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Bingo sites ordered by player rating. You are encouraged to rate any sites that you have tried. The more ratings submitted by players with first hand experience, the greater the utility of our bingo chart. We hope that with this tool the best bingo sites get the recognition that they deserve, while those with shady practices are revealed. The longer a site has been listed the more accurate it's rating should be. New bingo sites generally have an advantage.

Default (Rating) Bingo Comparison    
SITE Rating Reviews ScreenShots  
Canadian Dollar Bingo 9.5 Comments (8) Screenshots (3) 1 guests/0 members visiting
Parlay S/W Canada - CSD Funds   rate comment send screen promo: $50 try free
Bingo Cabin 9.4 Comments (2) Screenshots (1) 3D Bonus 100%
Leapfrog Software Does Not Accept USA Traffic  rate comment send screen promo: $5 Free No Deposit
Cyber Bingo 9.1 Comments (1) Screenshots (2) BN:500%.
Vista US Bingo UK  rate comment send screen promo: $30 Pre-Deposit
Get Minted Bingo 9.1 Comments (3) Screenshots (1) Bonus 50% Multicurrency GBP/USD
Parlay Flash United Kingdom - GBP Sterling Funds OR USD Funds  rate comment send screen promo: 100% signup bonus
123 Bingo Online 9