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Portuguese Bingo

Bingo Guide

Portugal loves bingo! It is particularly popular in and around Lisbon. Lisbon has several licensed bingo halls. They are often paired up with snooker halls - much as pool / bowling halls are common in North America. If anything is popular in Portugal it is soccer. The Portuguese National Soccer team plays bingo in the locker to build team spirit. We believe that the portugeuse bingo market is under served. At present most bingo players based out of portugal choose to play at spanish language bingo sites such as those listed below. We hope that more sites will offer native tongue Portuguese bingo in the near future.

You can read more about this site, Bingo Advantage in Portuguese here ( Jogue Bingo On-line )

Featured Portuguese Bingo Friendly Sites

Maria Bingo Try It

Maria bingo is likely the most reputable bingo hall to offer live support and bingo play in Portuguese. They specialize in being a multi-language, multi-currency Euro Bingo hub. Around 3-5% of Maria Bingo's players are geographically located in Portugal.
Incentive : 100% First Deposit Match Bonus.

Portugal Friendly Bingo Sites

Amigo Bingo Try It

This 75 ball $USD based site offers the advantages of a huge network of bingo players. It offers play in Spanish. Alexa suggests that at least 10% of Amigo Bingo's players are in Portugal. Amigo Bingo is the flagship site of The Bingo Associates network. They offer some of the largest deposit bonuses online. Players can stretch their dollars very far at Amigo Bingo while still playing for large cash jackpots and valuable prizes.
Incentive : 300% Get 4x your deposit.

Bingo Mania Try It

Portugeuse players comprise approximately 10% of Bingo Mania's player base. Bingo mania is a well run Canadian owned, UK based bingo operation. They sport large bingo jackpots and have carved multiple niches including penny games and by way of contrast, high roller $5-$15 per card games.
Incentive : 150% Signup Bonus

El Bingo Try It

� Euro dollar based sister site to Bingos and, offers huge payouts and great progressives on 75 ball and 90 ball games. They also offer games for charity on Tuesdays and often serve a crowd pleasing weekly free game with great prizes (free bingo event info.) The minimum first deposit is only �5!
Incentive : 125% - 150% Signup Bonus

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