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Swedish Bingo

Bingo Guide

Bingo is very popular in Sweden. It is a 2 billion a dollar industry - benefitting bingo clubs, associations and charities. Online bingo is estimated to be greater than 500 000 SEK. The swedish bingo market is obviously under-servered. The swedish bingo players tend to be one of the younger demographics on average, possibly second only to the UK. Swedish players are generally deligent about finding and researching bingo sites before they play and some operations have failed because they were not able to establish the repute and professionalism Swedish players are often looking for.

There is also a 3 round 75 ball bingo game called "Swedish Bingo". The first round is awarded to the first player with one row. The second round is awarded to the first player with three rows and the 3rd round is awarded to the first player with a full card. There are variations with progressive style maximum calls / round as well. The mathamatics of Swedish bingo is also different from American Bingo because the center spot on a Swedish bingo card has a number like any other spot (the spot is free on US style bingo cards.)

Paynova and Payson are popular payment processors in sweden.

You can also read more information about the Bingo Advantage Community in Swedish ( Gratis Bingo Advantage )

Featured Swedish Bingo Sites

Jackpot City Bingo Swedish Try It

Jackpot City Bingo is a new venture featuring slick graphics and good built from the ground up euro style 90 ball bingo play. They offer swedish language play in Krona or Euros. 25% of Jackpot City Bingo's players are from Sweden. Better than average payout policies. 100% Match Bonus

Maria Bingo Try It

Mariah Bingo started as a swedish centralized bingo operation that now serves as a multi-language, multi-currency Euro Bingo hub. They probably offer the most authentic Swedish bingo playing experience and service. Over 70% of the players at Maria Bingo are geographically located in Sweden, 10% from the UK and around 7% are from Norway. Maria bingo offers play in Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, Finnish, Italian and Portuegese.
Incentive : 5 Euro Free

Swedish Friendly Bingo Sites

Bingo Hall Try It

Swedish bingo players comprise at least 5% of the Bingo Hall community. This is a well known bingo property with the occasional jaw dropping jackpot and reasonably quick payouts (even better now that it is under new management). The exclusive $6 free trial offered here is a rare opportunity to try this site for free.
Incentive : $6 Pre-Deposit Bonus

Bingo Cabin Try It

Slick graphics, creative bingo patterns and promotions have made this site "sticky" (suggesting that players are loyal. Bingo Cabin, which has a large Canadian membership base, can trace at least 4% of it's bingo players to Swedish soil and 7 to 8% to Norway. Incentive : $5 Free Trial

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