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How Much Have U Won At Bingo?

26-Jul-06 04:05:21 Bookmark and Share

How Much Have U Won At Bingo?
Hi there

I'm just wondering what the most amount of money you've won at bingo. i just sorta started out and i'm having no luck at all. It's starting to get very frustrating.

Maybe your good stories will inspire me to try again :D

posted by Starnic in General

27-Jul-06 09:44:36 |

Hi Starnic,

I never win at anything.

Here is a discussion about which sites payout

Some varying opinions.

posted by bingoadvantage

27-Jul-06 10:03:54 |

I should mention, that the larger jackpots are the nice ones to win, but you just can't enter expecting to win. Like buying a lottery ticket (only your chances are much better.)

The only party guaranteed to come out ahead is the bingo operator and even that is not always true as the industry gets more competitive.

The best thing you can do is try to maximize you bb's to get the most bang for your buck. I would rather throw my lot in on some of the larger jackpots games than buy a lottery ticket.

In my mind there are two healthy ways to play.

If you LOVE bingo, I think the best way is to play the cheaper games, buy just a few cards, and take part in the chatroom games.

If its the large jackpots that inspire you, I think its good to keep an account at multiple sites and throw your lot in on the biggest games. It is better on average -- and less frustrating -- to make small card purchases in many such games, than to throw everything at one game.

If you feel uneasy at all when you deposit, then you need to restrict yourself. When you play that last card tell yoursel 'that's it for this week (or month.)'

The bingo sites have alot to offer in entertainment value and its nice that you can win big, but you definitely need to consider it entertainment. Bingo cards are not wise as an investment, but as entertainment with the added bonus of winning big cash its a beautiful thing. Don't spend more on it than you would on any other entertainment or hobby.

posted by bingoadvantage

14-Sep-06 17:39:30 |

I Won $14500.00 once at Foxwoods Bingo
I Won $14500.00 once at Foxwoods Bingo

posted by BingoT

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