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USA Bingo Sites

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In October 2006 legislation was been passed in the United States designed to stifle the online bingo industry by making it difficult for Americans to deposit into or withdraw from their gambling accounts via US financial institutions. This has caused chaos in the industry and some sites have already jumped ship (such as Party Bingo and Interbingo) while others have reiterated their commitment to serve American players. Congress has recently been debating internet gambling regulation legislation which would be good for everyone, including fans of USA Bingo.

The featured sites in this section are reputable player favourites that intend to continue to serve the USA Market, under international law with the possible backing of the WTO (WTO dispute). The US laws seem to target financial institutions and possibly ISPs - it does not directly challenge online gambling sites operated outside their jurisdiction, nor are their any criminal implications for bingo players in the USA, according to press releases from various bingo operators.

NOTE: Online sports betting is illegal in some states and the scope of these laws are under debate. Some prosecuters feel that the spirit of these laws should include other forms of gambling including poker, slots and possibly even bingo. Players should seek advice locally regarding the legality of any gaming activity involving monetary stakes that they plan to pursue online. The fact is, regardless of the legal opinion of lawyers representing off-shore bingo operators, it is at the prosecuters descretion to pursue action based on their interpretation of the laws in their jurisdiction. Since the laws are designed to protect consumers - it is unlikely that players will ever be targeted for prosecution; however, it is your reponsibility to act in accordance to all laws in your district, state or country.

Featured USA Bingo Sites

Bingo Flash Try It

Bingo Flash is a newer Parlay software bingo site run by the same operation as 123 Bingo. No software download needed. Very high level of service and quick payouts. We haven't recieved any complaints yet about 123Bingo or Bingo Flash. Try this USA bingo site with the generous $25 free trial credit.
Incentive : $20 Signup Bonus

Bingo Mania Try It

Bingo Mania sent out an email on October 3 expressing their legal right to continue to provide bingo to US players. This bingo site was established in 1996 and was one of the largest.
Incentive : 150% Signup Bonus

USA Bingo Try It

USA Bingo is part of the Bingo Workz network - a network of bingo sites with great features for veteren bingo players. With a strong bingo network and software as it's foundation and a classic American theme 75 ball focus this is a great venue for American players that are looking for something familiar or for veteran players that want a feature rich playing environment that has developed over the years from a solid implementing player suggestions.
$30 Pre Deposit BonusUSA Bingo

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