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Bingo Mania

28-Sep-06 14:13:08      [ -*-*- U R L : Bingo Mania - 150% Signup Bonus -*-*- ] Bookmark and Share

Bingo Mania
Bingo Mania is a heavily marketed bingo site with slick graphics and large jackpots.

This site is popular with many hardcore bingo players. I think this is because it has extensive VIP support and bonuses as well as a super high roller bingo room with $5 - $10 cards and very large progressive jackpots.

Please feel free to post your comments on Bingo Mania here and/or Review Bingo Mania

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04-Oct-06 10:27:41 |

Still Serving US Customers After US Banking Legislation
     [ -*-*- U R L : Bingo Mania Reviews -*-*- ]
Here is an email that was sent out by Bingo Mania, vowing that they intend to continue to serve the US market for as long as possible.

Dear Bingoadvantage,

As many of you know, Congress recently passed legislation that will
prohibit U.S. based financial institutions from processing gambling
transactions. Once this legislation is signed into law, financial
institutions will be given 270 days to implement these new

This legislation does not make it illegal for you to fund an online
gambling account or to wager online, and only affects U.S. based
financial institutions. is committed to providing solutions that will enable
you to continue to play bingo online. We have every intention of
ensuring your continued enjoyment of our online community and games
for years to come.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has recognized the right of
Antiguan companies to operate online gambling companies and has
instructed the United States to allow Antiguan companies to freely
offer these services to US residents. As a fully licensed and
regulated gaming company, located and operated entirely in Antigua
and Barbuda, we comply fully with the laws of Antigua and Barbuda and
consider online gambling to be legal under international law.

Due to this pending legislation, we are unable to process payout
requests via checks, international bank drafts or wire transfers at
this time. We recommend that you consider Neteller or Firepay when
submitting your payout requests. Aside from this, it is business
as usual. You are still able to send and receive payments to us
through Neteller or any of our other payment options.

In the months to come, as further information and guidelines are made
available to financial institutions, we will have a clearer picture
of what payment options will be available to you in the future.

We will continue to keep you abreast of any new developments through
this newsletter and through a corporate blog that I will launch this
month. My new blog will enable me to communicate personally with you
on a regular basis and to respond to any questions or concerns you
may have.

We ask you to continue to contact your legislators and urge them to
safeguard your right to gamble online. It is important that you
elect representatives that you feel will best represent your
interests in the House and Senate.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact us and we'll be
happy to assist you further.


Stuart Gordon
Managing Director

posted by bingoadvantage

04-Oct-06 10:37:19 |

Antigua WTO
     [ -*-*- U R L : Antiqua WTO -*-*- ]

Senate Bill on "Sense of Congress" About the WTO Case: On February 16, 2006, Senator Max Baucus introduced a bill pertaining to the United States Trade Representative's duties (S. 2317). The bill finds that "the [WTO] panel found that Federal and State gambling laws of the United States that prohibit companies located in Antigua and Barbuda from providing Internet gambling services to United States consumers conflict with international trade obligations under the General agreement on Trade in Services (GATS). The bill proceeds to state that it is the "sense of Congress that . . the United States policy should be to prevent the loss of Federal and State sovereignty in the negotiation, implementation, and enforcement of any trade agreement; and laws that State and local governments have validly adopted, that are constitutional, and that reflect locally appropriate responses to the needs of State and local governments and residents, should not be overridden by provisions in trade agreements. -

posted by bingoadvantage

13-Oct-15 06:58:16 |

I found the review is good. Hopefully, I will have good experience there too.

Let me try it first then will put my feedback soon!!

posted by Danield1

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