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Leapfrog 3D Bingo Software

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Leapfrog sites offer a software based 3D immersive environment which affords a heightened proximity to the real life bingo hall experience even though there are parts of it hint at the poker influenced software engine. Many leapfrog sites offer decent bingo jackpots with limited competition and a reasonable maximum number of cards which keeps things fair. The whole concept of a virtual bingo hall with talk ballooons and physical movement is great. We would like to seem them take this alot further. Maybe add more player personalization and actions.

Featured Leapfrog Sites

Bingo Cafe Try It

Muted earth colours and eye pleasing cafe theme. I think this site has one of the best logos. Check out the saterday night coveralls. Incentive : 5 Free Cards and 25 Free Slot Pulls

Bingo Cabin Try It

Updated with the latest Leapfrog bingo software, Bingo Cabin is popular in Canada, Sweden, Finland and Portugal. Incentive : 5 Free Trial

Ladies Bingo Try It

Ladies bingo sets itself apart by strictly offering female avatars. If you are a man, you can still play, but sorry but you will have to don a dress if you want to fit in here (maybe MSDoubtfire is a good handle.) The top players get sitewide celebrity status.
Incentive: $5 Free Trial

Bingo Liner Try It Try �UK

Win laptops, cruises and other great promotions. This site has been around awhile but seems to be getting more attention from the bingo community.
Incentive : $5 Signup Bonus - No Deposit Neccessary or �5 Signup Bonus .uk site

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Great Free Internet Bingo at
*like any pay bingo hall but no deposits, play for fun and gradually build up a balance, 1 cent pots and prizes.