will be ugly, very ugly, but true and necessary, so other innocent and honest people won't make the same huge mistake to do business with Cryptologic Inc.This Cryptologic licensee lost millions of dollars as a direct result of dealing with these criminals and thieves, and he will reveal everything without restrictions. He will also reveal how this Mafia of online gambling operates, the permanent horror and nightmares


Lewis Rose From Cryptologic Inc. Has A New Site!!!

July 28, 2005
Lewis Rose also known as Lewis N. Rosethe crook CEO and president of Cryptologic Inc. Don't miss the new site about Lewis Rose the crooked CEO of Cryptologic


May 09, 2005
SEC (SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION) Suing The CrooksThe crooks from Starnet Communications International, Inc. (Starnet) changed their name to World Gaming Plc, and started a new scam in London under the new name. And guess what? These crooks and criminals are now going to be listed on AIM on the London Stock Exchange, while the SEC is suing them for fraud, and other substantial and serious criminal offences, and stock market irregularities.Talk about another financial scandal, the London Stock Exchange's web site shows that World Gaming Plc. is starting trading on the 17th of May 2005 and the crooks at World Gaming Plc. issued a press release to confirm it.Starnet's shares dropped from $29 to around $1 and investors lost over $850 million, and now the crooks are going to try the same scams in London, but under a different name, and all this while the SEC is suing them for fraud in the United States.The London stock market is going to rapidly get a bad


The Real Mafia Of Online Gaming
April 29, 2003
MEET THE REAL MAFIA OF ONLINE GAMING: Cryptologic Inc. and Bill Scott also known as William "Billy" Scott is the bookie from Toledo, Ohio and the criminal who financed Cryptologic Inc. and and Sands of the Caribbean as well as many illegal sportsbooks. He laundered his heroin and other dirty money by financing Cryptologic Inc. and Today, he still does heavy business with the Russian Mafia, Cryptologic Inc. and uses their rigged software under a large number of different names. This is the perfect method to launder his dirty money, and Cryptologic Inc. needs him to support the falling share price of their junk and illegal company, openly trading on the stock market. Bill Scott remains in Antigua as a fugitive because he will be arrested if he returns to the U.S because a federal warrant has been issued for his arrest. Bill Scott served time in federal prison for racketeering and other offences, including six years in prison


World Gaming Plc's Bankruptcy
April 27, 2003
Exclusive update about World Gaming Plc's bankruptcy. In a recorded telephone conversation earlier this month and just before he resigned, Nicholas Jackson the CEO of World Gaming Plc admitted that he didn’t know where to find the money to pay the electricity bill for the company, because they didn’t have any money, and World Gaming Plc was not making any money with all their licensees' combined. He said that they only made some money with their own site but this is not a surprise considering their long history of stealing the clients from their own licensees. This won’t be enough to allow them to survive unless they steal even more. This company is only good for stealing and defrauding everyone, and we strongly recommend staying away from them if you don’t want to lose all your money. As usual, the shareholders will be left to hold the empty bag. Their worthless shares are already down 99.4%.


Biggest Mafia In The Online Gaming Industry
April 25, 2003
Coming up this week! Meet the biggest Mafia in the online gaming industry: and Cryptologic Inc.


Biggest Mafia, Junk & Crooks in the Online Gambling Industry
January 27, 2003
Voted by this magazine for 2002 Cryptologic Inc. & Intercasino BIGGEST MAFIA in the online gambling industry And World Gaming Plc & associated crooked companies BIGGEST JUNK & CROOKS in the online gambling industry!


A Craven Error of Misjudgment from the crook David Craven
December 01, 2002
World Gaming Plc and Cryptologic Inc. won't even be allowed in the parking lot in new, regulated online gaming Life Terms for the Crooks! David Craven, the crooked CEO of World Gaming Plc, has an apt name for a crook if you think about it, as "craven" means "cowardly" or "mean-spirited." The latest press release to issue from the Barnes Common offices of World Gaming is a joke too, trying to talk up new moves in the U.S. to regulate online gambling, and stating that World Gaming was, and always has been, in favor of regulation. This is part of what David Craven, CEO of World Gaming Plc. had to say: more here


Bad news for the crooks at World Gaming Plc and Cryptologic
November 22, 2002
The crooks will be jailed for life! Bad news for the crooks at World Gaming Plc and Cryptologic American lawmakers are now considering regulating online gaming instead of banning it. And guess what? the biggest crooks and thieves in the entire industry issued a press release yesterday to try to con new investors into believing it’s good news for them. It’s like a bank robber praising the police for putting armed SWAT teams in front of every bank. David Craven the crooked CEO of World Gaming Plc forgot to say in his scam press release that if online gaming is regulated in the U.S. he will go to jail for the rest of his lousy life, together with all the other crooks, criminals and thieves at World Gaming Plc and Starnet Communications, (same crooks just a new name). These crooks and the ones at Cryptologic will never pass the due diligence screening and controls that will be required for an effective regulation of the industry. As soon as they disclose the truth, they will be


e-Gaming Regulated By Market Laws
November 16, 2002
STAY AWAY from Cryptologic,, World Gaming Plc, Starnet, Sportingbet… Of late, there has been plenty of discussion whether online gambling should be banned, which seems a draconian solution, or whether a better option would be regulation. The next problem that arises with the latter option is should it be plain and straightforward regulation by governments, imposing a legislative obligation on online casino operators, or would a laissez-faire attitude of self-regulation work instead?


World Gaming Plc, the Mafia of online gaming
November 06, 2002
Legal update on World Gaming Plc. better known as the Mafia of online gaming. The thieves will need to issue approximately 6.5 million shares and give them away for free as settlement for the class action lawsuit. This massive dilution of an already worthless stock should bring the shares in line with the price of toilet paper. Read the full story here .........................


Players Need To Play Safe More Than Ever
October 27, 2002

STAY AWAY from Cryptologic, World Gaming, Starnet, Sportingbet… A few weeks ago we reported how an experienced player lost thousands playing Let It Ride with the rigged Cryptologic software. It didn't take him long to work out he was being cheated. The crooks made it too obvious. Our advice was and still is, don't go near any online casino that uses Cryptologic software, and that includes Other articles published point candidly to the real dangers of opening an account with any online casino that uses World Gaming (ex-Starnet Communications) software. Sportingbet (Mark Blandford, Nigel Payne, and Colin Walker make up the core management) runs both casinos and a sportsbook operation but Sportingbet recently did a business deal with World Gaming Plc, the crooks we call "the Mafia of online gaming." World Gaming mortgaged their casino software in return for a loan from Sportingbet. This is another outfit it is best to avoid. The intrigue and deceit involved with some


Cryptologic Crooks. A reader sent this complaint to:
October 17, 2002
Cryptologic and their rigged software! "Over a one month period playing at Omni Casino I tracked my results. I played over 2,200 hands of blackjack and had the following results: Wins 614, Losses 1374, Pushes 218, Blackjacks for me: 28, Blackjacks for the dealer: 84, Double down wins:51, Double down losses: 111. Not to mention there was a clear corelation of winning percentage significantly decreasing as more money was wagered." "At the end of the month I contacted them and was put through to some useless arragant twit named Bob Mann. He produced stats to me that were competely a scam. I tracked every hand for the month and his results were not even close. All he kept saying was how they are the biggest and best casino and are being featured in....what a prick!" "Also, the loyalty progam they have is terrible in comparison to other casinos." "In conclusion, they are your money and go somewhere else."


Don't Put Your Trust in These Stocks Or You'll Be Sorry!
October 15, 2002
Don’t touch Cryptologic, World Gaming plc, or Sportingbet. Last week was the first weekly gain for U.S. stocks in seven weeks. The blue-chip index jumped 4.2 percent Friday as bargain hunters surfaced. The Dow Jones industrial average piled...


Kiwi Casino Dumps Cryptologic Software
October 15, 2002
CRYPTOLOGIC LICENSEE RUNNING FOR COVER DUMPS THE CROOKS! One of Australia's better-known online casinos is dumping Cryptologic software as from the 15th October 2002. Kiwi Casino is run by the Christchurch Casinos Group, a land-based casino group in Australia and New Zealand that attracts visitors from around the world, including Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. They probably had enough of being cheated and robbed by the Mafia of online gaming so they are switching software as of today. If a successful land-based casino group with millions of dollars can't make a go of it with Cryptologic, it means that regular licensees have absolutely no chance. These thieves steal money faster than the licensees can make it, and as a result, the licensees are running for cover.


The Cryptologic major fraud
October 07, 2002
A Cryptologic licensee using their junk software complained to our magazine how Cryptologic was cheating. Below are some examples of daily gross revenues as reported by the crooks at Cryptologic for the month of September. The figures in brackets are negative. Each line corresponds to the total sales in 24 hours. $ 6.82 $ (79.67) $ 19.98 $ 2.00 $ 15.28 $ (52.21) $ 49.35 $ 44.53 $ 42.77 $ 64.74 $ 12.81 $ 20.21 $ (1.53) $ 38.07 $ 2.12 $ 13.16 $ 20.68 $ (52.26) $ 2.35 Read the figures correctly and see where the decimal points are, and you are not dreaming, it’s true, a real nightmare when you consider that this licensee invested millions of dollars in the business and has been in the business for over five years. Anyone considering doing business with these thieves should seriously reconsider, because you are dealing with the “Mafia” of online gaming


The "Mafia" of online gaming!
October 01, 2002
Two great sites coming up later this week about the "Mafia" of online gaming The crooked founder and ex CEO of Cryptologic, the company that was financed by a heroin dealer who is also the front man for where he can launder his dirty money! The junk company controlled by thieves and crooks. The same people as Starnet Communications!


"Look Before You Leap" Rule Not Followed By Sportingbet
September 26, 2002
Mark Blandford, Nigel Payne, and Colin Walker, Sportingbet's main management team, must be three of the most shortsighted executives in the gaming industry. Taking a gamble online with $ 50 playing blackjack or roulette is one thing but throwing yourself into the clutches of crooks has to be considered reckless. A listed public company is under a strict obligation to check out the facts relating to all the companies it intends to do business with. That's why we cannot understand why Sportingbet, listed on London's Alternative Investment Market (AIM), would want to strike up business deals with the biggest crooks in the Industry, World Gaming Plc and Starnet Communications. Would an honest company do business with crooks unless they had something in common?


Cryptologic's Delisting A Knock Out Blow
September 24, 2002
Cryptologic's delisting from the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE) index of leading shares will set the company back years in terms of credibility, viability, and acceptance by institutional investors. The crooks will no longer have the platform of one of the world's most prestigious...


More Tough Questions For Sportingbet that never did the due diligence on the “Mafia” of online gaming!
September 19, 2002
We have more questions for Mark Blandford, Nigel Payne and Colin Walker, the main management team at Sportingbet. Did they carry out the usual due diligence before jumping into bed with the "Mafia" of online gaming, World Gaming Plc and Starnet? If Mark Blandford, Nigel Payne and Colin Walker of Sportingbet carried out due diligence, why were they prepared to do business with the biggest crooks in the industry and their thieves and failures directors?
thenk to

posted by xmen11 in Hot Tips

29-Sep-06 10:14:22 | edited 29-Sep-06 | edit reason - spelling correction |

The thing that bothered me about them is that they charge a latency fee if you leave your deposit unspent for a few months. They should be paying you interest, not penalizing you.

posted by bingoadvantage

05-Nov-06 09:00:20 |

Should this be in complaints?

posted by teacher99

21-Jul-10 09:11:14 |

Good lists of the big crooks, hope everyone pays attention to this and avoid them. We are all supposed to have fun playing online game, not being trapped in such a scam.

posted by juraganayam

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